Social Media Updates, April 2022

Apr 28, 2022

Social Media Marketing News

Social Media Updates, April 2022

A new month means new platform updates. What are the key social media updates you need to be aware of?

Instagram Updates

Instagram algorithm will prioritise original content

Instagram is working on ways to prioritise original content over reposted content in order to attribute more credit to creators (content edited in a third party app before being uploaded to Instagram won’t be affected by the change).

The algorithm will rely on factors such as people shown in videos and whether the video has been replicated across the app to determine whether the content is original.

All US users can tag products

All US Instagram users with public accounts can tag products in their Instagram posts, something previously restricted to creator or business accounts. This feature expands product visibility through organic, non-sponsored posts. 

Instagram Updates

Viewers of the post can click through to the products tagged and make a purchase through Instagram Shop.

Instagram tests Reels templates

Instagram is testing a new ‘Templates’ feature with certain Reels creators, enabling users to replicate the format of a Reels clip that they’ve seen in their own content.

Reels templates enable creators to use any Reel as a template, creating a framework of clips that aligns with the timestamps of that Reel. Creators can then insert new clips into these fram markers, allowing them to copy the format of the Reel.

Instagram trials full-screen Reels promos

Instagram is testing another way to boost interest in Reels content, with full-screen Reels promo tabs in the main feed.

Instagram Reel promos

The new approach highlights multiple Reels within a single frame; users can then tap on any Reels thumbnail to switch to the Reels feed, or tap on the ‘Watch Reels’ CTA at the bottom.

Instagram is testing new Reels monetisation

Instagram is working on a new program that would enable creators to have overlay ads appear on their Reels clips. After completing a sign-up process, Reels creators can include ads in their clips without them having to do any extra work—brands would be able to view eligible clips, then insert ads if they choose.

Instagram launches fundraisers in Reels

Users can now add fundraisers to their Reels, providing another avenue to raise awareness for chosen initiatives. The new Reels fundraisers will add a ‘Donate’ button to the bottom of your Reels clip. Users will be able to add fundraising details in the Reels creation process, with fundraiser links remaining active for 30 days.

Instagram fundraisers in Reels

Twitter Updates

Twitter has had quite the month… If you’re interested in the “Will They, Won’t They” with Elon Musk, check out our blog here.

Twitter’s edit button is coming

Twitter’s most-demanded feature is finally coming… and we have an insight into what the Edit button will look like. Twitter’s Edit button will reportedly let users edit their tweets up to an hour after being posted. The feature will be accessible by tapping the three dots at the top right of a tweet.

To minimise the risk of altering public conversations, there will be an edit history linked to any edited tweets—although this is yet to be confirmed by Twitter itself.

Twitter bans climate change denial in ads

Rather ceremoniously on Earth Day, Twitter announced that it will ban all ads that make claims that contradict scientific consensus on climate change and its impacts. Anti-climate change ads will be banned under its inappropriate content policy, while its approach in determining what is and is not correct will be informed by authoritative sources.

Twitter climate change ads

Twitter is testing a closed caption button

Twitter is making it easier to utilise closed captions with the addition of a new ‘CC’ button on videos where captions are available. The new feature will make Twitter videos more accessible to users who are hard of hearing, and those who are in a position where they cannot listen to a video outloud.

Twitter creators can now be paid in cryptocurrency

With payment platform Stripe, Twitter is trialling a new payment method that sees its creators receive payouts in cryptocurrency. Creators who earn money through monetization features on Twitter (Ticketed Spaces, Super Follow and Newsletters) can now get their earnings in USD Coin (USDC)—a “stablecoin” cryptocurrency tied to the US dollar.

Crypto payouts will occur over the Polygon network, a blockchain tied to Ethereum that allows for faster and more efficient transactions. After receiving their funds, users can choose to store their earnings in Polygon or exchange it for another currency. Stripe also says it hopes to support crypto payouts in over 120 countries by the end of this year.

TikTok updates

TikTok launches Interactive Add-Ons for ads

TikTok is adding a range of new ways to encourage engagement with your in-stream ads, with new Interactive Add-Ons.

The additions are categorised into ‘Premium’ and ‘Standard’ add-ons, which doesn’t relate to ad spend tiers, but your specific aims. Standard add-ons offer a way to reach lower-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions. Premium add-ons offer a way to reach upper-funnel goals, like brand awareness and community building.

 TikTok has launches Creative Agency Partnership (CAP) University

To help agencies become TikTok experts, TikTok has launched a programme designed specifically for creative agencies. Across five weeks, marketers and freelance creatives can become TikTok strategy experts by attending five live webinars.

TikTok launches CAP

Subjects covered include TikTok baseline knowledge, creative best practice, trend awareness and creator collaboration.

TikTok has added an audio-first listening option for livestreams

TikTok’s background player function allows users to tune in to livestreams as though they were listening to a podcast or music. Whilst tuning in to a TikTok LIVE, users can navigate to the menu and select Background Player. Users can keep the livestream playing in a floating window or as audio-only when they exit the app.

TikTok's audio first listning option

LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn adds new profile links

LinkedIn has added a new option to showcase a link on your profile; users can now add in a website link that will be displayed below their user name and description.

The feature is a great way to spark more click-throughs from LinkedIn, while also offering new potential for promotion—for free—via the app’s organic display options.

Pinterest Updates

Pinterest’s ecommerce extension converts your products into shoppable Pins

Pinterest announced a partnership with ecommerce platform WooCommerce, allowing merchants to make their entire product catalogue shoppable on the platform. Once you’ve installed the WooCommerce extension, your product catalogue uploads to Pinterest. Shoppable Pins will show up in user’s feeds as they browse in-app.

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