Let’s explore Influencer Marketing for Travel and Tourism

Oct 06, 2022


Let’s explore Influencer Marketing for Travel and Tourism

With there being influencers for just about anything nowadays, it comes as no surprise to us that travel influencers are a rapidly growing breed; boosting consumer desire for influencer marketing for travel and tourism.

Social media can make just about anything feel like a dream and so it’s no wonder that consumer wanderlust is rampant. With the help of travel influencers, brands are beginning to tap into this territory to fuel this wanderlust and to exceed growth goals. 

If you are a brand who is curious about influencer marketing for travel and tourism or a creator who wants to test the waters of becoming a travel influencer then keep on reading!

What is…

a travel influencer?

While there doesn’t seem to be a concrete definition for what a travel influencer is/does, for argument’s sake, let’s run with this one found on a thread on Quora:

“A travel influencer focuses on creating content about travel, tourism and culture for their blog or social media.They usually partner up with airlines, travel agencies, tour companies and local businesses on said destinations. Travel photography is also a big part of their content, which usually contains scenery, food or pictures of locals and traditions. Their purpose is to share their passion for travelling and inspire others to go on their own adventures.”

Sounds like a dream job, right?!

The purpose of a travel influencer is to make travel – and sometimes even luxury travel – seem more possible and accessible by sharing photos, travel tips, discount codes and local recommendations with their followers. This helps break the stigma that suggests that travel is exclusively reserved for those who are rich and/or famous. 

Here is a list of jobs travel influencers will typically do to fulfil their role as a travel content creator:

  • Travelling to new destinations on either gifted or self-funded trips.
  • Creating destination guides in a range of formats.
  • Regularly updating multiple social media accounts.
  • Producing vlogs or videos showcasing a location or travel experience.
  • Promoting businesses or products in or adjacent to the travel industry (i.e, accommodation or tour operators)
  • Writing and creating reviews of travel products/experiences.
  • Creating content for their own channels in collaboration with travel brands to promote their products/services.
  • Participating in influencer marketing campaigns for travel businesses. 
  • Researching and responding to the latest trends in travel and tourism.

tourism influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing for travel and tourism is commonly used by travel brands, or brands associated with the travel industry, to promote certain services or products to day dreamers looking for their next destination. 

Any travel supplier, hospitality brand, destination, or tourism brand can benefit from influencer marketing for travel and tourism. Whatever your goal, and whichever way you wish to achieve it, the industry boasts a whole host of influencers who are ready and willing to help you improve your brand perception. But before you get started, it is wise to think about what you can offer your creative partners; after all, your collaboration with them must entail benefits for the both of you.

Travel influencers typically look to work with a brand who:

Offers unique experiences

Has environmentally conscious values, statements and initiatives

Aligns with their own travel preferences

Adopt a customer-centric philosophy

Promote their views and protocols on health, safety and hygiene 

Give them the freedom to create

Offer discounts

Travel content that fuels wanderlust

Once a partnership has been established between the influencer and travel brand, influencer marketing for travel and tourism campaigns can ensue. 

In other industries, creator content is oftentimes unpolished and unposed in order to relay its authenticity, however, this is not the case when it comes to travel content. The aim of the marketing campaign is to persuade consumers to want to visit the places they are being exposed to through social media and so content quality is usually of a higher calibre; including striking backgrounds, bright lighting and eye-catching colours. 

As well as this, it is important for influencer marketing for travel and tourism campaigns to adhere to the following:

  • Informs consumers of new places and experiences
  • Fuels consumer wanderlust and the need for escapism 
  • Smooths over the nuances of travel 
  • Brings fresh perspectives to your existing services
  • Creates urgency and demand for planning trips
  • Tags and highlights travel providers and suppliers
  • Is more effective than corporate travel shots and commercials
  • Brings comfort to hesitant travellers about safety protocols
  • Can be spontaneous and raw, as well as produce

Whether influencer marketing campaigns are shared through Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc., influencers are masters at knowing what their audience will respond best to and so handing over as much of the content creating reins as possible is a wise decision. 

Today’s Top Travel Trends

Luxe Travel 

Once reserved for, and made popular by, celebrities, younger generations are beginning to indulge in luxury travel; whether this be for girl’s trips or tropical getaways. 

The top travel influencers in luxury travel right now are:

Michelle Chu – @michutravel – 403K followers

Andre de Mello @andredemello – 99.9K followers

Claudia Padgett @zeebalife – 260K followers


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A post shared by CLAUDIA | LUXURY TRAVEL (@zeebalife)

Umit Yoruk @iamtravelr – 1.5M followers

Thrill Seeking

Many travellers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, are seeking more than a typical getaway. They want adventure, exploration and discovery.

Here are the top thrill seeking travel influencers right now:

Chris Burkard @chrisburkard – 3.9M followers


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A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard)

Murad Osmann @muradosmann – 3.5M followers


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A post shared by MURAD OSMANN (@muradosmann)

Kiersten Rich @theblondeabroad – 517K followers

Other travel trends that are gaining attention are:

Off grid travelling

Business travelling

Learning experiences

Staying local


Who are the main influencers in travel and tourism?

There are many subsections when it comes to influencer marketing for travel and tourism and so picking influencers to work with must be done with your niche in mind – ie, thrill seeking or luxury. However, the top travel influencers right now are:




How do influencers help tourism?

Influencer marketing for travel and tourism sees influencers spreading the message of travel companies to wider audiences that the companies might have never been able to reach. Over the years, influencers have become necessary for the promotion of a destination, airline or hotel.

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