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We are an award-winning video production agency with offices in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, China and the Middle East, creating video content for social media, social ads, Stories through to TV commercials.

We create videos that get the world talking.

Social-first storytelling

Within Socially Powerful, we have a dedicated digital video production company, Socially Powerful Studios. Our digital video production agency specializes in creating social video that provokes a reaction, drives attention and that people remember. 

Our video production services span all mediums and solutions—from omnichannel creative campaigns, TV commercials and social media video production to product and service innovation to global brand experiences. 

In a digital world of dwindling attention spans, marketing needs to adopt the art of storytelling at the right moment and strike at first sight. 

Video that drives engagement and reaction

No matter how captivating your video content is, it’s wasted if nobody sees it; this is why we put how people feel first and what they see second. 

Our video production agency has a dedicated content and distribution team that are wired into real-time social trends. We can guarantee your content will be placed in front of the right people. On top of reaching your target audience, our video content is designed to provoke reactions and encourage action. 

A studio under one roof

We offer social-first video production services and branded content created in our studio as part of our social agency services. 

We offer different types of video production services including studio setups and editing services that range from TV ads to social reels and animation to VFX footage, all designed to entertain and provoke a reaction from your desired audience. 

Having our social video production services under one roof results in a seamless end-to-end experience, with exceptional creativity and high quality at center stage, but reduced lead times. 

We are a social-first content laboratory for the now.





Our award-winning, in-house full-service video production company, Socially Powerful Studios, can get the world talking. We are at the forefront of an ever-changing industry and use the latest technology, insights and innovation to bring creative ideas to life through branded content and social-first storytelling.


Viral Content

In this digital era, attention trumps all. With more content choice than ever before, it is vital to cut through the noise by bringing value to audiences rather than taking their time. By embracing an audience-first mindset, our social media video production company has been responsible for some of the most viral branded video campaigns of all time. We have reinvented how branded content is created, viewed and shared.


TV Commercials

We aren’t your average social video production agency. We do it all. High-impact and energetic content is more important than ever, especially on TV where audience attention dwindles during advertorial breaks. Whether you need social, cinema or TV commercials, our video production agency  has you covered.


Live Video

Our video production agency creates platform-specific live video content designed for your audience, taking into consideration key creative guidelines and in-app features for maximum output. We are a social video agency that gets people engaged, delivers huge viewership, increases positive sentiment, builds your following and drives sales on whatever platform you need. 


Social Seeding & Distribution

Our unrivalled social publishing network and paid media agency team will help you reach communities all over the world, across all social platforms. Whether you want to reach sports, fashion, beauty, music or any other niche, our video production agency finds those interested natively through KOL’s, influencer marketing, mediums and communities they trust. 


Live Experiences

Our video production agency provides unforgettable client experiences to create unforgettable brands. Most people have cherished moments in their lives that they will remember forever. Many of those moments were experienced with a brand.



Socially Powerful Studios’ mission is simple: create award-winning video content that fosters long-term emotional connections between brands and their customers. We breathe life into branded content and understand the impact we can make with your target audience. 


We’re proud of our video production agency  approach to being an idea meritocracy. The best idea wins, not the loudest voice. Our agency is an ego-free zone and this shows in our video production company’s creative output. No matter who you are in our agency, you can get involved in our creative process.


Whether you need an influencer marketing agency in the UK or an influencer marketing agency in the USA, our global offices can assist you in creating powerful influencer campaigns that have lasting impact.


Every social channel needs to have a different strategy and we know exactly what works for each one. We are trusted by global brands to create engaging content; you can trust us too. What works for sponsored ads on Instagram, won’t work on Facebook. What works on YouTube is in a different ballpark to what works on TikTok. 


You can no longer repurpose content, you have to think platform specific. Each platform requires different conversations, community management and creative guidelines to stand out and be successful. We’re the best video production agency that can get you there. 


Our expert in-house video production team guarantees that the creative-to-production process is handled smoothly and the idea is translated into reality. What we say we do, we deliver. 


Every piece of video content we produce has the same goal and vision: capture your audience’s attention, drive engagement, be shareable and provoke reactions. Creatives will only be put into action once all four boxes are ticked. 




We fuse the brightest creative minds, best-in-class technology, and real-time insights together to bring creative ideas to life through branded content, social-first storytelling to TV commercials.

Having all the production capability under one roof makes our end-to-end video production process seamless and agile.


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What Is Video Production?

Video production involves creating social video content for digital channels. They are created to be highly shareable across social media and can be effective on each social platform. Social media video production has a defined purpose with the creation of hyper-targeted, engaging and shareable content taking priority over chasing viral views.

One of the most powerful things about social video content is that it is aimed at the audience you have, the audience you want and the audience you never knew you had. As a global social video production agency in the US, we know how to create content your audience will turn to you for, as well as new content that will catch their attention.

Why Hire a Video Production Company?

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content for consumers, but what good is it having content if no one is going to see it? Brands need to begin to learn the art of storytelling in order to keep the attention of consumers. As a global social media video production company, Socially Powerful can help you do just that.

Hiring a social video agency that provides video production services will help your brand create high-quality, platform-relevant content that can be shared directly with your existing and target audience. A social media video agency can tailor video content to platforms and audiences in a way that guarantees results.

Social media has presented brands with countless opportunities to reach massive audiences, full of potential customers. However, these consumers have a high expectation in regards to quality. Production value is incredibly important when planning a social video strategy. Using a video production company can guarantee high quality content.

At Socially Powerful, we provide social media video production services in the US alongside influencer agency services. We can combine our video production talent with Social Media & Content Strategy, Community Management, Influencer marketing and Content distribution.

Our Video Production promise

Socially Powerful is a global social media video production agency based in the US. We are experts at connecting our clients to their audiences and growing their brands through social video content. Each social network has its own requirements for video content and audiences; our team can create tailor-made video content for each social channel, designed to entertain and provoke a reaction from your audience. 

Our award-winning success as a social media video production company comes from our dedicated research and data-driven approach. We research and align video content to what your audience enjoys seeing. We note all the small details like titles, descriptions and tags to help drive video SEO to ensure all content is fully optimized. Our Influencer Marketing Agency also offers services across Social Agency & Content Strategy, Community Management Agency, Influencer Marketing Services and Content Distribution, aligned to your video marketing strategy.

We are a social video agency that offers different types of video production services and branded content. We offer platform-optimized videos from ads and social reels to animation, gifs and drone footage. Socially Powerful is a global social media video agency that can guarantee results by successfully portraying your brand in a way that truly resonates with your audience.

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