How to use Influencer Marketing

Jul 06, 2022


How to use Influencer Marketing

Are you sitting there wondering how to use influencer marketing to your advantage? Well, you’ve found the right blog.

Keeping up with the ever-changing social world means keeping an eye on your demographic, particularly with what they are doing online. Turning to social media influencers and their audiences can help you do just that. Using carefully-selected influencers to endorse and mention products in posts, videos, and TikToks ensures you’re reaching your demographic and, ultimately, boosting your ROI.

If you’re a brand wondering how to use influencer marketing or consider it a marketing strategy with too high risk, and too little reward… Here are some stats that can change that.

A series of surveys conducted in 2019 by MediaKix suggests that 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective, while 71% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is useful for driving traffic towards your brand’s page.

It’s this increase in traffic that will ultimately reap the long term benefits of using influencer marketing, as exposure to an influencer’s audience will more often than not improve your own following. From here on, you will be able to build trust with your new following; leading them to considering a purchase further down the line.

How to use influencer marketing

How to use influencers to promote your product

The most important part of “how to use influencer marketing” is selection. Selection is key. Not only is finding the right influencer(s) important, but so is finding your chosen social media platform.

If this is something that you can’t quite figure out yet, then research, research, research! Find out where your industry is most talked about online. Fashion and beauty tend to gain more attention on Instagram, whereas the gaming industry dominates Twitch. Both also dominate YouTube. Knowing this information will set you up perfectly for the next step when considering how to use influencers for marketing.

Influencers come in all sizes and those you choose will have different benefits and budgets. Targeting macro-influencers and celebrities will require a bigger budget, but you are promised a wider reach. On the other hand, micro-influencers with 5-10k followers often have a deeper relationship with their followers and, considering a Nielsen survey studied that found 95% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know as opposed to directly from a brand, this could be your most effective strategy.

Something else to consider is how well these influencers perform on your chosen social media platform, as their ability to organically engage with their audience will only enhance your exposure.

How to use influencer marketing: Reaching out

A vital aspect of understanding how to use influencers to promote your product is your approach to making the first move. Don’t spring yourself on them and scare them away before you’ve even begun. Start by organically engaging with their content. A few likes and comments here and there will go a lot further than you think. It isn’t instant, but it will ensure that a trustworthy relationship between you both will form.

From here on, it’s important to personalise any messages you send to chosen influencers. This is an important step in how to use influencer marketing and will introduce you as a genuine brand who wants to invest their time into developing a connection. For micro-influencers, consider reaching out to them in their DMs on the same platform and for bigger influencers, perhaps find a link to their enquiry email address or to their management that you can go through.

In these more direct messages, it’s imperative that you tell your chosen influencer what’s in it for them, as well as outlining your goals for the campaign and a little information about your brand. Remember, you are trying to create a long-lasting relationship with them and not delivering a one-off sales pitch.

If you are successful and your influencer gets back in touch with you, make sure to collaborate with them on creating a campaign as on-brand for the both of you as possible. If given the opportunity to showcase the skills they have acquired through their dedication to their page, influencers will feel heard and more likely to want to come onboard.

How to use influencer marketing: Final Thoughts

Using influencer marketing isn’t all about how quickly you can sell your products, it’s something that requires long-term strategy and dedication to the process. Influencer marketing will continue to be on the rise and successful stories will continue to come out of it. Once you find your place in the industry, you, too, could be one of these stories.


What is an example of influencer marketing?

When considering how to use influencer marketing, looking at examples is a good start.

Adidas launched a #MyNeoShoot contest on Instagram giving people all over the world the chance to be models for their next campaign. All they had to do was take a full body shot and a head shot of themselves and press submit. The brand used Selena Gomez as the campaign model and worked closely with other big influencers on Instagram to attract attention. As a result, the contest received around 12,000 entries, the hashtag received 71,000 mentions and the brand’s Instagram page grew by 41,000. 

By utilising Selena’s fame as the campaigns kickstarter, and then keeping this afloat with other macro-influencers, Adidas were able to maximise their social media reach; ultimately allowing for a successful campaign.

How to use influencers?

  • Research what influencers on your chosen social media platform align with your brand’s demographic and values.
  • Consider the pros and cons of both macro and micro influencers and what each of them will be able to do for your brand.
  • Begin reaching out to your chosen influencers through liking and commenting on their social media posts and when you are ready, personally message them with your offer.
  • If successful, collaborate with one another to set up an ideal campaign for both and maintain a trustworthy relationship from beginning to end. 

Why should you use influencer marketing?

It is proven that influencer marketing is an effective strategy when increasing brand awareness and gaining meaningful exposure. As an industry that is predicted to be worth $12.57 billion, globally, and with all of the successful case studies that have come out of it, it is definitely worth jumping on the bandwagon for.

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