Famous Beauty Influencers On YouTube: Leaders Of The SFX World

Sep 06, 2023

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Famous Beauty Influencers On YouTube: Leaders Of The SFX World

Graphic content warning! These beauty influencers on YouTube are known for their gory SFX creations which can leave even the strongest people feeling queasy.

YouTube is the platform we all go to for inspiration, tutorials and in-depth tips and tricks on almost everything. And what’s the number one thing that this platform works perfectly for? Makeup tutorials.

Due to the visual, long-form content that characterises YouTube, makeup is *the* perfect type of content for this platform. It’s no wonder that makeup tutorials by beauty bloggers are among the most popular content on YouTube.

What’s more, 86% of the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube were produced by makeup influencers as opposed to branded or professional content. This just shows how makeup influencers’ natural talent and unique skills heavily outshine branded beauty content. 

Today, we’ll be introducing you to the 15 most popular beauty YouTubers. These beauty influencers on YouTube have garnered immense popularity and recognition for their jaw-dropping skills and talent for using makeup in ways we cannot comprehend! 

We’ve already covered conventional beauty YouTubers, but today we’re separating the artists from the glam squad. Let’s get into it!

The top 15 SFX beauty influencers on YouTube

Promise (@dope2111)

Promise is one of the most famous makeup YouTubers, known for using her makeup skills to transform herself into famous celebrities, cartoon characters and other surreal looks. Despite starting out as a hobby, this female beauty influencer has amassed over 5.7 million subscribers and has even partnered with iconic brands such as Disney and Lush.

Mykie (@Glam&Gore)

Mykie is one of the most popular female makeup YouTubers with over 3.9 million subscribers. Just as her name suggests, her speciality is combining glam makeup with gory SFX makeup to create some of the most striking looks on YouTube. She has videos ranging from transforming herself into the Grinch, the Exorcist, and even her own dog!

Emma (@EmmaPickles)

Emma is one of the most talented beauty influencers on YouTube who specialises in horror SFX makeup inspired by clowns, vampires and fictional characters. She has over 573K subscribers and has even collaborated with 20th Century Fox for the film Maze Runner.

Charlie (@Pinkstylist)

Charlie is a makeup artist who specialises in theatrical and special effects makeup tutorials which he creates based on requests from his 2.54 million subscribers. He is well known for his quirky makeup looks where he’s transformed himself into characters like an evil tooth fairy and a nightmarish Winnie the Pooh!

Alexis (@MadeYewLook)

Alexis is a self-taught makeup artist and beauty influencer with over 2.58 million subscribers who specialises in not only SFX makeup, but also body and face painting where she completely transforms herself into fictional characters. She created her channel with the hope of making others feel beautiful for who they are – not to mention she owns a family-run business where she sells her own brand of body paint!

Bonnie (@BonnieCorbanSFX)

Bonnie is a beauty influencer who specialises in body paint and SFX makeup tutorials, creating prosthetic makeup looks inspired by creatures and monsters. Her channel has over 455K subscribers and she has collaborated with gaming company 2K – for the videogame Borderlands 3 – and even Warner Bros!

Prince (@PrinceDeGuzmanTransformations)

Inspired by his love for horror, ghouls and monsters, Prince specialises in horror and special effects makeup transformations on YouTube. He is well-known for his Pennywise makeup transformation and was even invited to attend Warner Bros’ 100th-anniversary event this year dressed as the iconic clown!

Ellinor & Macs (@ellimacssfc)

This joint channel is run by self-taught SFX makeup artist Eli and producer Macs who specialises in the visuals and voiceovers for the tutorials. With over 1.02 million subscribers, these beauty influencers on YouTube pride themselves on creating cost-efficient yet effective makeup looks for cosplay, movie production, Halloween or just for fun!

Karolina (@KarolinaGriciute)

Based in Norway, Karolina is one of the beauty influencers on YouTube  who specialises in combining beautiful makeup looks with gruesome SFX elements. She has collaborated with Beauty Bay and has even participated in the Top 30 Nordic Face Awards.

Kiana (@Freakmo)

Kiana has over 481K subscribers and specialises in SFX and prosthetics, namely hyper-realistic burns, cuts and scars, as well as monster makeup tutorials. She has collaborated with 20th Century Fox and Playstation; she even runs online courses where she teaches her SFX makeup tutorials in more detail.

Jordan (@JordanHanz)

Beauty influencer Jordan has over 539K subscribers and specialises in realistic body painting, avant-garde beauty and SFX makeup. A trained portrait artist, she uses her portraiture skills and applies this to her own skin. She has partnered with beauty brands such as NYX and aims to educate others about techniques that can be transferred to any medium of art.

Kat (@TheRealKatSketch)

Kat has over 776K subscribers and is well-known for the creative yet horrifying twist she puts on her makeup tutorials for iconic characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Alex (@AlexFaction)

Alex is a makeup artist who has a passion for SFX makeup, specifically Halloween makeup tutorials. He has 207K subscribers and his most popular video received over 2.6 million views.

Mirjana (@KikaStudio)

Mirjana is a talented beauty influencer from Serbia who creates amazing body paint illusions on her channel with over 554K subscribers. She has her own studio where she teaches her surreal tutorials; she’s also gained recognition from the BBC and The Sun for her mind-bending makeup looks.

Sydney (SydneyNicoleAddams)

Sydney creates Halloween-themed SFX makeup tutorials 365 days a year which she shares with her 41.5K subscribers on YouTube. Her iconic looks involve a mix of SFX makeup, body paint and cosplay; she’s even released her own Halloween-themed makeup palette!

These 15 beauty influencers on YouTube – with their diverse skills and creativity -are clear leaders of the SFX industry. Their talent truly shows the transformative qualities of makeup and their immense following is proof as to why this content is so addicting to watch.

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