Top 15 Facebook Post Ideas for Engagement

Aug 02, 2021

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Top 15 Facebook Post Ideas for Engagement

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with more than 2.8 billion people using the platform every month. It’s a prime location to natively target consumers that are using the platform to connect, watch videos and share their own content. 

Facebook has its own set of business tools making Facebook marketing easier than ever. With Facebook Business Manager, businesses are able to keep track of their Facebook-specific business assets centralised, safe and organised. Facebook offers its own analytics tools to help businesses find when their audiences are active on Facebook so they know the best times to post. 

Within Facebook, consumers are active in connecting with brands by following, liking, commenting and sharing branded content. Moreover, they have begun using Facebook as a search engine to research businesses before making a purchase, or to find reviews for specific products. 

Given this, it’s important to understand how to engage consumers on Facebook with interesting and interactive Facebook post ideas. Businesses can join in on Facebook trends, use relevant Facebook hashtags and find the best time to post on Facebook to ensure they aren’t limiting their engagement chances. 

So, what are some Facebook post ideas that are guaranteed to engage your audience?

Facebook Post Ideas - Socially Powerful

Top Facebook Engagement Post Ideas

1. Tell a story

Consumers love connecting with brands through stories. Telling a brand story helps create an emotional connection with audiences, which contributes to brand loyalty. 

Every brand, big and small, has a story. Share how your business came to be, share struggles or let your social media manager have fun and be real about their role.

2. Join in trends

One of the best ways to increase engagement and reach is to post about trending topics. This increases your chances of appearing natively in your audience’s feeds and the likelihood said audience will comment and share your posts.

3. Share behind the scenes

Consumers love transparency, and what’s more transparent than sharing the insides of a business? You can share how your products are made, show off your amazing employees, share bloopers of videos or share employee pets. 

Sharing behind the scenes content allows consumers to relate to your brand on a more personal level.

4. Ask engaging questions

A good way to start a conversation is to start a conversation. It seems so simple it shouldn’t even be a strategy, but a straightforward question is almost guaranteed to get an answer. 

Questions shouldn’t be used for every post. The questions need to be relevant to your brand, audience and industry; you could even ask direct questions on how to improve your business. Any question asked should be fun and easy to respond to. If you’re lucky, you may be able to gather future content ideas from their responses.

Ask Engaging Questions - Facebook

5. Share user-generated content

To generate engagement and organic content, you should repost and user-generated content created about your business. Not only does UGC increase your reach, it also gives your business social proof. Social proof adds legitimacy to your businesses because real people and real customers are endorsing your brand. 

Consumers are 14% more likely to trust the recommendations of other customers than employees.

6. Show your brand’s personality

Even though your Facebook Business page is about your business, it doesn’t have to be full of stuffy business content. Showing your brand’s personality through posts and captions, once again, helps consumers relate to your brand. 

In order to ensure you are consistent with your brand’s personality and tone, you should write brand guidelines so everyone involved in your business’ social media understands who your brand is. 

Showing your brand’s personality will help consumers forget they are interacting with a business and not another person—consumers are far more likely to connect with a person over a business.

7. Use branded graphics

To help solidify your brand’s presence on Facebook, you should use branded graphics and content featuring your logo, fonts and colour palette. 

The content itself can be whatever you want (maybe even one of the Facebook post ideas in this blog…), but it should scream your brand. This way, if a user shares your content, their friends on Facebook will be exposed to your brand. 

You can share quotes, tips and tricks and memes in branded graphics. As each brand has their own style, the branded content will stand out uniquely. Just make sure all content is optimised for each social media platform.

8. Share video content

Video is king. Consumers love video content. Using videos increase engagement because they keep viewers engaged and entertained for longer than a post or image. 

The type of video can be anything relevant to your business: informational videos, educational, entertaining… 

You could hire a video production view to create video content or shoot it yourself. Either way, it’s important to use video marketing in your regular content strategy.

9. Share product or service videos

Another obvious one, but you need to share examples of what your business provides. You should showcase your products in creative ways in order to receive the most Facebook engagement

Consider themed posts for calendar events, flatlays, application shots and more. Beautiful content will increase engagement and conversions.

10. Share industry tips

Sharing advice and tips and tricks to your audience not only increases engagement, but solidifies your stance as an industry and thought leader. It’s likely your audience will be hungry for more intel, so the more you can provide, the better. 

Industry tips can be shared through text-posts or visually. Although visual content generally performs better, it may not be suitable for the type of advice you provide in particular posts.

11. Share infographics

Infographics are long data visualisations. They can be shared on every social media platform as long as they are sized appropriately. 

Infographics are an engaging way to share insights. Share your own info in charts and graphics to help educate your audience about your brand or industry. When making your infographics, you should make sure you keep your brand’s colour palette.

12. Host competitions and giveaways

Hosting competitions and giveaways is a surefire way to increase engagement, brand awareness and follower count. But, the prize still needs to be relevant to your audience. 

The best prizes generally are free products or subscriptions to your services. If your business runs differently to this, think of a prize relevant to your industry.

Host competitions and giveaways - Facebook engagement posts ideas

13. Offer Facebook-specific discounts

If you are running any major promotions such as seasonal or holiday discounts, make sure these are promoted on your Facebook. When providing this with a direct link to your website, you will see an increase in traffic and conversions.

Moreover, you should offer your Facebook audience platform-specific discounts to reward them for being loyal customers and followers. This will encourage new followers to join your audience in hopes of exclusive discounts.

14. Experiment with posting frequency

While having great content is an important first step to crack, the second is finding the right frequency for your audience. Too little and they’ll forget you’re there; too much and you’ll be an annoyance. 

There will be general best posting practices for each industry. These are great starting points, but you will still need to adjust accordingly.

15. Find the best time to post

Having great content means nothing if no one is online to see it. Finding the best time to post on Facebook, where your audience is most active, will increase post engagement.


How do I make my Facebook posts interesting?

To make your Facebook posts interesting, make sure you are posting a variety of content. This will give your audience different types of content to consume, keeping them engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

What are the most engaging Facebook posts?

The most engaging Facebook posts are the ones that directly involve audiences. For example, asking direct questions or feedback.

What should I post daily on Facebook?

If posting daily on Facebook is the frequency your audience wants to see content, you should post a variety of content. Posting daily means you will be posting a lot of content, so it’s important you keep to brand voice guidelines to ensure all content is consistent.

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