The Top US Food Influencers You Need To Know

Jan 12, 2023

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The Top US Food Influencers You Need To Know

As the new year rolls in and everyone is on a mission to incorporate something new into their lives, there is no better way than starting in the kitchen – or out of it, if cooking isn’t your thing. 

Where trying new recipes and dining in new restaurants was once something you did at your own risk, we are now fortunate enough to have people do this for us. These people are the food influencers who you have most likely seen pop up on your socials several times. 

Whether their niche is cheffing it up in the kitchen or knowing the best brunch spots around town, food influencers have a certain je ne sais quoi that draws followers to their pages like kids to a McDonalds after school. 

If you feel as passionately about all things food-related as we do, this blog is sure to leave you feeling inspired – and very hungry – as we explore what the city of Miami has to offer us in terms of chefs, die-hard foodies and other Miami food influencers.

What’s all the hype about?

The global food industry is worth trillions of dollars and this number is showing no signs of slowing any time soon. The bottom line is that people love to eat and food influencers are there to show them where and how to satisfy their cravings. 

The popularity of food influencer marketing has everything to do with the shift in consumer behaviour over the last decade. People love people. People especially love recommendations from people they know and/or follow closely online. 

For restaurants, leveraging the persuading power of a food influencer is an effective marketing strategy, particularly in a city like Miami where Miami food influencers have the best restaurants to create content for. 

But what do food influencers do exactly?

There is undoubtedly a glamorous side to being a Miami food influencer, especially when you get to eat at some of the best restaurants in the world, however, oftentimes it looks just like this:

Planning: Becoming a food influencer instantly translates to you having your own personal brand. To keep this brand consistent you will need to plan in advance which restaurants or other eateries you wish to try out and keep notes on them.

Brand partnerships/ambassadorships: Many food influencers go on to secure brand partnerships with their favourite food chains or restaurants. Others can even become ambassadors. Being a brand ambassador sees you become a representative of a brand and a lot of your content should reflect and promote this.

Affiliate marketing: food influencers don’t always have to be restaurant goers, they can also be food enthusiasts at home. As mentioned earlier, influencers are great at swaying buying decisions, so oftentimes they will be asking their followers to shop for food using their affiliate link. 

Miami food influencers to look out for

Food influencers in Miami are just as diverse as the array of restaurants and eateries that they visit. From expensive restaurants with celebrity chefs to some of the best seafood in the world, you will not be making a mistake by trusting the reviews and recommendations of a Miami food influencer

1. Samantha Schnur – @thenaughtyfork

When it comes to food, Samantha is at the top of her game with over 1 million Instagram followers. That’s a lot of mouths to feed! Her page features a dollop of home cooking recipes with a sprinkling of restaurant recommendations around Miami. Perfect for those of you looking to book that trip to Miami soon.


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A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork)

2. Dana Rozansky – @miami_foodporn

For the foodies among you, this page has you covered. From local eats to high end dining, Dana’s delicious Instagram aesthetic is bound to satisfy all your cravings.


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A post shared by Miami Food Porn (@miami_foodporn)

3. Cari Garcia – @fatgirlhedonist

As far as Miami food bloggers on Instagram go, Fat Girl Hedonist is an OG; blogging since 2010. Her veteran status means she holds the key to a lot of Miami and South Florida’s hidden gems. From delicious bakery treats to mouth watering pizzerias, Garcia’s page isn’t one to miss!

4. Cesar Cocerino – @miami.food1

Cesar is a Miami-based chef who shares his love for food on social media. As a chef, he is able to recommend the best culinary experiences in the city and his expertise in the industry puts him in the best position to offer advice on what may or may not suit your taste buds.


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A post shared by Miami Food (@miami.food1)

5. Alexandra & Ryan – @themiamimenu

Miami menu showcases and markets the best restaurants in South Florida. Their following of over 85k are spoilt for choice when it comes to high end restaurants and local apetizers. 

6. George Arango – @mr.eats305

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, mr.eats305 loves exploring the flavours of the big city. As far as miami food influencers go, George has you covered, from tacos to ice cream and steak to sushi. His Instagram page features reviews on restaurants and cafes and even activity recommendations while eating your way around Miami. 


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A post shared by George Arango (@mr.eats305)


Which Miami food blogger has the most followers?

@thenaughtyfork has the most followers, sitting on an impressive 1.1M!

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