A Guide to Influencer Marketing: Millennials Edition

Oct 04, 2022

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A Guide to Influencer Marketing: Millennials Edition

Being the first generation to experience both landlines and the internet, VHS tapes and social media, it is no wonder that millennials are often labelled as the ‘inbetweeners’. 

While some may view this generation as blessed by having the best of both worlds, others would argue that being born at such a turning point in history eventually takes a toll on their thoughts regarding the right way to live life; do they continue what their parents and grandparents have done or do they take the new, unknown path. 

Regardless of their stance on these existential life questions, it is no secret that they were the first to move away from traditional media consumption. In this influencer marketing: millennials blog we will explore exactly how millennials interact with influencer marketing and how you, as a brand, can adapt your strategies to benefit from their engagement. 

Think: like a millennial 

Put yourself in the shoes of someone born between the years 1981 & 1996; that would make you aged anywhere between 26 and 41. You constitute more than a quarter of the world’s population and will soon be the largest living adult generation. At the time you were born, the digital era was finding its feet, allowing you to grow with it; deeming you “the one who can fix that thing on a mobile or computer” at any family gathering. How do you think you’d respond to social media and the internet in general?

Think: advertising 

Being at the forefront of major technological shifts, there is no denying that millennials basically birthed the social media influencer and so it is no wonder they prefer influencer marketing over traditional advertising forms. In fact, it goes beyond a preference, as 84% of millennials admit they do not like or trust traditional marketing efforts altogether. 

This makes millennials the perfect audience to aim influencer marketing at, as, more often than not, they are open to receiving and interacting with new forms of marketing. In fact, they love that influencers feel like friends and 4 in 10 millennials say that creators actually understand them better than their friends do. 

We think it might be time they found better friends…

Think: influencer marketing

We’ve established that influencer marketing for millennials, works and, in fact, is their preferred way to be marketed to. Though this is all well and good, there must be a catch; especially when it comes to the generation infamously branded as the “me me me” generation. 

However, when they account for 20% of influencer-inspired purchases, we can let their alleged entitled demeanour slide.

Campaigns that utilise influencer marketing for millennials are responded to most positively when they incorporate the following:

Authenticity– due to them being sceptical about traditional advertising forms, authenticity is key when it comes to influencer marketing for millennials. They seek meaningful context in marketing and so an emphasis on building a strong community and close relationship should be at the forefront of your strategy. 

Compelling messaging – most millennials believe in social causes and, naturally, want to buy products from brands who are also concerned about them. If you are a brand, consider partnering with influencers who genuinely believe in and support certain social causes and this will be praised by millennials in the form of engagement and purchases. 

Instagram Stories – millennials respond best to visuals and what better way to adhere to this than by publishing content on Instagram stories where they can physically see what it is you are trying to sell them.

User-generated content (UGC) – with 84% of millennials stating that user-generated content (UGC) on a company’s website can influence what they buy, this just might be every marketer’s secret weapon when it comes to targeting this generation. 

Meme marketing – an unusual pick, but a necessary one. Memes are easy to consume and entertaining; something millennials value highly. 


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Millennials vs. Gen Z 

The unofficial feud between these two generations, particularly when it concerns influencer marketing, is very much an ongoing one. While they both share similar views on authenticity, trust and collaborations, they must be approached differently by marketers. 

Let’s compare the main differences:

Live in TikTok Prefer Instagram and YouTube
Short-form video Longer, product specific videos
Prefer saving Aren’t afraid to spend money on experiences
Realists Optimists

Influencer Marketing: Millennials – summary

Millennials are digital natives who are socially responsible and, therefore, more likely to buy from brands with a strong purpose and identity. When choosing influencers to collaborate with on millennial-targeted campaigns , ensure that they are authentic, stand for a good cause and are clued up about the product they are endorsing. Remember, millennials have a higher purchasing power than Gen Z and baby boomers and so you’re going to want to stay in their good books.

Simply put, influencer marketing for millennials can be successful – but only when it is targeted to their preferences. Give them what they want and they will make sure your efforts are rewarded. 


Does influencer marketing work on millennials?

If the influencer marketing campaign adheres to the preferences of millennials, then it can be incredibly successful.

How do social media platforms market to millennials?

There are a number of ways to tailor an influencer marketing campaign to millennials:

Be authentic

Stand for a social cause

Use Instagram stories

Incorporate user-generated content.

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