Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples for Valentines Day

Nov 14, 2022

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Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples for Valentines Day

Whether you eagerly wait all year to don your best red outfit and create cheesy cards for your loved ones, or you staunchly believe the entire affair is a capitalist ruse, no one can deny that Valentine’s Day is a major holiday. 

For brands, the holiday is a fantastic way to show off your marketing chops and get consumers involved in creative and engaging ways. 

Many successful Valentine’s Day campaigns feature influencer partnerships. Read on to find out our top Valentine’s Day influencer marketing campaign examples, and how to ace February the 14th this year. 


Before we get into the best Valentine’s Day influencer marketing campaign examples out there, let’s delve into why influencer marketing is so effective in the first place. 

The influencer marketing industry has grown immensely in recent years, hitting $16.4 billion in 2022. 83% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is effective and it’s not difficult to see why. 

56% of American users have purchased a product after they saw a social media post on it from someone that they follow. Users are far more likely to trust a recommendation from an influencer over blatant advertising from brands, due to the perceived relationship that they have with them. 

Influencer marketing allows brands to tap into a larger, more-diverse audience than their own, and tap into an existing emotional relationship. 

But, how does one join the ranks of our top influencer marketing campaign examples and use influencer marketing effectively? 

influencer marketing campaign examples: Next


Know your target 

Understanding who you want to reach is the key to figuring out how you reach them. 

Before beginning your influencer marketing journey, take a deep dive into your target audience demographic. Be sure to gain a thorough understanding of their likes and dislikes, as well as which influencers they are already responding well to. 

By doing so, you will get a grip on how to most-effectively reach your audience, rather than working with influencers who may not resonate with them. 


A key feature that all our top influencer marketing campaign examples share, is their flawless product-endorser fit. 

Product-endorser fit is incredibly important to consumers, so be sure to select an influencer that not only speaks to your audience, but meshes well with your brand overall. 

To do so, take your time and conduct a wide survey of the available influencers. When researching, be sure to consider more than just follower count. Often, influencers with smaller accounts are a better fit for Valentine’s Day influencer campaigns, as they have higher rates of engagement and thus will impact your audience more. 

influencer marketing campaign examples: Debenhams

Stick to your brand’s DNA 

Once you’ve found and secured your influencer, it’s time for content curation. 

Be sure to align the influencers content with your own brand’s style and messaging, whilst also allowing their own personality to shine through. This is why product-endorser fit is so important; users will not respond as well or as strongly to collaborations that do not work or feel disingenuous. 

Take note of the way our influencer marketing campaign examples perfectly blend their brand identity with the content style of their chosen influencer. 

Track results 

Making use of built in social media analytics is an essential part of influencer campaigns. 

By keeping track of how your Valentine’s Day influencer campaigns are performing, you gain the ability to adjust upcoming content with the influencer and also perfect future partnerships. Thus, making your campaign as successful as possible, whilst putting your best foot forward for the future. 


Davide Sanclimenti x Lindt 

For many, Valentine’s Day typically features a panicked scramble to pull together a last-minute gift for that special person in your life. Lindt masterfully capitalised on this, by creating their “Break for Emergency Bliss” campaign. 

The campaign featured a series of chocolate stands across the UK, which invited consumers to grab an emergency pack of Lindt chocolates. The chocolate on offer was none other than their brand new Blood Orange flavour; as such, the PR stunt was a great way to drum up consumer excitement about the new product. 

To promote the campaign, Lindt partnered with Love Island fan-favourite Davide Sanclimenti. The move was incredibly successful, due to Sanclimenti’s prevalence in UK society and association with relationships and dating. 

Lindt Valentine's Day campaign

DoorDash x Mister Cartoon 

Tapping into humour for Valentine’s Day is a tried-and-true tactic that many brands choose to dabble in. Yet, standing out amongst the crowd can be difficult. 

DoorDash took on this challenge and hit it out of the park with its collaboration with Mister Cartoon, earning them a place on our list of top influencer marketing campaign examples

The popular food delivery service partnered up with the famous tattoo artist to create a competition; entrants showed off their disastrous ex-related tattoos and the lucky winners were able to get a food-themed cover up done by Mister Cartoon. 

The campaign generated massive amounts of user-generated content, and played into DoorDash’s funny bone, emphasising that while people may let you down, food never will. 

influencer marketing campaign examples: DoorDash

Pandora x Monica Geldart 

Pandora threw us a curveball last year with their Valentine’s Day influencer campaign. Rather than taking their traditional, premium route, the popular jewellery brand partnered up with Monica Geldart – a famous TikTok comedian. 

Geldart was given creative freedom, putting together a series of humorous videos in her traditional style. The result was a successful Valentine’s Day influencer campaign that came across as authentic and trustworthy. 

Through the campaign, Pandora reached a wider, younger audience than it typically might have access to, and joined in on the Valentine’s Day fun in a unique manner. Hence, making this one of the more creative and successful influencer marketing campaign examples on our list. 


AD Popular Girl dropping hints for the perfect Valentines @Pandora #MomentsWithPandora #PandoraValentines

♬ original sound – Monica Geldart

KFC x Bagachips, CiCi Colemen, Jack Finchman 

Whilst KFC might not be the first brand your mind goes to when you think of romance, its Valentine’s Day campaigns have proven incredibly successful and thus are a key part of our influencer marketing campaign examples list

KFC’s “Kentucky Fried Cupid” campaign saw the fast-food brand offer consumers the chance to win a date with one of three popular UK influencers. The campaign also managed to tap into consumer’s desire for brands to be charitable, by donating £1 for every entry. 

Ultimately, KFC’s Valentine’s Day influencer campaign was received fantastically well by consumers, due to its use of relevant influencers and link to social justice.

KFC Valentine's Day campaign


What is an influencer marketing campaign? 

An influencer marketing campaign sees brands leverage the influence that social media influencers have over their audience, to promote their products/services.

What makes a great influencer marketing campaign?

  1. Be clear with influencers
  2. Make your partnerships long-term
  3. Provide writing angles for your influencers
  4. Diversify partnerships
  5. Create digital events
  6. Mix platforms

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