These Are The Vegan Influencers To Follow This Veganuary

Jan 17, 2024

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These Are The Vegan Influencers To Follow This Veganuary

Veganuary has rolled around once again, feeding our socials with heaps of tasty, new recipes to try in a bid to explore healthier alternatives in the new year.

What began in 2014 as a challenge to get more people to try a vegan diet for just 31 days, has now become a global phenomenon with millions of people taking part. As a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering and improving the general health of the population, veganism is becoming increasingly popular and a preferred dieting method for many as the years go by.

But for those who perhaps aren’t as easily persuaded by the vegan way of life, seeing plant-based meals thrust upon their Feeds in the form of Sponsored posts can run the risk of appearing a little bland.

We’re here to change that with our list of the top 15 vegan influencers to follow in 2024 across all platforms. From delectable meals to following the life of a vegan lifestyle influencer, our comprehensive guide to veganism will offer you a different perspective to that you’re used to and, who knows, just might peak your curiosity enough to give it a go yourself.

Without further ado, let’s dive in! You can also check our list of the top vegan influencers in 2023.



Instagram vegan influencers 2024 to follow: Ramya

Hailing from Singapore, Ramya shares her easy, fun plant-based recipes with her 172K followers. Alongside her creation of tasty, unique recipes, Ramya is often found sharing her travels and how she maintains her vegan diet while on them. With an emphasis on “veganising” popular Asian cuisines, from Vietnam to Sri Lanka, expect to find everything from vegan dips, to drinks and desserts on Ramya’s page; making her one of the top vegan influencers of 2024 to follow.


Instagram vegan influencers: veggieanh

Viet food creative, Anh, loves sharing her eclectic array of plant-based recipes with her followers in a bid to get them eating more veggies. Done in a fun and mouth-watering way, her recipes can make even the hardcore beige food lovers want to try something new! As well as being featured on her Instagram page, Anh’s recipes all include a link to her blog where followers can find a more detailed breakdown of how to make each one. Her delectable noodle and rice dishes are proof that vegan food doesn’t have to be bland and boring, and for that we’re adding her to our list of vegan influencers to follow.


Vegan influencer to follow: Jeeca

Scrolling through Jeeca’s Instagram content, you’ll most likely forget you’re even looking at a vegan food account. Taking inspiration from the dishes eaten throughout her childhood, Jeeca revamps them to suit a vegan lifestyle. Though her page consists of dishes from China and the Philippines, you can also expect to find vegan takes on more Western foods such as mac and cheese and vegan fried chicken. Just like the other vegan influencers to follow, Jeeca has a successful online food blog, detailing all of her recipes and travels to find the best vegan food around the world, and has even written her own cookbook titled “Vegan Asian”, perfect for those of you looking to partake in Veganuary.


Instagram vegan creators: Jenna

Caribbean-inspired foodie, Jenna, shares her plant-based recipes and ideas to power life with her 387K followers on the platform. From vegan stews, to Jamaican jerk “chicken”, every post from Jenna is delectably irresistible and more than certain to sway the vegan-curious among you to her side. For those looking to add a vegan twist to their favourite foods, Jenna is definitely one of the vegan influencers to follow.


Best vegan influencers: Sam

With creations that look like they’ve walked straight out of a professional kitchen, Sam’s Instagram page is brimming with mouth-watering plant-based recipes that leave us astonished at the fact they’re meatless. Adding Sam to our list of vegan influencers to follow is a sure way to get those of you hesitant to partake in Veganuary, diving right in!




If you love lasagne, this chipotle mushroom one is going to make you very, very happy ?❤️ #lasagne #lasagnerecipe #veganfood #veganpasta #pastatiktok #plantbased #chipotle

♬ Sia – Xeptemper

Coming in hot as one of our first TikTok vegan influencers to follow is Mia, aka Twisted Green. Putting her own vegan twist (see what we did there) on the nation’s most beloved dishes, Mia lives up to her very own slogan of “plant-based, but not as you know it”, as she leaves us amazed at her ability to “veganise” just about anything. So if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the things you already eat, but aren’t willing to give everything up, then give Mia a follow!



How To Vegan, Ep.1: Olive Oil Bechamel  This healthy, vegan version of the classic French mother sauce will see you through every lasagne, moussaka, mac and cheese or creamy mushroom pasta. It’s full of flavour from the nutritional yeast dijon and garlic powder and using a good quality olive oil will also give it a lovely depth.  1L unsweetened plant milk  130ml olive oil  100g plain flour  4 tbsp nutritional yeast  1 tsp garlic powder  1 tsp dijon mustard Method:  For the bechamel, heat a large saucepan or deep frying pan over low heat and add the olive oil and flour. Use a spatula or a whisk (take care not to use a metal whisk on a non stick coating) to stir the roux, it will thicken and clump together, but stir as many lumps out as you can. Add the milk very slowly, whisking constantly as you go to get it smooth. Keep adding milk until you have added all of it.  Add the nutritional yeast, garlic powder, dijon mustard and plenty of salt and pepper. Keep it on a medium-low heat and stir continuously for about 10-15 minutes until the sauce has thickened. It should be fairly thick. Taste and adjust seasonings.  For a lasagne or pasta sauce, the bechamel shouldn’t be to thick, but for a moussaka, you’ll need a thicker sauce that sits on the top. Moussaka recipe coming soon! x

♬ original sound – Christinasots

Christina is a plant-based recipe developer with a passion for guiding vegan-curious people into the lifestyle, one tip at a time. Her TikTok content not only contains delicious, easy plant-based recipes, but also how to “veganise” basic sauces and desserts. No stone is left unturned over here and that’s why Christina is one of the top vegan influencers to follow this Veganuary!


HOW TO MAKE BACON ? Welcome to our new mini series, HOW TO, where we show you how to make MEAT using plant-based ingredients. First up is the nation’s favourite breakfast staple, bacon! Great for a BLT, chopped into lardons or perfect in a fry-up this is the bacon recipe you’ve been searching for. It tastes like bacon, smells like bacon and could fool any bacon sarnie lover! ? This is one of our favourite chapters from our new book MEAT, as it shows you guys how to make plant-based meat at home. Keep your eyes peeled as it’s coming out this August; we can’t wait for you to see it! ? #vegan #veganbacon #vegantiktok #bacon #blt #baconrecipe #veganhack #hack #foodhack #baconhack #barbie #barbiegirl #margotrobbie #ryangosling

♬ Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album) – Dua Lipa

Bosh! TV is made up of Henry and Ian, two plant-based chefs looking to put vegan food on the map. This dynamic duo don’t shy away when it comes to “veganising” the world’s most favourite dishes, so much so that they have a featured TikTok mini series called “How To”, which teaches us how to make meat using plant-based ingredients. Veganuary can be hard for meat eaters having to look at endless recipes involving chickpeas and tofu, but Henry and Ian can help, earning them an undoubted spot on our list of vegan influencers to follow.



(ve) HONEY CHILLI CHICKN ?️ So what’s important about this dish is the balance with the heat and the sweetness, rather than using honey I used agave but you can opt to use maple syrup instead. I wanted my recipe to pack a bit more heat, so sprinkled a bit of chilli flakes. INGREDIENTS Marinade – 160g choice of protein (I used @heurafoods but you can easily used tofu instead) – 3-4 tbsp cornflour (cornstarch) – Salt & White ground pepper (if not just use normal pepper) – 3 tbsp vegetable oil (enough for shallow frying) Sauce – 2 tsp chilli bean paste (doubanjiang) – 3 tsp agave or maple syrup – 1/2 lemon juice – 1 tbsp light soy sauce – 4 tbsp chickn stock (vege stock) – 1 tsp garlic purée METHOD 1. Make sure your choice of protein is nicely coated with cornflour, add your salt + pepper 2. Heat up the oil in your pan on medium heat, wait 2-3 minutes 3. Add your coated protein and let both sides cook evenly, once both sides are golden brown. Remove and add to a bowl, patting it with kitchen roll to remove an excess oil 4. Mix all your sauce ingredients to a bowl, if you’d like sauce just add more water to the bowl 5. Pour this into a pan and stir to well, sprinkle your chilli flakes and ginger purée. Now add your coated chickn. Let this mix thoroughly, making sure all the pieces has the sauce 6. Garnish with sliced spring onion and sesame seeds 7. Enjoy with rice or noodles #honeychillichicken #veganrecipes #pandaexpress #veganfood #easyveganrecipes #veganchinese #tastemademedoit

♬ Giving Me – Jazzy

Inspired by South East Asian cuisines, Johnny puts his own vegan twist on the most beloved dishes to come out of the region. From vegan chicken adobo, to hamburgers, almost everything is covered over on Johnny’s account. Alongside these mouth-watering recipes, you can expect to find Johnny’s very own mini series on the history of certain foods and dishes and why he’s selected them to “veganise”. We love the array of content on this account and had to share it with you by adding it to our list of vegan influencers to follow.



F*ck Thats Vegan ? #foodie #foodtiktok #chefsoftiktok #fyp

♬ Gravity Falls – L.Dre

“Imagine if food like this was vegan”, is the only way to describe the magic that this TikTok account exudes. From double cheeseburgers, to beef wellingtons, following thenottychef is your way of keeping all the foods you love in your meal plans, just with a more mindful, healthier approach. Among all vegan TikTok creators, this account is one we’re certain you can’t not engage with, whether trying out one of the recipes for yourself or simply watching in awe at how fun vegan cooking can still be. For the wow factor alone, thenottychef is undoubtedly one of the vegan influencers to follow this Veganuary.

There you have it, our list of the top vegan influencers of 2024 to follow this Veganuary. Instagram is the perfect place for these influencers to share their favourite plant-based recipes thanks to its visual and educational nature, and, subsequently, is the perfect place for you to get learning on your journey towards becoming vegan or incorporating small doses of it into your own life.

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