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What is Live Streaming?

Whether you’re going LIVE through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube or any other social media platform, live streaming has really changed the game for many industries.

Allowing for instant connection between brands and their audiences, for influencers and their fans, Live Streaming in recent years has taught us that people love to share experiences.

Whether your industry is music, sport, gaming, fashion, technology or anything else, Live Streaming represents the opportunity for your brand to bring something to audiences in real-time, delivering instant connection.

Why your brand needs to be Live Streaming?

From social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to video-only resources like Twitch and Vimeo, live streams are widespread. In a medium once commanded by YouTube, live video is no longer restricted to any single channel. Live streaming on social media expands your audience reach.

By live streaming to social channels, you build new video assets that you can use again once the event is complete. Whether that be best moments of a live music festival, new features of a product launch, bloopers and everything in between, your live streams deliver unique and reusable content.

Live streaming to social channels brings a sense of authenticity to your brand. Anything can happen when you’re live, giving your audience a reason to tune in and a sense that they’re watching real people. Remember, you can’t be too scripted or too serious, go with the flow and the results will speak for themselves.

Live Streaming Offers Real-Time Ad Conversion
Advertising a live stream can generate an additional influx of brand awareness. Using paid ads like Twitch Banners or Facebook Ads that link direct to your live stream offers exposure that is strongest in your minutes or hours of live stream.

Broadcasting is Easier and More Affordable
The software and hardware that was once required to perform a live stream could have sent any marketing budget well into the red.

Beat Your Competition to your Target Audience
In the digital world, competition equals noise. Cutting through the noise is the goal of any efficient marketing team. By offering live video for new products, ideas, or even seasonal promotions, there is the opportunity to capture attention




Influencer Marketing

Influencers pave the way for brands to utilise live streaming through brand collaborations, with ready-made audiences accessible through their social channels, as well as having the benefit of driving audiences to your own brand.

Whether you’re launching a brand new product, showcasing an event, taking the audience behind the scenes, hosting a Q&A or even launching a competition, live streaming offers numerous creative routes to access audiences through influencers.

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Live Branded Content Production

We create dedicated live video and social content, designed for your audience and fit for the platform, taking into account key creative guidelines and utilising in-app features for maximum output.

We’ll get people engaged, deliver huge viewing numbers, increase positive sentiment, build your following and drive sales on whatever platform you’re looking for support.

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Live Branded Content Seeding

Reach the communities people all over the world you want to speak to, through our unrivalled social publishing network, across all social platforms. Whether you’re looking to reach sports, fashion, beauty, music or any other niche, we find the interested and those who can share your live streams to the masses.

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We’re that confident in our approach, we guarantee results for every campaign we run. If we don’t hit the KPI’s, you don’t pay us. Simple.

Combining our Livestreaming marketing agency with our vast influencer marketing agency knowledge, we create impactful content and partnerships that generate lasting business impact and engagement.

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Live Streaming Agency

Live Streaming Marketing Agency

Live Streaming represents an opportunity to flip traditional marketing on its head and put your brand at the forefront of innovative storytelling and creativity to connect with today’s generation.

As the leading Live Streaming marketing agency, we plan and execute global social and influencer campaigns on the platform. Using our inhouse influencer tool, we’re able to identify the most engaging influencers before they become mainstream and pair them with your brand to achieve maximum success.

A paid media agency that uses the best channels for your target, and how to measure success. We make these considerations easy.

What is a live stream agency?

A live stream marketing agency specialises in broadcasting live content across various social platforms and channels. A live stream agency can tell your brand’s story with live content, using hosts and influencers to enhance your messaging. 

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