Top UK Gaming Influencers on YouTube and Twitch

Feb 22, 2023

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Top UK Gaming Influencers on YouTube and Twitch

Did you know that 9% of consumers across all marketing sectors follow at least one gaming influencer?

This presents huge opportunities for brands from all industries to tap into some very large audiences. 

Gaming is one of the internet’s most popular sectors. Pair this with influencers – the internet’s most popular people – and you have yourself a recipe for online marketing success.

While there are multiple best practices that you can follow to ensure a successful collaboration with an influencer, knowing who to pick is half the battle. Of course, there is always the option to hire the help of a YouTube marketing agency or Twitch marketing agency – or any other gaming marketing agency for that matter – but if you don’t have the budget, this might not be an option for you. 

That’s why we’re here to help.

In this blog we’ll walk you through the current top gaming influencers in the UK from Twitch and YouTube who just might be able to level up your next social media marketing campaign. 

Twitch gaming influencers, UK

1. Jelliottie 

Jelly (or more commonly known as Jelliottie) is a female UK Twitch streamer who began her streaming career at the end of 2020. She creates content on Twitch 5 days per week and alongside streaming Dead by Daylight, she cosplays her favourite characters. She has 24.4K followers – 596 of whom are monthly active subscribers – and averages around 294 livestream viewers. 

Jelliottie - Twitch Influencers UK

2. Zerkaa

Many of you may know him as an OG member of the popular British YouTube group The Sidemen, but Joshua Bradley has made a name for himself on Twitch where he predominantly streams Grand Theft Auto V and amassed 1.4M followers. 

He has 5,275 monthly active subscribers and currently averages 10.8K viewers when streaming. Being a member of the Sidemen, Josh is not shy to a brand collaboration and his large audiences across all social media makes him the perfect candidate for an influencer marketing campaign. 

Zerkaa - Twitch Influencers UK

3. ShivFPS

Shiv is a professional player for LG with 1.4M followers. He mostly streams Apex Legends 5 days per week to an average of 3.6K viewers. He has been known to partner with the likes of Samsung in the past, making him a go-to source for brands looking to run an influencer marketing campaign.


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4. SumBee

SumBee is a British female Twitch partner with 16.9K followers. She predominantly streams Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II to an average of 83 viewers 6 days per week. Her Twitch bio is simple and states that she streams “to make people smile”.

SumBee - UK Twitch Influencers

5. Tubbo

Toby Smith – AKA Tubbo – has been a Twitch streamer for almost 5 years and has amassed an impressive 5M followers in this time. He has 6.8K monthly active subscribers and averages 4.7K viewers per stream. He mostly streams chatty Minecraft videos 6 days per week. 

Toby does well on other social media platforms too, with 2M followers on Instagram, 3.2M subscribers on YouTube and another 3.4M on TikTok. His stats make him a perfect candidate for brands looking to increase their exposure by partnering with him on a campaign. 

Tubbo - Twitch Influencers UK

YouTube gaming influencers, UK

1. LDShadowLady

Elizabeth Dwyer, more commonly known as LDShadowLady, is a world-renowned gamer and YouTube star. She is known for playing Minecraft Empires and has 7.02M subscribers. She started gaming early on in her life and on a trip to Gamefest Expo, she ended up meeting her husband Joel AKA Smallishbeans, another popular YouTube gaming influencer. 

2. Vikkstar123

Vikram Singh Barn has proved that he is more than just a member of the Sidemen with an impressive 7.61M YouTube subscribers on his gaming channel, where predominantly uploads videos of himself playing Warzone. 

Vikkstar also has 4.3M followers on Instagram, where he tends to create paid content for brands. 


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3. Yammy

Yasmin Uddin – AKA Yammy – is a British female gaming YouTuber with 3.71M followers. She is well known for her Gacha Life mini movie reactions, various Minecraft series, Roblox and Sims 4 series. Popular series include Crazy Craft 3.0, Minecraft Eden and Sim 4 & Sims 3. 

Yasmin also has 554K followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts sponsored content for brands. 


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A post shared by Yammy (@yammy_xox)

4. Grian

Charles Batchelor, better known online as Grian and formerly Xelqua, is an English YouTuber who makes Minecraft building tutorials, plays Minecraft minigames and is a part of the popular Hermitcraft server. He is also known for his affiliation with the immensely popular Minecraft MMORPG, WynnCraft, which he helped create. His videos have been sponsored by the likes of Amazon Audible. 

5. Fruity

Fruity is popular within the gaming community. He has 481K subscribers and mostly uploads videos of himself playing Fortnite and Rocket League. From short-and-sweet 2 minute clips delivering tips and tricks and gaming hacks, to 2 hour long detailed playthroughs, Fruity delivers a range of different videos catering to his viewer’s needs. Alongside his informative content, his popularity also derives from the light-hearted nature of his videos as he incorporates humour and entertainment throughout his channel.

Fruity is a fitting influencer as he allows his content to be accessible to the general public, facilitating efficient marketing strategies for gaming brands and businesses who wish to collaborate with him. 


Who is the most influential gamer in the UK?

DanTDM is among the most influential gamers in the world.

Who should you follow on Instagram for gaming?




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