TikTok’s Hottest Music Influencers To Add To Your Following List Right Now

Jan 10, 2024

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TikTok’s Hottest Music Influencers To Add To Your Following List Right Now

Social media plays a pivotal role in providing up and coming music influencers with exposure. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok go beyond just engaging with fans – they give artists a space to show off their talent, connect with fans, as well as team up with other artists for collaborations. Today, we will explore the topic of the hottest TikTok music influencers.


There are various features artists can use to promote their music, network and share expertise. This can include real-time engagement through Instagram Stories and live streaming, embracing TikTok’s collaborative culture, and gaining insights from platforms like Facebook. Artists can use these features strategically to boost their online presence.

A music influencer in the social media realm is a key player who holds sway over a substantial following. They shape trends, and influence the musical landscape, spanning a spectrum of roles – from musicians and producers to critics, bloggers, and industry insiders – all contributing to the coming together of music and social media.

It is important to recognise that social media impacts other key parts of the music world beyond artists and musicians, such as producers, writers and management teams. It provides music influencers a platform to connect, share ideas and organise events, transforming the industry as a whole.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, social media has emerged as a game-changer, with music influencers steering the ship of influence. As we delve deeper into the worlds of music & social media, we’ll explore the dynamic world of music influencers on TikTok and the profound impact they have.


Mia Rodriguez

21-year-old Mia Rodriguez, based in Sydney, has amassed a 2 million-strong TikTok following with comedy lip syncs and dance videos. Transitioning from YouTube cover songs, she now releases original tracks like ‘Emotion’ and ‘Psycho,’ blending K-pop, mainstream pop, and hip-hop influences.


♬ –

Cameron McLeod 

Cameron, a dancer, actor, and singer, hosts on Radio Disney and has garnered 36 million likes on TikTok for his beatboxing and comedic videos. Based in California, he is active on various platforms and is connected with music influencers like Ava Michelle and Larsen Thompson.


MY FAMILY???Tomorrow is #InternationalDanceDay !!! Learn @richysquirrel’s choreography, make a vid and tag us! #DSOA #ComeAlive

♬ Come Alive – Tova Litvin & Douglas Rockwell

Dev Lemons

Dev Lemons, aka Devon Vonder Schmalz, gained TikTok fame for music theory videos alongside her music career. Self-taught during quarantine, her main account boasts 844,000 followers, and her music account has 275,000 followers.


What’s your favorite Beyonce song? #songpsych #beyonce #renaissance

♬ original sound – songpsych


DAMOYEE, aka Damoyee Neroes, actively participates in TikTok trends and collaborates with other TikTok musicians. A musical prodigy proficient in over 15 instruments, this music influencer consistently recreates popular tracks. With 210,000 followers and 2.7 million likes, she openly discusses TikTok’s impact on the music industry.


How I built the vocal harmonies for “One More Time” ??✨ #music #newmusic #original #musictok #fyp

♬ One More Time – DAMOYEE

Atlanta Cobb

Atlanta Cobb, a seasoned artist manager and TikTok music influencer, launched her management and consultancy business in 2022. Within six months, she amassed a devoted following of over 75,000 musicians, offering valuable insights into navigating the digital music landscape and providing tips for immediate monetization for independent artists.


if you’re an artist, musician, songwriter, producer / literally anyone sending emails to anyone who works in the music industry… here are the key do’s & don’t on how to *actually* approach cold emailing so you can start getting the responses you DESERVE. ? ? ? #musicindustry #musicbusiness #musicmarketing #musiciansoftiktok #musiciansadvice #musicindustrymentor #artistmanager

♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy

Show & Tell

While we often boast about our superior music taste, exploring new artists and genres is always refreshing. TikTok creators like ‘Show & Tell’ ensure your music collection stays dynamic with diverse artist recommendations, hidden gems, and insightful takes on new releases. With over 420k followers, this is a music influencer you don’t want to sleep on.


5 years of discovering dope artists ? #musictaste #musicdiscovery #kennymason #niaarchives #jordanward

♬ Rih – Kenny Mason


Pablo is a content creator analysing the entire music landscape, offering entertaining and educational commentary on artists, producers, and writers. With a cult of 235k followers, following this TikTok creator is a wise choice for insightful perspectives on the music industry and pop culture.


LENNY KRAVITZ AND BLACK CULTURE #greenscreen #lennykravitz #betawards #tracychapman #fastcar #dariusrucker #rockmusic #countrymusic #blackmusic

♬ It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – Lenny Kravitz


Meet Gen, a music influencer sharing premium R&B content with 160K+ followers on TikTok. From ‘Songs to Wake Up to’ to highlighting emerging R&B artists, his page guarantees top tracks. He also curates Spotify playlists for upcoming artists to submit their music, providing a major exposure opportunity.


Here are some r&b songs I had a lot of fun bumping in 2023! What songs did you enjoy wayyy too much this year? #Rnb #rnbmusic #rnbsoul #rnblovers #rnbjunkie #rnbonly #rnbvibes #rnbmatters #rnbmusiclovers #randb #randbmusic #randbsoul

♬ original sound – Gen

April Kae

April Kae, a bassist from New York City, showcases exceptional skill in rhythm and range, creating videos that bring smiles. Her versatile bass playing spans genres like funk, punk, hip-hop, and ’90s pop girl groups. Beyond music, Kae uses her platform with around 440k followers to advocate for feminism, body positivity, and music education.


The hardest riff I’ve ever played… #bassguitar #basstok #fyp #viral

♬ Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

Ken James Kubota

Ever witnessed the cello played like an acoustic guitar? On TikTok, Ken James Kubota innovatively explores the instrument’s range. His captivating R&B plucked sequences serve as an ideal foundation for a duet, especially if you’re a smooth singer armed with love songs.


Don’t tell my teacher I play cello like this ? #cello #chords #guitar #riff #bass

♬ original sound – Ken James Kubota

Annabelle Kline

This music influencer is not only a playlist curator but also reviews her followers’ playlists, offering tips on crafting the perfect playlist. She also poses thought-provoking questions, such as “Who will be the next-generation Pharrell [Williams]?”


full interview with @J.I.D ? #TheForeverStory #hiphop

♬ Dance Now – JID & Kenny Mason

Kaelin Ellis

LOAFLAB’s Kaelin Ellis, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, showcases his diverse talents on TikTok. From creative sound layering to collaborations with major artists, his content—whether composing or experimenting with unique samples—is consistently captivating and worth a watch.


CYCLES #musiciansoftiktok #producersoftiktok #vibes #kaelinellis #dontforcethefunk #fyp #foryou #samba #bossanova #brazil

♬ CYCLES – kaelinellis

Queen Ife

A must-watch TikTok features Queen Ife creating an afrobeats instrumental from COVID-related objects. The screen’s initial sentiment is hilarious, and when you hear the impressive beat, it’s jaw-dropping. Ife excels not only with real instruments, like drill and ’80s-inspired beats but also showcases incredible creativity in making beats from everyday objects, exemplifying the fun side of social media.


I had to do it for the culture ?? #naijatiktok #afrobeatschallenge #afromusic

♬ Produced by Queen Ife – Queen Ife

The Pocket Queen

The Pocket Queen is arguably the best drummers and a key music influencer on TikTok, skillfully creating unique rhythms with two sticks. Her captivating drum videos alone are worth a follow, but her ability to assemble full instrumentals with multiple instruments showcases limitless musicianship.


Can’t wait to see how you all use this sound. ??♥️♠️ … #thepocketqueen #fyp #pocketqlub♦️♣️ #funk #house #groove #rnb

♬ original sound – thepocketqueen

Damian Keyes

Award-winning music industry educator Damian Keyes shares crucial insights on TikTok for the next generation of artists. His content not only offers advice on crafting optimal social media content but also provides key marketing tips to maximise releases for upcoming artists.


Did you know that Spotify has a HUGE Gen Z problem? ? Well here’s why ⬇️ We’re in an age of digital consumerism, where social media is fast paced and our attention span, shorter than ever… ⏰ So where does that leave us as musicians??? Needing to adapt! Here’s your reminder to start thinking about things a little differently ? Happy to help in the comments! #musicstrategy #music #fyp #spotify #musicproducer #musicexpert #musichacks #socialmedia #socialmediahacks #musician #musictok #musiciansoftiktok

♬ original sound – Damian Keyes

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