The Art of Product Promotion: Social Media Influencer Edition

Oct 17, 2022

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The Art of Product Promotion: Social Media Influencer Edition

Floating around in the social media-sphere are an abundance of answers to the questions asking how to use influencer marketing. From product promotion, to increasing reach and gaining exposure, influencer marketing can serve many purposes; all with the intention of enhancing a brand’s social media marketing strategy.

You’ve probably seen how the likes of retail giants OMEGA and Ali Express have smashed their marketing goals by partnering with creators, but what you don’t see is the extensive behind the scenes process undergone to build these profitable influencer partnerships. Influencer X brand partnerships, built with the aim of longevity, are what will ultimately result in profitable success. 

We have established that influencer marketing can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a variety of results, but this blog’s focus will be on how to use influencer marketing to promote your product with a step by step guide for those of you among us who are brands looking to take the online marketing leap of faith. 

A social media phenomenon 

There is no denying that influencers have taken the online marketing world by storm. Who’d’ve thought that the everyday person with an engaged following could be the key to online marketing success?

While influencer marketing is not a new concept, the ways in which it is used to boost a brand’s social presence and online marketing success, are. Knowing how to use influencer marketing can result in the following:

Amplify your brand awareness

Reach your target audience

Improve credibility and trust

Help revamp your content strategy 

Help increase engagement

Enhance your search engine rankings

Boost your conversions

A notable addition to this list is product promotion. If done correctly, influencer marketing can make your product a sell-out. If not a sell-out, it sure can boost sales and ROI. 

The modern day consumer wants recommendations. They want someone they trust to tell them which products work and would be beneficial to them. This is where the role of the influencer is progressing, while the trust a consumer has in a brand, directly, is decreasing.

The Art of Product Promotion Social Media Influencer Edition

Promoting your product

We won’t lie to you, knowing how to use influencer marketing to promote your product is far from a walk in the park. To consider this promotional technique you must have the backing of an established online presence, a large and engaged following and be in a position to create long-lasting relationships with influencers. 

While dipping into a large portion of the online marketing budget isn’t necessary, you should be prepared to spend some money in exchange for an influencer’s partnerships.

Step 1: Finding Influencers

Arguably the most important step in the process of knowing how to use influencer marketing, partnering with the right influencers will set you up with a solid foundation upon which the rest of your product promotion can take place. 

Finding the right influencers to promote your product will prove to be an easier task once you are aware of what types of influencers are out there. Choosing an influencer just because they have a large following is simply not enough. Influencers must be selected with the following in mind:

  1. Engagement rate
  2. Have they worked with similar brands before?
  3. Do their values align with your brand’s? 
  4. Is their audience your target demographic

The type of influencer you choose to partner with will greatly affect the results you will be able to achieve. For example:

Nano influencers – 1k-10k followers – ideal for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses.

Micro influencers – 10k-100k followers – good for generating focused leads.

Macro influencers – 100k-1M followers – can help increase reach.

Mega influencers – 1M+ followers – great for increasing brand awareness.

When it comes to promoting your product, with the intention of increasing sales figures, micro influencers are the way to go. Their high engagement rates make their audience’s the perfect candidates to absorb information about new brands and products. 

Step Two: Choose a campaign type

If you are already aware of how to use influencer marketing, you will know that there are a whole host of campaign types that can be run to optimise your product promotion. If not, then these include, but are not limited to:

Appointing brand ambassadors 

Offering discount and affiliate codes to influencers to share with their followers

Host giveaways and competitions with influencers or to be promoted by them

Host brand experience events

Remember: influencers are your business partners, not your employees, therefore, the campaign you run must benefit you both.

Step three: Track and measure the results of your campaign

Understanding how to use influencer marketing is understanding that tracking and measuring the results of your campaign, and adjusting it for the sake of your influencers, is paramount. 

Most social media platforms have analytics tools built into them, so that you can track conversions. Work with your influencer to see how their numbers have been affected and share with them how their involvement has boosted, or affected, yours also. 

It is important to be direct, throughout. If something isn’t working, the correct people should be notified and adjustments to the campaign must be made. Always ensure you are running a campaign that is positively impacting your company. 

Final Thoughts

Utilising social media influencers is a great way to promote your brand’s product. Tapping into their audiences will give you a good head start when it comes to expanding your own audience and will put your products in front of more people that you can reach, alone. Now that you are aware of how to use influencer marketing, all campaigns going forward will reap more and more success, as you gradually begin to understand what works well for your brand and what doesn’t. 


Why should you use social media influencer marketing?

To achieve the following

  1. Amplify your brand awareness
  2. Reach your target audience
  3. Improve credibility and trust
  4. Help revamp your content strategy 
  5. Help increase engagement
  6. Enhance your search engine rankings
  7. Boost your conversions

How do influencers operate on social media?

Influencers are established profiles on any social media platforms. Their followings, niche and influencer type are what drive brands to contact them for work opportunities. Every business opportunity they get is documented on their profiles in the hope of sparking their audience’s interest. 

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