The Best Christmas Marketing Ideas For 2023

Dec 15, 2022

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The Best Christmas Marketing Ideas For 2023

It might still only be October, but any brand who has been around a while is certainly starting to hear those jingle bells starting to ring off in the distance. 

Christmas is an incredibly important season for all brands, in terms of sales, building brand awareness, establishing brand identity and growing your audience. 

So how do you make sure that you are sleighing (pun intended) this Christmas season? With the perfect Christmas marketing campaign of course!

Let’s delve into the best Christmas marketing campaign ideas out there. 


Christmas video campaigns

Video content continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage your audience from a marketing perspective. Christmas video content is especially important for your brand if your audience is mainly found on TikTok or Instagram. 

However, not just any old video will do. 

The best way to ace Christmas video content is to engage with emotional storytelling. 

The Christmas season lends itself quite naturally to the art of playing with consumer’s heart strings, so make sure your video content is speaking to your audience’s emotions. Emotional storytelling not only promotes sales, but also encourages your audience to form an emotional connection with your brand; this promotes brand loyalty. 

One brand that always knocks Christmas storytelling out of the park is John Lewis. Have a look at one of their most popular ads here

Beyond this, ensure that you understand what video type speaks most to your audience before you begin posting. Perhaps they respond best to product-centric videos, rather than human-centric videos that feature company workers and brand culture. 

By gaining a concrete understanding of what content performs best with your audience, you are ensuring that your content will be as effective as possible. 

Christmas giveaways

Product giveaways are one of the many continuously successful Christmas marketing ideas. 

Studies have found that Instagram accounts that host contests grow their audiences by up to 70% faster than those that do not – so what are you waiting for? 

A Christmas giveaway is one of the more popular Christmas online marketing ideas as it improves brand awareness and generates leads. To do so, require your followers to share the giveaway with a certain number of friends in order to enter. 

To add an extra Christmas-sy twist, why not consider a 12 days of Christmas giveaway? 

Many brands engage with these over the holiday period, as it creates an extended sense of excitement and gives consumers a longer period of time to engage. On top of this, a giveaway such as this feels extra special to your audience, and thus they are far more likely to participate.  

Christmas marketing ideas

Christmas countdowns

Another great option to add to your Christmas marketing ideas list is a Christmas countdown. 

Hosting a Christmas countdown on your brand’s social media accounts helps drum up excitement in your audience for the season whilst also keeping them engaged via the daily posting it requires. 

A Christmas countdown is a great time to get creative and define your brand identity. You could take this opportunity to make your social media as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with perfectly curated graphics and model shots. Or, you could take the route of humour, posting funny short clips each day of the countdown. The options are endless! 

Engage with user-generated content 

Getting involved with user-generated content is a sure fire way to keep your community engaged and happy this Christmas season. More than this, UGC becomes free advertising, expanding your brand reach organically. 

Some great ways to get involved in UGC include getting your followers to take photos using your products, redesigning your products, showing how they incorporate your products into their christmas season and more. UGC around Christmas time is a very popular marketing tactic, so take some time to come up with a unique idea for your brand to be certain you stand out. 

Make sure to repost the content that your followers create, as this creates a sense of community and also encourages other users to join in on the fun too. 

Christmas marketing ideas

Influencer collaborations 

Getting involved with influencer collaborations is by no means a new idea nor one specific to Christmas marketing ideas, but it remains one of the most impactful marketing tactics on social media. As such, collaborating with influencers is one of the most commonly seen marketing ideas for Christmas. 

In fact, on Facebook and Instagram, it has been found that 71% of users are impacted by influencers when it comes to their Christmas shopping! 

Christmas influencer collaborations can include account takeovers, gift guides selected by influencers, or simply influencers posting your products as gift options for their followers. 

Christmas marketing ideas

Christmas gift guides

Christmas shopping is notoriously a stressful experience, so gift guides are hot ticket items by the time December rolls around. 

Gift guides are a fantastic way to centre your product as a viable gift option to your customers. Be sure to sort out your guides into categories, such as gifts for Mum vs gifts for Dad; this makes it far easier on your customers and has a more thoughtful feel. 

To truly get the most out of your holiday gift guides, ensure that you embed links to all the products mentioned in your posts. This makes it super easy for your followers to click over to your website and make their purchase. 


Once you have your Christmas marketing ideas laid out, how do you ensure that it is successful? 

There are three major points you must be sure to hit to ace your Christmas marketing. 

Create a content schedule 

The Christmas season can get incredibly hectic incredibly quickly, so a content schedule is definitely a must have to stay in control of all your marketing Christmas ideas. 

A content schedule ensures that you are staying on top of all your accounts and not missing out on any major events nor days. This is especially important if your brand has decided to engage with tactics such as Christmas countdowns or 12 days of Christmas giveaways. 

Start early 

Each year consumers begin their Christmas shopping earlier and earlier. Come December, the majority of customers will have well and truly finished their shopping expeditions. 

Thus, it is imperative that you get ahead of the curve. Begin rolling out your Christmas marketing ideas after Halloween, and continue all the way through to the New Year. 

The earlier you begin – within reason, of course – the more solidified you will be as an option in your followers’ minds; rather than getting swept up with the crowd, you will stand out. 

Understand your audience 

Finally, if nothing else, you must understand your audience. 

Take what you understand about your audience from the rest of the year and apply it to your Christmas marketing ideas. Your consumer’s desires will not change drastically the second it hits December, so stick to what has previously been successful and you are sure to have a wonderful Christmas season. 


How do you market for Christmas?

Marketing for Christmas is all about finding the best Christmas marketing ideas for your brand. Try engaging with video content, giveaways, UCG and other popular tactics. 

How do you attract customers for Christmas?

To attract customers for Christmas, be sure to have the perfect Christmas marketing ideas that cater to your target audience. To do this, gain a concrete understanding of your target audience and their likes, wants and needs. 

How do I start a Christmas marketing campaign?

First start by researching Christmas marketing ideas that are relevant to your brand and industry. Then, create a content schedule for implementing the Christmas marketing ideas you have chosen. Finally, begin putting your campaign in place.

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