Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Boost Sales

Nov 28, 2022

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Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Boost Sales

The busiest sales events of the year have rolled back around and, this time, Cyber Monday is taking centre stage. 

Post-covid shopping preferences have led to a 37% increase in online shoppers this year, making Cyber Monday the preferred shopping date for a lot of shoppers due to its online presence.

By now, a lot of shoppers have their wish lists ready and waiting. But, with so many shoppers willing to spend their hard earned money, there are still brands out there asking themselves how they can leverage this opportunity.

If you think this sounds a lot like you, then we’ve got you covered. This blog will outline the most effective Cyber Monday marketing ideas and strategies to help increase your online presence and, more importantly, boost your sales this holiday season.

Planning your Cyber Monday campaign

During this pre-promotional stage, it is important to focus on the following to help your Cyber Monday campaign succeed:

  1. Build up your customer database: the best way to reach a wider audience is to create more contacts. Encourage social media followers, website visitors and in-person shoppers to sign up to your mailing list.
  2. Develop a lead-generating page: make it easy for these people to sign up to your mailing list by directing them to a stand-alone webpage which collects key contact information. 
  3. Implement the right marketing infrastructure: young shoppers in particular prefer personalised shopping experiences over mass messaging. Ensure you have access to a marketing platform that can help automate, integrate and analyse customer data for your business, to achieve this.
  4. Create a Cyber Monday marketing calendar: be aware of when exactly you will be sending out key promotional messages to generate traffic. It will take more than just a few emails or social media posts to do so. You should also still be communicating with your mailing list during and after the Cyber Monday event, so schedule time for this too.

Cyber Monday marketing ideas

Idea #1: Sell your products in bundles

Bundling your products together for a limited time is a sure way to grab your shoppers’ attention and make them feel as though they are getting a great deal. After all, isn’t that what Cyber Monday is all about?

Selling bundles is also a good way to increase the average order value and upsell shoppers to a slightly higher price than they’d normally go for.

For example:

Sell your products in bundles

Idea #2: Reveal exclusive offers

When it comes to Cyber Monday, shoppers are looking for deals that can give them maximum value for their money. 

You should create offers that make them feel like they’re getting so much more than what they are paying for. 

But how do you do this?

Run flash sales with limited-time offers, short-term discounts and promotions. This can be a ‘one-day deal’, a ‘a deal of the day’ or even a ‘1 hour deal’ on whichever items you choose.

The fear of missing out will encourage people to buy and increase the rate of impulse buying.

Idea #3: Create a gift guide

Your Cyber Monday marketing ideas can really be as simple as this, while still being effective.

Create gift guides for different segments of your target audience to point to where they can find cool gifts or your best-selling products.

Why is this important?

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday season, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of deals out there. By narrowing them down for your shoppers, you will make it easier for them to discover, choose and buy one of your products.

Idea #4: Partner with influencers and content creators

On days like Cyber Monday, it can feel like everyone on planet earth is trying to grab your attention, with people throwing ads at you from all angles. 

This often leads to shoppers ignoring a lot of ads they come across. 

Partnering with influencers is a great way to grab the attention of younger shoppers in particular, as seeing their favourite influencers and content creators in your ad means they’ll be more inclined to stop, watch and buy from you. 

Nowadays, your Cyber Monday marketing ideas should automatically be implementing influencers and content creators to appeal to the change in consumer behaviour. 

Check out the example below:


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A post shared by MISS MOLLY ?? (@molly.mcfarlane)

Idea #5: Provide tailored customer service

In comparison to physical stores, online stores are always open. This means that customer queries can pop up at all hours of the day. 

What should you do?

Open your customer support services for even longer over the holiday season and make these visible to all customers who enter your site. If they know they will receive an immediate, tailored customer service experience they will feel as though they are in safe hands and will feel more inclined to shop with you.

Idea #6: Offer free shipping

A BigCommerce survey revealed that 77% of global respondents have abandoned purchases due to unsatisfactory shipping options. A prominent one being expensive shipping fees.

Offering free shipping is a way to encourage customers to follow through with their purchase. 

As well as this, Cyber Monday shoppers are all about looking for a bargain. Adding free shipping on top of the discount they will receive is a sure way to keep them satisfied.

Cyber Monday marketing ideas: round up 

We hope that this guide has inspired your pending Cyber Monday marketing ideas. 

Remember, it is important that you start preparations early in order to reach more shoppers and get the Cyber Monday sales rolling in. 


How do you tease Cyber Monday sales?

You can create sneak peeks by:

  1. Adding it into your newsletter
  2. Sending it out via email
  3. Promoting it on social media
  4. Add pop-ups on your website
  5. Create TV and billboard ads

You can also:

  1. Notify shoppers that you will be unveiling a new product
  2. Offer a VIP early-bird discount
  3. Create a countdown promo video
  4. Create a Cyber Monday exclusive post

When should Cyber Monday emails be sent?

You should be sending Cyber Monday emails out well in advance, during the sale and after. 

How do you write an email for Cyber Monday?

  1. Create a catchy colour scheme
  2. Add in some animation, rotating items or video if you can
  3. Create an eye-catching Cyber Monday subject line
  4. Know what your audience want
  5. Give it a human touch and have fun with it! 

How do you market a Cyber Monday sale?

You can do any of the following: 

  1. Sell your products in bundles
  2. Reveal exclusive offers
  3. Create a gift guide
  4. Partner with influencers and content creators
  5. Provide a tailored customer service
  6. Offer free shipping

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