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Influencer Marketing in Technology…


Tech companies are regularly leveraging influencers with large social media followings to cut through the noise and reach their target audience. Technology is a highly saturated market, with new developments and products being released almost daily.

 Consumers are increasingly looking to technology influencers for recommendations, reviews and tutorials to help educate them on the market and guide their purchases. We have worked with global tech giants such as Honor, DJI, Acer, Huwaei and Zhiyun, using the most influential internet personalities and channels to establish credibility, raise brand awareness and drive sales.


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We exist for brands to communicate in the now. Our insights and innovations along with the latest technology bring creative, social and influencer marketing campaigns to life.

Provoke conversation with your audience, deliver content they enjoy from a voice they trust. Foster deep-rooted connections between your brand and audience to achieve your business goals.

Strategies that work, results that count. Provoke conversation, drive a reaction. Covering Influencer Marketing, Creative, Video Production, Content Distribution and more.



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