20 Pinterest Statistics Marketers Need To Know For 2023

Feb 02, 2022

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20 Pinterest Statistics Marketers Need To Know For 2023

Pinterest is the ever-growing leader in visual-based inspiration content. 

As of 2023, Pinterest continues to maintain its popularity, offering a unique platform for users to discover and curate visual inspiration. Alongside this, Pinterest’s user base and appeal to brands has evolved, making it an intriguing space for social media marketing in the modern day.

Its popularity can be attributed to several factors, including visual discovery, personalisation, and shopping integration. More brands are frequenting the platform as there is now higher purchase intent, visual storytelling, keyword-based search, diverse ad formats, and e-commerce integration.

If leveraging Pinterest sounds intriguing to you, here are the top 20 Pinterest statistics to solidify your decision to make the move to the platform.


Pinterest’s Global Rank 

Pinterest stands as the 14th largest social media platform worldwide, surpassing the well-publicised Twitter and Reddit, though still behind giants such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Massive Monthly Users 

As of September 2022, Pinterest boasted a staggering 445 million monthly active users, highlighting the vast reach that beckons marketers. The impressive Pinterest traffic stats indicate promising developments for Pinterest statistics in 2023.

Revenue Growth 

Pinterest’s total revenue soared by 8% in Q3 2022. The company’s revenue has maintained a remarkable 35% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in previous years, with expectations for further growth. Ambitious Pinterest statistics, such as this, shows the platform is becoming more lucrative, thus making it more attractive to advertisers.

Gender Diversity 

Pinterest’s workforce comprises 51% women, reflecting a notable increase from 49% in 2020 and 47% in 2019.

Leadership Diversity

A significant aspect of Pinterest’s diversity report reveals that 50% of the leadership positions are held by white individuals, despite the fact that they represent only 38% of the total workforce.

Inclusivity Initiatives 

Pinterest is actively working to elevate underrepresented races and ethnicities in its workforce to 20% by 2025, and in 2023, the company is already halfway toward realizing this objective. This is one of the most admirable Pinterest statistics as it shows Pinterest recognises the diversification of Western economies.

Explosive Trend Adoption 

Pinterest trends exhibit an astounding 20% faster take off within the first six months compared to other platforms. One of the most important Pinterest statistics; this presents a golden opportunity for marketers to identify and capitalise on emerging trends for cultural relevance.

Pinterest statistics: trend take off

Long-Lasting Trends 

Pinterest trends have been shown to sustain a remarkable 21% longer monthly growth than trends on other platforms, offering valuable leverage for brands aiming to maintain a sustainable competitive edge.

Female Majority 

Despite the growth of Gen Z and male users, women constitute over 60% of Pinterest’s global audience. This is an important statistic that shows marketers should primarily focus on marketing to females to maximize ROI on the platform.

Surging Male and Gen Z Users 

Pinterest’s fastest-growing demographics include Gen Z and men, signifying the platform’s broadening appeal.

Targeted Ad Demographics 

Women aged 25-34 represent a significant 29.1% of Pinterest’s ad audience, with a particular concentration in the 25 to 34 age group.

Cross-Platform Engagement 

Pinterest statistics show that an astonishing 85.9% of Pinterest users are also active on Instagram, making Instagram the platform with the largest audience overlap. Facebook closely follows at 82.4%, with YouTube at 77.5%.

Mobile Fidelity 

Over 82% of Pinterest users access the platform through mobile devices, a trend that has remained consistent since at least 2018.

Pinterest statistics: mobile fidelity

Project Planning Hub 

A substantial 85% of Pinners employ Pinterest for planning new projects, making it a favored starting point for project and purchase decision-making.

Top Searches 

In the US, top Pinterest searches in 2022 included queries related to nails, dinner ideas, and dinner recipes, offering a wealth of inspiration for marketers.

Rising Inclusivity Searches

Over the past year, searches for “trans pride” have surged by 80%, while queries related to “transmasc aesthetic” and “nonbinary aesthetic fashion” have increased by a remarkable 5x. Pinterest statistics such as this really set the platform apart from its competitors.

Shopping Engagement 

Shopping engagement on Pinterest soared by 20% in 2021, affirming its status as a shopping haven.

Try-On Pins Efficacy 

According to Pinterest, Pinners are five times more likely to make a purchase when offered Try-On enabled pins, showcasing the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) in the shopping experience.

Shopaholic Pinners 

A whopping 75% of weekly Pinterest users assert that they are perpetually shopping, indicating a pronounced shopping inclination among this audience.

Affluent User Base 

Pinterest attracts 45% of individuals in the US with a household income of $100k or more, presenting a golden opportunity for luxury brands and businesses aiming to connect with high-net-worth customers.


How do I find my Pinterest statistics?

Pinterest offers a feature called “Pinterest Analytics” that allows you to track various Pinterest statistics related to your account and the performance of your Pins.

How popular is Pinterest in 2023?

Pinterest stands as the 14th largest social media platform worldwide, with over 400 million monthly users. It is extremely popular.

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