The Beer Influencers on Instagram to Cheers to

Feb 01, 2023

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The Beer Influencers on Instagram to Cheers to

Instagram has fast become an indispensable marketing tool for the craft beer industry. 

For breweries, posting product shots, announcing new releases and giving customers a glimpse into the happenings behind the scenes, has become essential to their marketing strategies. Without the accessibility the internet provides, the craft beer industry might not have experienced the meteoric growth that it has in recent years and a lot of this can be attributed to influencer collaborations.

Partnering with beer influencers on Instagram is another effective way to reach new audiences and boost brand awareness. Luckily, there is no shortage of beer influencers, and we’re here to list them for you!

Top beer influencers on Instagram

Tanya Lawrence – @babels_cameron 

Tanya began her brewery journey over a decade ago.Today she is hailed as the #craftbeerqueen and has over 50,000 followers. Her travels to breweries and distilleries have earned her previous mentions in Men’s Health Magazine as one of its 30 Female Beer Lovers You Must Follow on Instagram in 2017.


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A post shared by Tanya Lawrence (@babels_cameron)


What do all beers have in common? Glasses.

Beer canvas create and sell bespoke glassware. Often depicting pop culture references, you can expect to find glasses featuring anywhere from Rick and Morty to The Notorious B.I.G. 


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A post shared by BeerCanvas (@beercanvas)


Beer Kulture is a non-profit organisation that advocates for the increase in diversity, equity and inclusion within the white-dominated craft drinks space. Through sponsorships, scholarships, mentorships and more, Beer Kulture is creating opportunities to make changes to BIPOC communities one beer at a time. 


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A post shared by Beer Kulture™️ (@beerkulture)

Dee – @beerliveshere

For the creatives among you, @beerliveshere is one of the beer influencers on Instagram that you do not want to miss. Her soft colour palettes and natural patterns and textures compliment the craft beer and wine being showcased, perfectly; adding that extra touch of beauty to your Feed.


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A post shared by dee (@beerliveshere)


No other photographer out there is able to capture such bright orange and yellow hues from their beer shots, undeniably saving @beermules a space on our list. The account mostly focuses on California breweries, but you can occasionally expect to find other hoppy options from popular American producers. 


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A post shared by Beer Mules (@beermules)

Geriz Ramirez – @beerwithflavour

Geriz is the general manager of the brewery Other Half by day and a capturer of beer, the New York cityscape and food by night. His posts immediately make us want to be there experiencing the moment with him. 

Eugenia Brown – @blackbeerchick

Certified beer server and brewer, no one has quite managed to do what Eugenia has done. She is, in fact, the only one on our beer influencer on Instagram list who has paved the way to help 100 women of colour become certified cicerones by launching the Road To 100 campaign.


Celebrating black beer and food culture, @blackbrewculture aims to bring diversity and equity to the craft beer space along with their 16.3K followers. Their spotlight on Spaceway Brewing led them to become one of the first African American breweries to make People’s Jubilee IPA as part of the People’s National Beer Collaboration.

Michael Wilson, Marc Kelly & Scot Edgar – @craftandslice

Two of life’s greatest loves. Pizza and beer. This UK and Ireland-based trio bring us just this by giving us reviews on beer primarily from this region. With 12.6K followers, @craftandslice have managed to bag themselves a Beer Geek Reviewer Award at Brewdog’s Beer Geek Awards in 2018 with thanks to their exceptional craft commentary.


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A post shared by Craft & Slice ?? (@craftandslice)

Julie – @craftbeerdeer

@craftbeerdeer’s posts popping up on your Feed are like a breath of fresh air. Who knew that drinking out of a 32 oz tulip glass could look so glamorous? She manages to capture each beer in a perfectly-suitable location and, for that, we think she deserves a follow. 


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A post shared by Julie (@craftbeerdeer)


If you were on the fence about delving into the world of craft beer, then ponder no more, as this account is bound to tip you over the edge. Bethany Vinton is the genius behind showcasing craft beers with their perfect fluffy companion and we couldn’t be happier. Another necessary addition to our Instagram Feeds. 


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A post shared by Dogs on Tap (@dogsontap)


Eli is more than just a beer photographer. She combines this with her photoshop skills to create some of the greatest beer images we have ever seen. As far as beer influencers on Instagram go, she is certainly among the most whimsical; bring a sense of playfulness to the craft beer industry. 


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A post shared by Eli Traks (@elitraks)


Sticking to the beer photographer theme, next up is Jake. While her shots all consist of holding a different beer out in her hand, the backdrops selected are quite something, making us instantly crave the drink she is holding.


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A post shared by Jake ? (@girlnamedjake)

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