How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

Jan 12, 2023

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How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

A 2022 survey by Hubspot revealed that 30% of 18-24 year olds and 40% of 25-34 year olds consider themselves content creators. While this number may seem steep, do consider how heavily ingrained social media has become in people’s lives. 

For many, Instagram success comes in the form of followers. The more followers, the more successful you are deemed to be.

But how do you gain followers? And how do you make them see you without having to search for your name?

The answer is simple. The Instagram Explore page.

This is everyone’s own personalised dashboard which is based on:

  1. Accounts they already follow
  2. What the people they follow, like
  3. The types of post they engage with often
  4. Posts with high engagement

Not sure how to get on the Instagram Explore page? This blog will give you the rundown on exactly how to do this.

Why is getting onto the Explore page important?

If you are looking for an increase in engagement, exposure and followers, getting on the Explore page is something you should be striving for. According to Instagram, 50% of all accounts on the platform check the Explore page every month so you’re bound to be put in front of new eyes. 

Other benefits include:

  1. An engagement spike on the post that made it to the Explore page 
  2. A bump in new followers
  3. Gradual increased engagement (as a result of these new followers)
  4. More conversions and sales

How does the Explore page algorithm work?

Thanks to Instagram’s Explore Feed Ranking System – otherwise known as the Instagram algorithm – no two Explore pages are the same. 

This system uses machine learning, based on various data sources and ranking signals, to adjust what’s displayed on each person’s Explore page. 

Because it is classed as an unconnected system, in comparison to the home feed, posts are based on a user’s activity across Instagram as opposed to just showing the accounts of those they follow. 

Tips for getting onto the Explore page

Knowing how to get on the Instagram Explore page can benefit both personal and business accounts. Remember, you can appear on the Explore page more than once, so make sure you ingrain these tips into your mind for future use.

Know your audience

Your current audience already knows you, so to take “know your audience” one step further and invite new, similar people in, get familiar with your Instagram demographics. 

If you are a business account, delve into your own Explore page and take note of the tactics used by posts that are standing out to you. Some useful questions to ask yourself might be:

What tone of voice are they using to resonate with their target audience?

Is there a visual style that they’re using which is performing best?

What type of captions are they using to prompt responses?

Share engaging content

This one may seem self-explanatory, as Instagram quite literally is all about engaging people with your creative posts, but there are certain posts that naturally garner more attention than others.

Videos have a leg up over images. They also autoplay and take up more space in the Explore page making them more visually enticing. 

If videos still aren’t for you, then share high quality visuals that hook viewers early and don’t underestimate the power of a good caption.

Utilise Instagram’s formats

There is no secret that Instagram is trying to push Reels. To follow on from the previous point, leverage what is popular on the platform to be in with a chance of making it onto the Explore page. 

Reels are so essential to the Instagram experience, that getting noticed on here first is sure to get you noticed on the Explore page shortly after. 

Post when your followers are online

Earning high engagement with your own followers is the first step to getting onto the Explore page. Create a posting schedule after learning what time your followers are most active and stick to it.

The algorithm shows users what the people they follow are liking, so the more people engaging with your post the more likely you are to be seen.

Use relevant tags

People use the Explore page to search by hashtag and location so geotags, hashtags and account tags are all additional ways to extend the reach of your post into the Explore ecosystem. 

Consider ads on the Explore page

If you are open to boosting your organic content with a few pounds, then why not consider running an ad on the Explore page?

While this won’t land you directly onto the grid itself, it does something better. When a user clicks on a post displayed on their Explore page, they have a natural instinct to want to scroll. What will be there after they’ve scrolled down a post? Your ad. 

If you do consider this, you must also take into account the short attention span of Instagram users, so your ad needs to be all singing and all dancing to stand a chance at being engaged with before the user clicks away to their home feed. 


How do you get on the Instagram Explore page?

A few tips you can try are:

  1. Knowing what your audience wants to see, read and engage with
  2. Utilising Instagram Reels
  3. Create visually engaging content 
  4. Post when you know your followers are online
  5. Use relevant geotags and hashtags 

How do you know if you’re on the Explore page?

You can find this out by clicking on the View Insights button below a post. You can then swipe up to check where the impressions for the post have come from. This will tell you if they’ve come from the Explore page.

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