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The most important element of our global influencer marketing agency is the trust that is built between content creators and their audience.

Global Influencer Marketing Agency

Socially Powerful is a global influencer marketing agency and pioneer for building lasting client relationships through data. When it comes to influencer marketing, we measure our success beyond vanity metrics and analyse the key data found in your brand’s social footprint to amplify your brand story to reach millions of people. 


We are a global influencer agency that uses influencer marketing as a Public Relations or Content Marketing strategy to bring your story to life and create authentic relationships. This creates new spaces for brands online and can help you engage with your global audiences. 


Our main objective as an influencer marketing agency is to culminate the most cost-effective KPIs possible. We don’t confine ourselves to a finite number of creators or platforms; we can create a bespoke, strategic and multichannel approach for your brand. We can provide end-to-end social media services including social video production, content distribution and social community management


If you’re looking for an influencer agency that creates tailored and effective strategies to guarantee your brand’s goals are achieved, Socially Powerful is the best influencer marketing agency for you.

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What is an Influencer Agency?

An influencer agency is a marketing agency that works alongside brands and social media influencers to design, build, execute and forecast influencer marketing campaigns. Discovering and approaching influencer marketing campaigns is something marketers can find daunting and difficult to coordinate. Influencer agencies can assist all brands—from start-ups to established brands—by defining goals and objectives to execute complete marketing campaigns. 

While building a campaign is the main marketing focus, brands also need to consider contracts, content creation and quality reviews. Socially Powerful is an influencer agency with an in-house team of social media scientists from strategists, influencer project managers, developers, designers and analysts to help you successfully execute your campaign. 

Influencer agencies are experts in developing and maintaining trusting relationships between brands, influencers and audiences to create optimal results from campaigns. As an influencer agency, Socially Powerful will work alongside your brand to understand the ethics, values, goals and tone of voice that create the true essence of your brand. By understanding this, we can create an authentic digital space for your brand messaging in the oversaturated market in which you operate. 

Our primary focus is to provide bespoke, precise and effective influencer programs that resonate with your target audience. We offer this through end-to-end, cross-platform social media services including social video production, content distribution and social community management.

What does an influencer marketing agency do?

Influencer campaigns can be executed in endless ways; whether it’s sponsored posts, social video production or brand partnerships, there are all sorts of ways influencers can be leveraged and communicate with your target audience. Influencer marketing agencies aim to make it easier for brands to find the right hero, macro or micro influencers to work with. Influencer agencies work behind the scenes to correlate data, review rates and contracts and optimise content. 

Despite brands becoming savvier when it comes to social media and community management, influencer marketing is still misunderstood when it comes to ROI. The devil is in the details—the timing, hashtags and tagging have the potential to make or break a campaign. Influencer agencies can help your brand keep track of the details to ensure success at every step of your campaign resulting in meticulously planned, high-performing campaigns. 

Influencer marketing agencies can ensure safe and regulated campaigns. We keep track of the ever-expanding list of rules and regulations and PR and budget concerns. Using knowledge from an Influencer Agency that is measurable and targeted through years of experience provides infinite insights for brands and their marketers. 

Socially Powerful is an agency that believes the most important aspect of any influencer campaign is authenticity. We use precise data to select the right influencers who have loyal followers and real engagement. We prioritise trust and authenticity in campaign success. Our clients’ needs come first when building transparent campaigns that guarantee results. We maintain positive relationships with influencers to build strong and authentic content performances. This has allowed us to offer key insights into content creation and brainstorming campaigns. 

Socially Powerful can help you promote your brand using a precise selection of influencers across platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. We believe each of our clients and their offerings are unique, so the strategy used to promote them should be too. We guarantee bespoke campaigns that are disruptive in spaces where it matters. 

Our team of social scientists use their expert knowledge and experience within the industry to give your brand a distinct advantage against competitors. We bring years of influencer knowledge to the table that will ensure your brand gets noticed, stays relevant to consumers and grows its influence online.  Our objective opinion on influencers’ role in your business strategy is both creative and tactile and comes with no affiliations, just smart decisions.

We'll show you how to start powerful conversation, drive social engagement, build your brand, hit sales targets or meet other goals you have, wherever you are in the world.

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