The Best Branded Tweets to Spark Your Tweet Ideas

Nov 18, 2022

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The Best Branded Tweets to Spark Your Tweet Ideas

The Twittersphere is abundant in iconic and groundbreaking tweets, some of which are hilarious and some of which are from Elon Musk…

On average, 6000 tweets are tweeted per second, equating to 350,000 tweets per minute and 500 million tweets per day! But how exactly do the business accounts among them come up with their tweet ideas to ensure they stand out?

An engaged network is the key to Twitter success and, just like any other goal, it takes a little bit of inspiration and plenty of perspiration to build one. Without one, your tweet ideas will be falling on deaf ears…or, in this case, no ears at all. 

Looking to build your network and become one of Twitter’s stand out brands? Keep reading to find out exactly how to take your tweet ideas to the next level.

Step one: build your network

1. Connect your networks:

The very first step in growing your Twitter network is to connect it with one of your other networks; such as LinkedIn.

2. Create your bio:

Between your full name and your Twitter name, your potential followers don’t know much about you. Your bio is where you can change this. Here you should mention who you are and what you’re striving towards. This will set the tone for your stream of tweets. 

Also keep in mind that when people are conducting searches on Twitter, they will be directed to the profiles with the search terms in the full name, Twitter name or bio. So, if you are a fashion brand who specialises in conscious fashion, you should be using keywords associated with ‘sustainable fashion’.

3. Build relationships:

The first step to building a relationship on Twitter is to follow the person in question. Second, retweet any of their tweets you deem interesting and worthy of sharing to your own followers. 

4. Twitter chats:

Twitter chats are a designated time where people with similar interests discuss a topic by including the same #hashtag in their tweets to ensure they are included in the chat’s stream of tweets. 

This is a great way to meet people in Twittersphere and push the next logical step; following one another. 

Step two: complete your profile

All of this would be worthless if you do not set up a solid foundation from which to send your tweet ideas out of. 

You can complete your profile by doing the following:

Bio: when it comes to ideas for your Twitter bio, you should be aiming to show off your brand’s personality. It’s capped at 160 characters, so be snappy!

twiiter bio

  1. Username: this is how people will find you. Generally speaking, you want these to be consistent across all platforms and include your company name. 
  2. Profile photo and header: your profile picture will appear next to every tweet you put out, so make sure it is sharp and reflective of your brand. Your header, on the other hand, can be changed up more frequently to suit the campaign you are running at the time, provide information or offer insight into your company culture.
  3. URL: most of the time your company website should live here, but you can update this during special campaigns or events (just don’t forget about it when it’s over!).
  4. Pinned tweets: these are tweets that stay static at the top of your profile. It is the first thing people see when visiting, so it should be eye-catching and include a call-to-action. Think of it as a 140 character billboard. With regards to pinned tweet ideas, think about what you want new followers to see/do to hook them into following your brand?

What makes a tweet stand out?

To ensure that your tweet ideas are engaging and withstand a chance at shining leagues above the rest, you could do the following:

  1. Ask questions – This is a great way to increase engagement from your followers. After all, the hashtag was created so that topical conversations could be contained within a stream of tweets, so make sure to include an appropriate hashtag when you tweet your question out to the Twitterverse.
  2. Brand Announcements – This is absolutely the content you want to be sharing with your followers. Better yet, you can pin this tweet to the top of your profile to notify new followers too.
  3. GIFs and memes – Due to Twitter’s short-form content rule it makes storytelling through GIFs and memes a prominent element of marketing and tweeting. Twitter is the hub for memes and GIF sharing and you will often see brands taking advantage of their engagement ability. Remember: make sure using humour aligns with your brand’s voice. 
  4. Blog content – Most tweet ideas posted are those that contain blog content. Don’t be shy to tweet your blog posts out. In fact, this may be the perfect time to test your content on Twitter to see how your followers respond.
  5. Visual content – Whether it’s photography, branded graphics or infographics, shearing visual content is a way to grab a user’s attention while they’re scrolling. 
  6. Tease launches – This is a great way to ramp up conversations around your brand and what’s to come.
  7. Trending topics – Twitter promotes trending topics that are being highly discussed in a given region and sometimes it’s smart for brands to jump on these to increase reach as well. The golden rule is to always know what the trending topics are about and make sure that it is relevant to your brand. Twitter is a ruthless place and your brand will face backlash if you don’t tread carefully.
  8. Tips – Your online presence is about informing and educating your audience. For example, share tips on how to use one of your products or a step-by-step on how to sign up to something.
  9. Testimonials – show proof that people love your products or working with your business.
  10. Polls – Twitter has built-in polling capabilities, which means asking for feedback from your audience has never been easier. Plus this is a great way to have fun.

For more tweet ideas, take a look at Twitter’s editable month of tweets PDF.

a month of tweets

The best tweet ideas in…


Username: Jeffree Star

Twitter handle: @JeffreeStar

Retweets: 1.2K

Likes: 24.3K

Not only does being a controversial beauty guru earn equate to high engagement, but so does tweeting about an anticipated collaboration between two beauty giants. The inclusion of the striking image immediately captivates the user and the custom hashtag opens up the conversation surrounding the release.


Username: H&M

Twitter handle: @hm

Retweets: 5

Likes: 30

Here, H&M’s use of Twitter polls is a great way to garner interaction, reaching 408 votes in total. The custom hashtag is also a great way to promote their new launch.

Consumer tech:

Username: Lenovo Legion

Twitter handle: @lenovolegion 

Retweets: 12.9K

Likes: 2.9K

Lenovo uses the call-to-action “enter now”, paired with the capitalised ‘WIN’, as an incentive to get users interested in what they are offering. The image also helps them visualise what is in store. This tweet idea turned out to be a success, as it received 347,860 entries. 


What makes a good tweet?

Tweets that are short and concise tend to do well. If you have more to say, link out to your website or start a tweet thread. 

What do I write in a tweet?

  1. Ask questions 
  2. Brand announcements
  3. GIFs and memes
  4. Blog content
  5. Trending topics
  6. Polls
  7. Testimonials

What posts are good for Twitter?

Today, visual content goes a long way, so ensure you sprinkle the right amount of GIFs and memes throughout your feed. 

What is a good first tweet?

There are so many first tweet ideas, and we’re sure different people will tell you different things, however, we believe that beginning with an introduction about yourself or your brand is a good start. 

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