These Are The Facebook Trends Improving Your Strategy In 2023

Oct 20, 2023

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These Are The Facebook Trends Improving Your Strategy In 2023

Earlier this year Facebook, or Meta, reached two billion users for the first time. Since its inception in 2006, Facebook has maintained its monopoly over the social media landscape, but what has allowed it to stay on top for so many years? 

Put simply, Facebook is aimed at everyone. Unlike social media platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok that market themselves to a specific demographic, Facebook manages to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. 

In fact, the majority of Facebook’s users are actually between the ages of 18-34, completely dispelling the myth that Facebook is an ageing platform.

The platform achieves its widespread appeal by implementing different aspects for different demographics. For example, Facebook Shops may appeal to an older audience, whilst Facebook Stories may appeal to a younger audience. 

This way, Facebook maximises its audience reach and thus its users; making it the perfect platform for marketing, as the industry continues to acknowledge. 

Marketers generally thrive on the platform, and with its variety of up and coming technological advancements, rates of successful marketing on Facebook are set to only increase. Thus, as a brand it is crucial to stay on top of new Facebook trends to make the most out of your marketing efforts. 

Let’s have a look at the top eight Facebook trends right now that marketers should be aware of. 


Reels Aren’t Going Anywhere 

Facebook has made it clear that its Reels feature is here to stay. 

Facebook Reels is closely tailgating main competitor, Instagram Reels. In fact, plays have doubled on Facebook Reels in the last year, showing that the feature will only continue to grow. Facebook is determined to continue this growth, and has stated that Reels is a major focus for the program. 

Facebook trends: Reels

Facebook Shops 

Whilst Facebook Live Shopping did not manage to get its feet off the ground, Facebook Shops continues to be a key feature on Facebook and is one of many important Facebook trends for marketers. Facebook Live Shopping featured online shopping during live streams, a feature that is quite popular in Asia. 

However, it failed to find its place over here in the West, and has been removed. As a result, brands would be remiss to miss this opportunity. Instead they should switch over to Facebook Shops, which will be picking up soon. 

Meta Verified 

One of the many exciting current Facebook trends is its verification feature for adult individuals. At the moment, individual accounts based in Australia, New Zealand and the United States are eligible to pay between $11.99 to $14.99 a month to access this new feature. 

Facebook has stated that they are hoping to expand this feature to businesses soon. The feature includes live customer support and impersonation protection, making it great for key members of brands or company spokespeople.

AI Development 

As this list will demonstrate, many of the current Facebook trends surround AI. 

Whilst Facebook has been putting resources into AI development for many years, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that it will be upping the anti this year. Specifically, the funding will be focused on a product group focused on generative AI, producing content such as the video seen below.

Another piece of the AI puzzle is A/B testing and short form copywriting. Facebook’s AI programs will make both of these activities far easier for workers and potentially could become a key feature of the marketing office. 

Finally, Facebook is increasingly showing more and more relevant content that has been recommended by its AI systems. This means the content you see will be perfectly matched to your tastes and more likely to be something you enjoy. 

Facebook trends

AI and Ad Campaign Targeting 

Continuing on with the theme of AI Facebook trends, it continues to be the foundation for Facebook’s advertising. Through Advantage+, an AI based marketing campaign, advertisers can target customers that the AI deems to be high value. Advantage+ now also includes catalogue ads, which prompt relevant products from a brands catalogue to users who are most likely to purchase. 

What this means for you, as a brand, is that the AI will source high value customers (as in, likely to purchase) and promote your content to them. The results of this program are incredibly promising thus far, with the last quarter seeing 20% higher conversions and a decrease in cost per acquisition. 

New Opportunities for Creator Growth 

Current Facebook trends are showing that it is an exciting time for businesses and creators alike on Facebook. The platform has taken large steps to improve the experience of content creators, primarily through its establishment of Professional Mode. 

The feature, which is available to any United States based user, includes monetization tools and opportunities. Primarily, creators will now be able to monetize their Reels, include in stream ads, establish subscriptions and create on demand live video. 

As a result, now is the perfect time for creators to establish themselves on Facebook. Brands should take advantage of this opportunity, as creators who are making the switch to Facebook may have a smaller following and thus will be more open to creative compensation. 

Chatbots and Customer Service 

Facebook is pursuing AI that will be able to provide top tier customer service to their customers. If the developments are successful, chatbots will be capable of providing longer answers to more difficult questions. 

Currently only 26% of organisations that use social media as their primary mode of customer service use AI, so as with many Facebook trends this is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve as a business. 

AI and Groups 

Finally, Facebook Groups will now feature AI as well. Users will receive AI recommendations for new groups to join in their feed, notifications, when watching videos, in the events tab and even within other groups. 

It’s a great time for businesses to join in on Groups. Through the Groups feature, brands can communicate with their customers, build community and brand loyalty. 

All in all, Facebook trends show that now is the perfect time to jump on the Facebook train. As a platform, it has boundless opportunities for brands seeking to market their business to a wide audience, and its AI improvements promise marketing success. 

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