A Guide to Alcohol Influencers in 2023

Jan 10, 2023

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A Guide to Alcohol Influencers in 2023

Booze. Vino. Bev. Cold one. Whatever you prefer to call it, alcohol occupies a lot of space in most peoples’ lives. But to occupy this space in the first place, alcohol marketers understand that the key to exposure and sales is social media. 

More importantly alcohol influencers who operate on social media. 

Considering 71.2% of UK adults consume alcohol every week, it makes sense for big brands to want to focus their attention on impactful campaigns as they know they have a potentially impressionable audience watching them. 

But, with alcohol being such a hotly debated topic, how do brands get around all of the restrictions that social media places on it?

Within this blog, we will delve into the world of alcohol social media marketing and how alcohol influencers are essential to your next alcohol marketing campaign.

Alcohol influencers 

What is an alcohol influencer? 

They are people with an established social media profile who have built their following around sampling, sourcing, crafting, educating or exploring anything related to the alcohol industry. 

In general, influencers are masters at connecting with their audience. The trust between an influencer and their audience allows them to pitch suitable branded content in an authentic and trustworthy way; which could potentially increase engagement and sales for the brand. 

Alcohol influencers are known for their adventurous lifestyle and can greatly benefit the following industries:

  1. Restaurants: they can help promote your newest cocktail or signature dish.
  2. Outdoor: influencers can find the perfect beverage for any outdoor event, from hiking to camping.
  3. Sports: watching a game with friends is always a great time to introduce a new beverage.
  4. Home goods and decor: no home bar is complete without the right equipment and accessories.

Which influencers should you be looking for?

Above everything, you should be looking to partner with influencers whose values align with your brand’s. This is especially important in the alcohol industry, where the meaning of alcohol differs according to country, religion and community.

In the UK, for example, while alcohol tends to be associated with celebrations, it also holds negative connotations; with violence and binge drinking coming to mind. Alcohol brands looking to market within the UK can stay mindful of this by collaborating with influencers who also understand the importance of being considerate and open minded. 

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when outreaching to alcohol influencers:

  1. Research your creator before reaching out: check for evidence of previous alcohol-related posts. If there are none, then this person will not align with your brand’s mission.
  2. Be wary of how young their audience is: while marketing alcohol to Gen Z is essentially what these influencers will be doing, you must still ensure that their audience is of age to gain engagement and sales.
  3. Choose an influencer who you feel will tell your brand story best: this will generate honest product endorsements, so ensure that you give your influencer access to your team and manufacturing process so they can convey the details that give your campaign that human touch.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to one type of influencer: you’ll want influencers who can get into the nitty gritty of the manufacturing process just as much as influencers who know how to have fun.

Top Alcohol influencers to consider

1. Helen McGinn 

With 97.4K followers, Helen’s speciality is wine. She runs her own online wine course and shares her favourite finds with everyone. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Helen McGinn (@knackeredmother)

2. Richard Miyake

Richard’s account serves as a diary for his favourite labels, from well-known brands to rare, under-the-radar ones. 


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A post shared by Richard Miyake (@richardmiyake)

3. Kelly Sparks

Kelly is a mixologist who inspires the “at-home bartender” with her easy cocktail recipes. She has an impressive 183K followers and an even more impressive feed aesthetic.

4.  Adam Way

Adam is an enthusiastic mixologist whose creations have led him to some of the most prestigious bars across North America. 


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A post shared by @cocktailsbyadam

5.  Bryan Carey

With his 12.7K followers, Bryan shares his love for great beer, decadent food and adventurous travel. 


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A post shared by Great Beer Now (@greatbeernow)

6.  Julie Roesser

Julie uses her platform to promote the craft beer scene in her hometown. She uses the rustic scenery of upstate New York for a cosy pairing with a local brew.


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A post shared by Julie (@craftbeerdeer)

Successful alcohol campaigns 

Looking to launch a successful alcohol marketing campaign on social media? 

Consider the following tips before you start.

1. Know your customers inside out

Research, research, research!

This is the best way to improve your chances at social media campaign success.

You should be aware of your customer’s behaviours throughout each customer journey stage:

What’s their state of mind? What are their wants and needs? What are their concerns and frustrations?

2. Target the right audiences and choose the right platform

Once you’ve identified who you want to market to, you need to find out where they hang out online. This will increase your chances at driving engagement and conversions.

Remember: some social media platforms, like TikTok, do not allow alcohol promotion. Check the regulations in your country and be sure to promote to audiences where at least 71.6% of people are 25 and above. 

3. Create campaigns around memories and experiences

Memorable campaigns are ones based around hobbies and experiences that are relatable to your target audience. This will also help them see how and where best to use your product. 

For example, a lot of people tend to drink when celebrating. Sparking positive emotions in your audience while they are looking at your campaign will encourage them to click through and begin their customer journey with you.

4. Make integrity and compliance a priority

Not only should you first ensure that the influencers you are working with are of legal drinking age, but staying informed about the regulations surrounding alcohol promotion in your area is a great way to let your target audience know that you are a respectable company. 

5. Consider the benefits of the metaverse

While it is currently only being used as a marketing tool and not a revenue generator, the metaverse can be leveraged by alcohol brands to educate their followers on exactly how their drinks are made and what the process looks like. 

Incorporating the metaverse into marketing strategies is a great way to stay relevant and market to younger audiences. 

The following social media campaigns are a result of taking these points into consideration; securing their place as some of the best in the online-sphere so far. 

Social Lite Vodka

Social Lite Vodka are a Vodka soda brand who promote a healthier alternative to traditional canned alcoholic drinks. They know their target market consists of health-conscious individuals and this is shown through their outdoor-heavy content. 

To market their newest product, Social Lite Vodka ran a niche micro influencer campaign. By partnering with influencers who followed similar lifestyle habits to that which the brand promotes they were able to tap into their exact target audience and increase brand awareness. 


With Corona already being an established and world-renowned beer brand, their focus with their most recent influencer marketing campaign was to secure their values. 

The brand collaborated with Lizzie Pierce, an influencer who promotes spending time outdoors and taking care of the environment. The brand was able to establish authenticity and credibility by demonstrating alignment between the influencer and its morals and values.


Kahlua partnered with Toronto film influencer, Daniel Schiffer, to launch a new product. Daniel released a series of sponsored posts that depicted the new product in a fun and unique way. 

The goal with the campaign was to simply spread awareness and Daniel’s video did just this. The video received over 600k views and drove impressive likes and comments. This made Kahlua’s product launch memorable and, in turn, ensured that customers considered Kahlua for their next liquor purchase. 


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Daniel Schiffer (@daniel.schiffer)

How can brands get around the alcohol ban on social media platforms

Platforms such as TikTok who operate a no-alcohol promotion policy are unfortunately just those you will have to steer clear of. However, this doesn’t mean you should steer clear of alcohol social media marketing altogether when it comes to promoting the alcohol industry. In fact, this is where you will find some of your most loyal customers!

As long as you are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding alcohol promotion, nothing can go wrong. As of today, these include the prohibition of linking alcohol with:

  1. Unwise drinking styles
  2. Boredom/loneliness
  3. Sexual success
  4. Enhancing popularity and/or confidence
  5. Anti-social behaviour
  6. Appealing to children
  7. Depiction of someone who appears to be under 25.


Can you advertise alcohol on Instagram?

Yes, as long as it complies with their rules and regulations. The same applies to Facebook and Snapchat.

When was alcohol advertising banned?

In 2008, the Labour government introduced laws to restrict alcohol promotion and began running responsible drinking campaigns.

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