How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel

Feb 25, 2022

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How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel

The amazing benefits of social media marketing are continuously boasted within the marketing community. With the world practically revolving around it, social media allows your brand to be seen by millions of people at all times of the day. 

However, simply posting content or creating paid social media ads is not enough to knock social media marketing out of the park. The true key to success is via a social media sales funnel.

A  social media sales funnel allows your brand to interact with potential buyers across the many stages of their buyer journey. When done correctly, a social media sales funnel will push your potential leads from mere observers to long time customers. 

To help you create the perfect social media sales funnel for your business, we have compiled all the best tips and tricks from the industry. Keep reading to find out more! 


The aim of a social media sales funnel is to utilise social media to convert leads into advocates. 

A funnel does this by creating a visual map of the buyer’s journey. Once you have a clear image of the steps that buyers follow to become consumers, your brand is able to use social media to target them along their journey. Thus, creating a higher rate of conversion.  

As the buyer moves along the funnel, their needs shift. An integral part of a successful social media sales funnel is adjusting your approach to properly meet the needs of your buyer at each step.

Keep reading to learn more about each step in a social media sales funnel. 



The first step in a social media sales funnel is awareness. 

In this step, a potential lead enters the funnel. The aim for your brand at this point in time is to make this lead aware of your product and company. You should seek to ignite their curiosity in your product and make them aware of what you do. 

Your communication at this stage should aim to showcase what problems your brand can solve and establish trust. A great way to build trust in a potential lead is by providing services to them for free. For example, creating an established YouTube channel that curious buyers can visit to find out more about your product. Through this channel, you can establish your industry knowledge and build trust with potential leads.  

At this step, your static visual content should focus on highlighting the need that your product targets. For example, your company Instagram page can feature images of your product in action, making buyers’ lives easier. 

social media sales funnel: aesthetics

Ultimately, at the end of this step your potential buyers should be well aware of your brand and the positive ways you can impact their lives. 


Once leads become aware of your brand, they can then start to evaluate it against your competitors. 

Traditionally, the main areas that leads will focus on in their evaluation are price, features, reviews and customer service. To meet this need, ensure that this information is easy to find. A great way to do this is by including a section on your website that lays out all these details. 

A fantastic way to encourage consumers to choose your product in this step is by providing them with a free trial. By providing curious users with a free trial, you are allowing them to compare your product against their needs and your competitors. 

Microsoft free trial

If a free trial does not suit your brand, then blogs, videos and other content that highlight your strengths are also a sure fire way to cater to leads in this step. 


The third step in a social media sales funnel is action. This step takes place once your lead is prepared to make a purchase. During this stage, you should utilise your platforms to drive home why your brand is the best option for your buyer’s needs. 

At this step, your potential buyer is most swayed by cost. As such, posts about sales and the main comparisons between you and your competitors are perfect for this step. 

The ultimate goal during this stage is to remove any resistance to purchase your buyer harbours. Focus on making your brand appear positive on social media; highlight the main reasons why you are the best option in comparison to the competition. 

social media sales funnel: Action


It is crucial to continue engaging with your buyers after they have made a purchase. Maintaining a relationship with past buyers encourages them to come back again and again. Buyers are far more likely to purchase from a brand that they have already used before, so make sure past customers feel seen and appreciated. 

A fantastic way to do this is through user generated content (UGC). In particular, hashtags and community management foster relationships with your past buyers. For example, encouraging users to post their purchase underneath a hashtag with your brand name creates a community of satisfied customers. You can then easily engage with users underneath this hashtag, promoting brand loyalty. 

social media sales funnel: engagement


The final step in a successful social media sales funnel is advocacy. In this stage, satisfied customers become advocates for your brand. Advocates promote your company to their own networks, convincing their friends and family to become buyers as well. 

However, advocates do not appear out of thin air. To turn buyers into advocates, you must provide your followers with a reason to promote you. UGC is a sure fire way to achieve this. 

Through UGC, you can feature and reward loyal customers with prizes, thus encouraging them to speak fondly of you. Hosting giveaways that encourage people to tag their friends and family is another great method to generate brand advocacy. 

Through advocacy, your brand is exposed to a new audience. Given that this audience became aware of your brand through their friends and family, they are far more likely to become customers. 


Before you begin to plan out your social media sales funnel, it is essential that you first determine a list of SMART goals. 

Primarily, you must decide exactly what you want to achieve via your media funnel. Once you have this main goal, you can begin building your funnel. 

Understand your customers 

All great marketing campaigns start with getting a strong understanding of your audience and social media sales funnels are no different. 

Make sure you have a firm understanding of your target audience; their likes and dislikes, their demographics and their needs. With this information, you are able to create a buyer’s persona, which will help you better target your audience. 

Identify your target audience’s intent 

Even though your buyers are all shopping for the same product, they are coming from different backgrounds. As a result, they each enter your funnel with different intentions. For example, some buyers may come at your product with computer science intentions, whereas others may have business intentions. 

Ensuring that you make room for these contrasting intentions is essential to crafting a successful social media sales funnel

Test out your funnel 

Once you have a set plan for your funnel it is time to release it into the world. 

Much like many aspects of marketing, it is essential to keep tabs on your funnel once it is in action. Make sure you are keeping track of how it is performing; are buyers responding to it? Are they reacting in the manner you assumed they would? Take the feedback you receive from your audience and adjust your funnel accordingly. 


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Aim for customer retention 

Finally, no matter what you do, aim for customer retention. 

Studies show that gaining a new buyer costs five times more than retaining one. Focusing on your current audience and nurturing brand loyalty is essential for successful business growth. If your funnel is successful, you will soon have an army of advocates aiding you in your mission to bring in more sales. 


What is the first phase of a social media funnel?

The first phase of a social media funnel is awareness. In this stage, a potential lead becomes aware of your brand and begins to investigate your product. 

How do you build a social media sales funnel that sells?

The key to building a social media sales funnel that sells is properly understanding your buyer’s journey. By understanding the steps that your buyers take to purchase your product, you are able to successfully target them. 

What is the difference between a sales funnel and marketing funnel?

A sales funnel seeks to encourage consumers to purchase your product. A social media marketing funnel aims to make consumers aware of your product. 

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