Get Glam with these Beauty Influencers on YouTube

Jun 14, 2023


Get Glam with these Beauty Influencers on YouTube

Beauty influencers on YouTube cover everything from makeup tips, hairstyling, skincare and fragrance. As this is such a broad category, influencers have mastered the art of creating innovative looks and trendsetting ideas, each in their own signature style.

Generating over $430 billion dollars in revenue, the beauty industry has seen a transformation in recent years due to the rise of popular beauty influencers on YouTube.

Due to the popularity of these videos, brands have leveraged the opportunity to position themselves at the forefront of the market. With a number of different ways to collaborate with influencers, from product reviews, how to use videos and giveaways, the opportunities for brands and beauty influencers on YouTube are endless.

Read on to meet the top beauty influencers dominating the industry.

The Top YouTube Beauty Influencers

Nikkie Tutorials

With over 14M subscribers on her YouTube channel, Nikki is one of the best makeup YouTubers. She captivates her audience with stunning makeup transitions, fun challenges and expert beauty advice.

Carli Bybel

With half a billion video views and over 6M subscribers Carli has a well-earned position among the top beauty influencers on YouTube. She focuses on beginner-friendly makeup tutorials but also dabbles in some more extravagant looks.

Manny Mua

Since first joining YouTube in 2014, Manny has almost 5M subscribers who love his product reviews and tutorials. He also became the first ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline.

Jaclyn Hill

Professional makeup artist Jacylin Hill posts makeup reviews, glam tutorials and celebrity makeup tutorials. She has a large following of 5.58M subscribers.

Jackie Aina

Standing out from the crowd of beauty influencers on YouTube, Jackie aims to change the beauty standards with her impressive channel. Openly touching on important issues and sharing her impressive makeup skills, Jackie has achieved a large following of over 3.5M subscribers.

Chloe Morello

Australian beauty YouTuber Chloe has amassed a loyal following of over 2.6M subscribers. She has a wide range of content styles, covering everything from ‘how to’ videos to celebrity guest collaborations.

Michelle Phan

With 8.7M subscribers, Michelle is an OG influencer in the YouTube beauty space, starting her journey in 2007. She specialises in makeup tutorials, posting reviews and routines which her loyal fanbase love.

Audrey Victoria

With 1.75M followers, Audrey has a variety of videos on her channel. From hair care tips, beauty hacks and routines, Audrey has over 1 billion views on her channel.

Skincare by Hyram

Gen Z skincare guru Hyram has built a cult following of 4.5M subscribers and is one of the best skincare and beauty influencers on YouTube. Hyram imparts his wisdom onto his loyal following by creating budget friendly videos and catering to a variety of different skin types.

Beauty Within

Duo Rewina and Felicia specialise in Korean skincare and beauty advice. With 2.57M followers, the pair have created a loyal following within their niche, creating product review videos, skincare routines and makeup tips.

RCL Beauty

With one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the world, it’s no wonder Rachel Clare Levin made it onto this list. With 14.4M subscribers, Rachel’s videos reach a slightly younger demographic. Her videos cover everything from comedy to DIY and beauty.

Zoe Sugg

British icon Zoe Sugg, formerly known as ‘Zoella’, has a loyal fanbase of almost 5M subscribers. Her lifestyle, beauty, and daily vlogs have kept her followers watching for years earning her a spot as one of the best beauty influencers on YouTube.

Safiya Nygaard

Former Buzzfeed employee Safiya’s fans were quick to follow her YouTube channel which has now grown to almost 10M subscribers. From posting beauty reviews, makeup tutorials and fashion tips, Safiya has definitely earned a spot in the top beauty influencers on YouTube.


With a large following of over 1M+ subscribers, Sarahi is one of the best YouTube beauty influencers. Her most popular videos include seasonal makeup looks for any occasion.

Wayne Goss

Professional makeup artist Wayne Goss has an impressive following of almost 4M subscribers. His honest reviews and helpful beauty tips guide his followers in the right direction, showing what products to use and what to steer clear of.

Desi Perkins

Co-founder of makeup line Dose of Colors, Desi has a whopping 3.23M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She partners with a range of beauty brands showing makeup tutorials, her favourite products and seasonal makeup looks.

Weylie Hoang

Weylie’s aesthetic channel keeps her audience watching. With over 1.7M subscribers, her vlogs, makeup must haves and tutorials Weylie is one of the top beauty influencers on YouTube.

Bethany Mota

With over 9.5M subscribers, Bethany covers everything from beauty to travel and fashion tips. Her loyal following enjoy her beauty tips and makeup videos, making her one of the most well-known beauty influencers on YouTube.


Who is the biggest beauty influencer on YouTube?

Nikkie Tutorials, with 14.1M subscribers.

Who are the most popular beauty YouTubers?

  1. Nikkie Tutorials with 14.1M subscribers
  2. Michelle Phan with 8.71M subscribers
  3. Huda Beauty with 4.13 subscribers

What is the most searched for makeup topic on YouTube?

Smokey eye bridal looks was the most searched for makeup topic in 2022.

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