Decanting the Beverage Industry

Feb 13, 2023

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Decanting the Beverage Industry

To keep up with the modern world, industries are expanding their presence and marketing efforts into the online world. 

The beverage industry’s global market size, in particular, has shown impressive growth since the pandemic and is on track for a projected revenue of $257.30bn by the end of 2023. 

But what does the sheer size of the industry now mean for beverage marketers?

Well, simply put, marketing tactics have to change. 

In order to contribute to the inevitable increase in the beverage industry’s global market size, we have rallied together the top tips and tricks for running successful social media marketing campaigns for your beverage brands.

First thing’s first

Before you dive into the fun of campaign creation and sharing, you must first establish your social media presence, otherwise who will you be marketing to?

1 in 3 people share pictures of their drinks to social media sites, often with appropriate hashtags. While these hashtags provide a means to reach as many people as possible, they aren’t enough to maximise your chances of leveraging social media to expand your beverage brand. 

Here are some tips for doing it right!


You’re not only on social media to create awareness for your brand, but to also network and form bonds with your customers. 

Posting content is a way to consistently engage with your followers, but it isn’t enough to propel your beverage brand’s engagement to heights we know it can achieve. Instead, think about hosting giveaways or contests. Everyone loves a freebie, especially if it’s from a brand they know and like and can expand your reach to a wider audience as well as double – or even triple – your usual engagement numbers. 

Embrace storytelling

A great way to lure in more followers and maintain loyal customers is through the power of storytelling. People love connecting with the human side of a brand and coming up with a comprehensive story about your journey is a great way to feed this. 

Consequently, storytelling will have your target audience feeling an individual relationship with both your brand and products, which, overtime, will not only result in better content being made, but better engagement levels too. By making potential customers part of your journey, you increase their chances of purchasing your beverages. 

Benefit from social media influencers

Think of social media influencers as the modern day celebrity, but with a direct connection to your target audience. Not to mention, they are capable of creating more engaging content than any brand, agency or celebrity ever could. 

In 2022, influencer marketing spending across all industries totalled $16.4bn and is only expected to grow in the coming years. This is a testament to how big of an impact they have on a brand’s marketing efforts. 

Sell a feeling or a community

Another way to drive engagement and increase brand awareness is to appeal to people’s emotions. As we mentioned before, the modern day consumer wants to engage with the human side of a brand and you can do this buy associating your brand with either a feeling or a community. 

To do this, you can market your brand as the beverage of choice among a certain community – just as Gatorade is to the sports community – or as the drink for every occasion. An authentic way to approach this campaign idea is to encourage existing customers to post pictures of them enjoying your beverage online (with the right hashtags of course!). 

Social media content ideas for your beverage brand

Taste tests and reaction videos

Taste tests are a playful way to promote your product, as well as highlight that they’re worth trying.

Taste tests are packed with entertainment and pique the curiosity of viewers who want to see how people react to what they’re tasting. 

A great example of entertaining beverage taste testing can be found on Danni Walsh’s TikTok account, as she is associated purely with beverages and is the go-to for a lot of people who want to go out and buy alcohol. 

@danniwalsh123 OMG!!! Merry Christmas #au #baileys ##caramel #vodka #letstryit #letsgetlit @Au Vodka ♬ original sound – Danielle Walsh

Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate buzz around your brand or an upcoming product launch. To execute these campaigns, partnering with micro influencers is the way to go, as their small – yet extremely engaged – audiences are guaranteed to tune in and act on the influencer’s recommendation or call-to-action. 

Day-in-the-life content

This content type is exploding right now; particularly on TikTok.

These short, snappy videos will usually include the sponsored beverage in question being incorporated into the creator’s daily routine, showing audiences exactly when and how to drink it. This type of content is an incredibly organic way of putting an ad out there, due to how well it’s incorporated into the wider context and makes viewers less likely to turn away due to it sounding too sales-y. 

@edithmair AD| What I eat in a day featuring @rhealsuperfoods #superfood #mushroomcoffee #whatieatinaday #weightlossjouney #eatingwithedith ♬ Fallin’ in a Garden – LLusion


What is the beverage industry worth?

By the end of 2023, the beverage industry’s revenue is expected to reach $257.30bn.

How big is the global alcohol market?

By the end of 2022, the global alcohol market reached $1,448.18bn.

How big is the global functional beverage market?

The global functional beverage industry size reached $140.87bn at the end of 2022.

How big is the food and beverage market?

As of 2023, the food and beverage market sits at $6,729.54bn.

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