Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategies

Sep 01, 2022

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategies

Are you a brand struggling to find your target audience among the hustle and bustle of the online marketing world? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s be honest, finding your niche group of buyers is already enough of a challenge in the real world, and so we’re looking to minimise the chances of it being the same in the online marketing one. Implementing social media influencers into your online marketing strategies is the key to guaranteed success and, in our opinion, should also be used by all brands as a way of keeping up to date with a rapidly changing, digital world. 

Influencer marketing strategies can operate on any social media platform that suits you, but this blog’s focus will be on Instagram influencer marketing strategies and why they are so beneficial to brands. 

What’s all the hype about?

They’re everywhere and they’re multiplying by the hundreds…fast.

No, we’re not talking about the latest rendition of Gremlins. We’re talking about influencers. Specifically, Instagram influencers. 

Technically speaking, anyone with 1000+ followers can be classified as an influencer, so it’s no wonder they’re popping up left, right and centre. But what are the benefits of partnering with them and running Instagram influencer marketing strategies

They build credibility and trust 

When we are looking for recommendations, who do we go to? Oftentimes, we will seek buying advice from those we know and trust. For most of us nowadays, influencers play this important role in our lives. They have spent a lot of time and effort building close relationships with their audiences and so anything they choose to promote is automatically deemed trustworthy. Simply put, if the influencer loves your product then 9 times out of 10, their audience will love it too. 

They are cost effective

Who doesn’t want to save a bit of money?! 

Traditional forms of advertising have the potential to blow your entire budget on one tv appearance that isn’t even guaranteed to reach your desired target audience. On the other hand, micro influencers on Instagram have an average cost of $100-$500 per post and are guaranteed to reach your target demographic. 

They keep you relevant

It is very easy to fall behind in today’s constantly- evolving digital world, but influencers are here to keep you on track and “down with the kids”. Proving to consumers that you are up-to-date with and knowledgeable about the trends of the online marketing industry will keep them interested in you, as their needs are being met.

Why Instagram?

There are a plethora of social media platforms out there to run campaigns on, so why do Instagram influencer marketing strategies tend to perform better? 

It is more organic

High-quality influencer content is a strong driver for organic traffic to a brand’s social pages. Real-time content such as stories and Lives give consumers multiple ways to engage with an influencer, and, therefore, with products. 

This allows the consumer to engage with the content that they actually resonate with and allows the influencer to integrate a brand’s products into their daily lives, showcasing it in a way that they deem best fit for their audience. Here, nothing is forced and the promotion of products/services flows smoothly and freely. 

It’s niche

As a brand, finding influencers within your niche is vital. They hold the key to the target audience that will be responsible for your increase in ROI. Consumers are provided with numerous ways to engage with a niche that they are interested in and so ensuring that you are ready and waiting for them when they search that specific hashtag or scroll down their explore page will give you the ultimate head start. 

It’s personal

One of the reasons why Instagram influencer marketing strategies are so successful is because of the close, personal connection that influencers have with their followers. The key? Leveraging a genuine, authentic relationship.

It’s personal

Getting your Instagram influencer marketing strategy off the ground

Over 300 million product posts are clicked on Instagram daily and, more importantly, 40% of people say they use the platform to discover products and services. So how, among billions of users, will you ensure that your brand stands out? Influencer marketing for ecommerce is all in the influencer selection process. Get this right, and you’ll be well on your way to running a successful campaign. Check out our article for more information on choosing the right influencer for your campaign.

There are many social media marketing campaign types, but choosing one that reflects the goals and objectives you have set out ahead of yours will ensure that you are tracking successful results. Influencer marketing on Instagram can be as flexible as you need it to be, so don’t hold back on the goals you wish to achieve. There’s a campaign type for it. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Giveaways and competitions

Discount codes and affiliate links

Product collaborations

Brand ambassadors

Hosting brand events

Instagram influencer marketing strategies can only progress and evolve if you keep track of them and constantly measure results. The platform includes some small features that make this possible without having to use existing analytic tools, such as being able to search through a hashtag of yours and seeing how it is doing overall; however, it is generally wise to hone in on these results by using tools such as Google Analytics. 

Instagram influencer marketing strategies: final thoughts

Overall, campaigns run on this platform tend to yield better results due to a combination of a high engagement rate and the personal relationship that influencers have with their audiences. Consumers nowadays want to have as much experience with a product/service as they possibly can before purchasing, and this is where the influencer steps in. Seeing them using the product in an organic way is likely to push them to the buying phase of the engagement process which, eventually, benefits all parties involved; brand, influencer and consumer.


Why is Instagram good for influencer marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing strategies are good for a few reasons that include, but are not limited to:

It is organic

It is niche

It is personal 

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