How to Run a Fast Social Media Audit in 2023

Aug 30, 2021

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How to Run a Fast Social Media Audit in 2023

Although it may sound intimidating, a successful social media audit is actually one of the most beneficial things you can do for your marketing strategy. 

A well-done social media audit report has the ability to boost your audience reach, streamline your social media strategy, and ultimately make your life a whole lot easier. 

With the overload of information out there on how to best run a social media audit, it can be intimidating to try and figure out the first steps. That’s why we have created the perfect guide for running a fast social media audit in 2023. 


Before we get down to business, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page. 

A social media audit, put simply, is a report on how well your content is performing on different platforms. You begin by compiling lots of tasty insights on your accounts and then drawing conclusions from this information. 

When done properly, a social media audit can tell you what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. An audit will show you: 

What platforms are most effective 

What your audience wants on each network 

Audience demographics 

What’s growing or decreasing your audience 

What goals each platform is achieving 

Where to look to for new ideas for growth 


We’ve already mentioned some of the great benefits of completing a social media audit, but let’s get into the specifics of why this process is so important. 

Perfect Your Social Media Strategy

A successful social media audit allows you to improve your overall social media strategy. An audit highlights what content or choices are working and what are not, allowing you to regroup and adjust your strategy to maximise success. 

Target Your Audience Better 

An audit allows you to collect information on your audience; which content they are responding to, which posts lead to conversions and more. By understanding your audience better, you are better equipped to target and engage them. 

Set Markers for Success 

Measuring ROI and overall success is far easier when you have clear goals and metrics. Part of a social media audit is establishing goals, thus making your progress easier to track. 

Make Internal Processes More Efficient 

If you know what works, you can stop wasting time on what doesn’t! An audit highlights what is working best within your organisation, allowing you to streamline internal processes for success and efficiency. 

Discover Potential Growth 

An essential part of the audit process is competition observation. By taking stock of what competing brands are doing, you are able to spot which areas you can outperform them in. Thus generating leads and sales. 

Achieve Best Practice 

Once you are finished with your social media audit, you will be left with the perfect to do list on how to succeed in your social media efforts. As a result, you will be able to put in place best practice. 

social media audit


List All Your Accounts

The first step is to take stock of all your social media accounts. 

Create a spreadsheet listing every platform that your brand has an account on. Take note of all the little details, including but not limited to username, URL, followers, follower growth, total posts, average likes per post, average comments per post, average shares per post and website clicks. 

In this process, make sure to get rid of old or faulty accounts and flag any spam accounts in your name. 

Over the next steps add any information you find into your spreadsheet. 

Check Your Branding 

Next up on your social media audit checklist, is making sure your branding is up-to-date and correct. 

By branding, we are referring to URLs, hashtags, banners, profile images, copy, brand voice and account verifications. 

Ensure that all of these are up-to-date with your current brand personality, values and aesthetic. 

Figure Out What is Doing Best

Now it’s time to single out your successes. To do this, go through your top five posts on each platform and start to figure out what makes these posts hits with your audience. 

What links these posts together? Is it their format? Their candid nature? Or perhaps the way they engage with your audience? 

Try to get a good understanding of what these posts all feature that makes them successful, so that you are able to emulate it in future content. 

Evaluate Each Platform’s Performance 

Next up in your social media audit journey is evaluating if each of your accounts fit into your brand’s goals. 

Start with checking in on your mission statement. Is it up to date and representative of your brand as a whole? Next, clarify your goals for each platform. Maybe your Instagram seeks to create a community within your audience, whereas your LinkedIn is more for thought leadership. 

Once you have completed these steps, it is time to check each account against its individual goals. Is the account achieving its goals? If not, where is it falling short?

Make Sure You Understand Each Platform’s Audience

Seeking a comprehensive understanding of the audiences attached to each of your accounts is an integral step in any social media audit

To achieve this, compile demographics of each platform. Who is your Instagram reaching? What age group are they in? Where do they live? 

When completing this step make sure to also take note of how your followings on each account have grown over the past year. 

social media audit: demographics

Update Your Social Media Strategy 

Finally, it’s time to take everything you have learned and convert it into a new plan.

Using your Excel sheet – which should be pretty beefy at this point – adjust your social media strategy to reflect what you have found. Focus on why your top content is so successful and how to bring these features across to your other accounts. 


What is a social media audit?

A social media audit is the process of compiling information on all your social media accounts. You then adjust your social media strategy to better achieve success based on the data you find. 

How do you run one?

You complete a social media audit by going through each of your social media accounts and taking note of features such as followers, top content and more. You then figure out how to replicate the success of your top posts on your other, less popular platforms. 

Conversely, you can hire social media audit services to complete an audit for you. 

How often should I run an audit?

A social media audit should be completed at least annually. If your brand goes through a large change in branding, then an audit should be conducted.

Why is an audit important for brands and companies?

Social media audits are important for brands and companies as they ensure your social media strategy is up to date, efficient and working properly. 

What can an audit do?

A social media audit can improve your social media strategy, thereby boosting your engagement, audience reach, internal efficiency and more. 

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