What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

May 12, 2022

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What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

There are many benefits of using influencer marketing, but more often than not, it provides an opportunity for businesses to quickly build their brand online and raise awareness among potential customers within their target audience.

Forbes has said that influencer marketing is growing at a faster rate than digital advertising, more than likely due to the fact that modern, socially native audiences are more likely to trust a word-of-mouth recommendation than an obvious advert.

We believe that influencer marketing should be a key component in all brand’s marketing strategies.

Whether it’s B2B sales on LinkedIn or influencing impulse purchase decisions on Instagram, the benefits of influencer marketing are there to be reaped by all.

So, here are five massive benefits of influencer marketing that will hopefully showcase why you should be using it to bolster your marketing efforts.

Source: Faizan Ansari Youtube Channel 

The benefits of influencer marketing

Generate Awareness:

One of the main benefits of influencer marketing is the most popular term people associate with social media marketing; awareness.

Influencer marketing can greatly expand your reach and positioning online, as a result of this social media users will start to learn about your brand through exposure to your messaging and story as well as learning what products/solutions you offer.

Reach Target Audiences:

One of the most important benefits of influencer marketing is that it allows you to reach your target audience, no matter how niche. It is all well and good growing awareness of your service and brand, but you need this information to reach the right audience.

Through relevant influencers that have audience demographics and content styles that align with the target consumer for your brand, you are placing your marketing content in front of people that have the potential to be converted into genuine customers.

When the right influencers are selected, you can reap the advantages of influencer marketing at a higher level.

Build Trust:

Now you’re generating awareness and reaching the right audience you can start to capitalize on the pre-existing credibility of your influencer partners.

Influencers have built relationships and trust with their fans, there is a reason these people continue to consume their content.

To cut a long story short, consumers are likely to trust recommendations from influencers they follow, so brands sharing their messaging through these trusted sources are more likely to gain the attention of these consumers.

Improve Content

Another really important benefit to influencer marketing is that it makes your brand content better.

Firstly, influencers create socially native content that you can repurpose to make your brand appear more relevant in the digital age. 

Secondly, influencers provide a means of creating content that isn’t made in-house, which can help build a more consistent stream of posts for your brand and fill gaps in your posting schedule. 

Influencers can do a lot of the work for you, so why not get them onboard and lighten the load, and probably create some great content along the way.

Drive Leads & Sales:

If I hadn’t already convinced you that influencer marketing was important for your business then this final influencer benefit might be the missing piece to your decision-making process.

Influencers can actually inspire and persuade consumers to purchase your product or inquire about your service.

These advantages of influencer marketing can really put into perspective for brands how important it can be for improving a marketing strategy.

But, if you’re still slightly unsure if it is for you, let me answer a few frequently asked questions to address any more potential concerns you may have.


How successful is influencer marketing?

According to InfluencerMarketingHub, the influencer marketing industry could be worth upwards of £13.3 billion worldwide by the end of this year alone (2022).

This is growing rapidly, increasing by over £2 billion from 2021.

What makes influencer marketing more advantageous than traditional advertising methods?

Consumer behaviours are rapidly shifting to a more socially first mindset and are ever-increasingly found online.

By leveraging influencer marketing and its benefits, brands are able to target audiences in a space that natively live in (online).

What is influencer marketing?

If you’ve made it this far and you’re sitting there wondering what influencer marketing is, I apologise.

Essentially influencer marketing is where brands partner with influencers either on a paid or product gifted basis and get them to create content which endorses their brand/product/service.

This content can either be posted to the influencer’s channels, repurposed on brand-owned channels or both.

Influencer marketing advantages can be huge, but it must be done correctly. Working with an influencer marketing agency can ensure that your influencer efforts are optimised and relevant to your target audience from the get-go.

If you need help utilizing the benefits of influencers, our Influencer marketing agency and Social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

If you want to receive our industry insights, visit our Influencer Marketing & Social Media blog here.

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