Influencer Marketing Examples

Sep 05, 2022

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Influencer Marketing Examples

Are you still resisting the shift into the digital marketing world? Does it fill you with fear and vulnerability? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this blog is for you. 

Influencer marketing is now far beyond its experimental phase and has reaped astronomical results for brands who are unable to afford the extravagant prices of traditional advertising formats. However, surpassing the initial phase of getting a foot in the door is where brands typically struggle. When done right, influencer marketing can be groundbreaking and turn your small business into a marketer’s dream. 

Still not convinced? We’re here to ignite some motivation in you by sharing the most influential influencer marketing examples already out there. 

Before we get started…

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We know the rhetoric – “Why can’t I just promote my brand myself instead of paying to use influencers to do it for me?”. The answer is simply because consumers will only consider purchasing new products if they are recommended by someone they trust; ie, the influencer. The more experience a consumer has with a product – through watching influencers work with it/use it – the more likely they are to become purchasing customers. To ensure that you meet the needs of the modern consumer, it would be wise to implement an influencer into your marketing strategy. Aside from their ability to turn followers into paying customers, there are a whole host of reasons why they will be beneficial to you.

They increase brand awareness – just one mention on an established influencer’s social media profile can greatly expand your reach and social positioning online. 

They effectively reach your target audience – influencers are the key to having your social content placed in front of an audience deeply invested in your niche. 

They build trust – blood, sweat and tears goes into building an audience who trusts the influencer they closely follow. They respect what the influencer recommends and if that is your product then you are automatically deemed a trustworthy brand. 

Builds winning partnerships – connecting and working with an influencer could be the start of something powerful. These partnerships could evolve into countless successful social media marketing campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Examples

Influencer Marketing Examples

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while we don’t encourage you to exactly copy another brand’s social media marketing campaign, a lot can be learned by taking a look at influencer marketing examples to see what has worked for other brands, globally.

Daniel Wellington 

As far as influencer marketing examples go, any list would not be complete without the campaign driven by Swedish watchmaker, Daniel Wellington. 

Without using any other forms of advertising, this campaign ran purely on the word-of-mouth tactic through influencer recommendations across a range of social media platforms. Alongside this, the campaign encouraged anyone and everyone to post their own images online with the branded hashtag #danielwellington, which generated more than 900,000 mentions on Instagram alone. This was also a great way to get the everyday user involved by allowing them to feel part of the brand rather than just a customer. 

Originally a $15,000 start-up, the brand managed to earn a revenue of $220 million by 2015, proving the power of influencer marketing. 

What can we learn from this influencer marketing example

This campaign shows us how integrating entertainment with advertisement can garner customer engagement and loyalty.


A household name by now, Audible’s campaign journey took on a similar approach as Wellington’s by utilising the word-of-mouth tactic, but this time, the recommendations were given by popular YouTube creators. 

The primary objective of this campaign was to drive conversions in the form of sign-ups and increase brand awareness and drive engagement for their monthly membership service. A way of doing this was to target a wide variety of audiences that belonged to different demographics and partnering up with creators from multiple niches, such as gaming, entertainment, beauty, animation etc. was the perfect way to achieve these goals. 

What can we learn from this influencer marketing example?

The merging of entertainment and sponsorship is enticing for viewers and, because the advertisement is coming from someone they know and trust, they are more likely to want to try the service out. 


This blog would be incomplete without a success story from a micro influencer marketing campaign.

Google partnered up with the two DIY-focused creators behind @thesorrygirls to promote the tech giant’s new Pixelbook laptop. With just one sponsored post, The Sorry Girls ran an Instagram giveaway contest, instructing entrants to like the image and leave a comment stating how they would use the Pixelbook laptop if they won. 

The Sorry Girls’ Instagram account had less than 100,000 followers, but they were still able to earn an impressive engagement rate of 59.4%. 

What can we learn from this influencer marketing example?

Working with micro influencers often means higher engagement rates. Do not shy away from them just because of the size of their following!

Let’s round things up 

After exploring just a few influencer marketing strategy examples you should be feeling a little more sure that this is an effective way to market your brand and products without having to spend an unforgivable amount of money. Of course, each influencer marketing example we have highlighted has their similarities on the surface, but they have all been tailored to meet the needs of the brand’s values, image and goals. This is what makes it so unique. Whoever you are, whatever size you are or however long you’ve been established, influencer marketing can be tailored to your needs and can give you long-lasting, astonishing results. 


What is an example of influencer marketing?

Sun Peaks Resort, a ski resort in British Columbia, wanted to increase awareness about several of their top winter attractions; including crowd-free ski runs and seasonal festivals. Travel mindset recruited Canada’s top adventure photographer, Callum Snape, to document his experience with Sun Peaks Resort and post it on his Instagram profile for his like-minded viewers to see. This drove 200,000+ article views of three minutes or more and garnered huge interest from Sun Peak’s target audience. 

How are influencers used in marketing campaigns?

Influencers are the middle man between a brand and a customer. They use their close relationships with their followers to showcase and recommend products and services from brands who they are in partnership with, to persuade them to become purchasing consumers. 

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