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We are a global influencer marketing agency with offices in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, China and the Middle East that guarantee results.

Influencing the masses, one by one.

Bespoke Influencer Marketing

Socially Powerful provides specialist influencer marketing services that result in the most engaged, captivating and ROI-focused influencer marketing campaigns across key social media platforms. With our offices and team of social experts, we guarantee results and performance for clients of all sizes and locations. 

Each brand has its own unique goals and DNA; we pride ourselves on developing and executing tailored influencer marketing strategies for each brand we work with. 

Our influencer marketing services combine data insights and demographically relevant influencers with customized content and platform choice to achieve exceptional performance for our clients.

Access anyone from A-list celebrities to micro influencers

Are you looking for an A-list celebrity? Hero influencer? Macro? Micro? Whoever you’re looking for, we can carefully match you to influencers that are right for you with our own scoring algorithm. Thanks to our own influencer marketing database, we have access to the entire influencer market. 

Our internal influencer marketing platform gives us incomparable access and insight into the world of influencers. With a combination of technology and influencer platforms, creative social and influencer strategy, we authentically match brands with influential creators to produce content at scale. 

We push ROI and influencer performance through constant innovation. We have experience managing thousands of influencer marketing campaigns and know when to blacklist an influencer cheating the system with fake followers. We capture, analyze and collect data to understand influencer and platform performance inside out. 

Across all platforms and categories

We are an influencer company that uses real-time insight to create ideas that triumph. Our approach to activating influencer campaigns on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more is platform and channel-agnostic. Our dexterity allows us to provoke conversations and inspire people to act.

No matter what industry you operate in—sports, beauty, fashion, technology, automotive, gaming or even B2B—our influencer marketing services will drive results for you. We are an influencer marketing agency & KOL marketing agency that can connect you to audiences that care.

As partners to all major social platforms, we stay on top of platform and algorithm changes, meaning we can go one step further to guarantee results and outcomes for our clients.



Influencer Marketing Strategies

Our influencer marketing services keep long-term business goals in mind and develop influencer campaigns with creativity, influencers and performance at their core. Whether your influencer marketing strategy needs global A-listers or the most popular influencers on social media through from macro to nano, we’ve got you covered.


Influencer Matchmaking

For every brand, there’s a perfect influencer. Thanks to the best influencer marketing platform available, we know how to find them. With unrivalled access to the influencer world, we can connect you to influencers that are authentically aligned to your brand values and will get people talking and acting. If you need A-list celebrities, YouTube’s best creators, the biggest TikTok stars or a multi-platform influencer campaign, we’ve got your back.


Paid Media

To ensure the best results and magnify your influencer marketing campaign, our digital marketing team utilizes paid media. By selecting organic influencer content, we drive it to broader audiences on social media to supercharge your investment. Ads that appear from an influencer’s channel perform 7X better than a brand’s owned media—we’ll show you how to master this.


Campaign Measurement

Our influencer marketing services guarantee success through setting data-driven and goal-oriented KPIs before starting every influencer campaign. By accurately measuring progress from beginning to end, we provide transparent and tangible results that really impact your business.


Content Strategy

We give influencers the freedom to create authentic content on powerful platforms. Our content strategies focus on storytelling—the most influential advertising strategy. Through storytelling, we seamlessly integrate brands into hard-to-reach audiences by using carefully selected influencers, connecting as one through culture.



We have a team of legal experts that advises brands and influencers on relevant partnership disclosure regulations and ensures our influencer contracts cover the full scope of the collaboration. We can guarantee your influencer campaign will abide by all advertorial regulations globally.



While the marketing landscape continuously changes, influencer marketing has remained a consistent trend. Many brands have been unable to make influencer marketing a smart, long-term investment that impacts their sales. As a leading provider of influencer marketing services, we have you covered.


Our influencer marketing services guarantee results that top traditional marketing channels. Acting as an extension of your team to design and implement bespoke influencer strategies, we can provide complete social media services. Whilst achieving an outstanding ROI, we can also provide social video production, social commerce, talent management, metaverse marketing, content distribution and community management. Alongside an end-to-end social agency service, we also deploy long-term influencer programs or one-off activations.


As a leading provider of influencer marketing services, our approach to activating influencer campaigns is platform and channel agnostic. Using our data and insights team, we have access to years of data collection and previous campaign performance that guarantee us results. We’re so confident we’ll hit our KPIs that if we don’t, you don’t pay us.
Whether you want to build your brand, connect to new audiences, drive traffic, sales or downloads, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcome to make informed decisions. Our choices for influencers, creatives and platforms are backed up with data, metrics and performance analysis to implement long-lasting business impact.




We know how to get business results from social.
Whether you want to build your brand, connect to new audiences, drive traffic, downloads, or sales, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcome to create long-term engagement and real business impact.
We guarantee results. If we don't hit our agreed KPIs, you don't pay us. Simple.

Guaranteed Results

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What is influencer marketing ?

Influencer marketing has grown to become one of the most popular forms of digital marketing. Growing from a buzzword to an essential social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing uses online creators to mention or endorse brands and products to their followers. Though popular, it is commonly misused by brands.

Influencer marketing varies from territory to territory and focuses on the needs and wants of consumers. In a digital first age, the only way to be truly connected to your customers is through social media. But, consumption connects us more than social media, which is why influencer marketing can provide countless opportunities to your brand in the US.

Successful influencer marketing requires a precise strategy. You must understand your audience and deliver engaging content at the right time. Achieving this will show you the  astonishing results influencer marketing has. Influencer marketing isn’t driven by pretty photos or likes and comments, but hard data and results—something we specialise in.

What is an influencer ?

Influencers are online personalities social media users are impelled to follow. They can be niche experts within a particular industry or market, and have the ability to influence purchasing decisions. The distinguishing factor influencers have from celebrities is the close relationship they have with their followers. Influencers create content on their preferred social media channels, from Instagram to LinkedIn.

There are different types of influencers and they can be segmented by size (micro, macro, mega and Hero), type of content (videos, pictures or bogs), level of influence (engagement rate) and niche. The influencer you choose will depend on your brand, target audience and overall goal, but that’s something we can help you with.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing ?

The benefits of influencer marketing are endless. It is a unique way to speak directly to your audience and helps create engagement and discussions around your brand. But most of all, it creates trusting relationships with your audience. Having this close relationship can increase your brand’s reach and generate more lead-to-sales conversations.

A positive review from an influencer can be the deciding factor for a lead to become a customer. Consumers demand authenticity from brands nowadays, and influencer marketing is a great way to achieve this. Influencers have pre-existing relationships with their followers, and by working with them, brands can tap into this trust with ease. Social media users view the influencer as a credible source, and this is extended to the brand as a result of the partnership.

Socially Powerful are experts in influencer marketing in the US and use data driven results to find the best influencers and strategies to use for your brand.

How to choose an “authentic” influencer marketing agency ?

Our top advice for choosing an influencer agency to work with is to understand their motives. You need an agency that is unbiased, and doesn’t have close ties with specific influencers. A biased agency won’t create a strategy truly tailored to your goals.

As an independent influencer agency, we can provide this unbiased, tailored strategy that’s driven by data and experience. Our expert social scientists will carefully consider your audience, objectives and voice before creating your personalized strategy.

We ask our clients three key questions – what are you trying to achieve? Who are you trying to target? What are your campaign objectives? Then, we reverse engineer from the agreed outcome to decide on which influencers, creatives and platforms will engage the target audience, develop lasting engagements and result in a positive impact on your business.

Our Influencer Marketing promise

While marketing trends are constantly changing, a consistent trend in the US is influencer marketing. Many brands struggle to make influencer marketing a useful, long-term investment that impacts their sales. As a leading provider of influencer marketing services in the US, we know we can help.

At Socially Powerful, our aim is to guarantee your brand results that will outperform traditional marketing channels. We action this by becoming an extension of your team, offering an end-to-end service, from strategy and creative, to execution and operations. We can provide social agency services, social video production agency, content distribution and social community management agency, all while focusing on achieving an outstanding ROI for your business. Whether you need a one-off activation or a long-term influencer program, we can help. 

If you’re looking for influencer marketing services in the US to help grow brand awareness, drive app downloads or increase sales, look no further. 

We are an independent global influencer marketing agency and provide impartial influencer recommendations, driven by data and experience. You can rely on our social scientists to provide a strategy tailored to your brand, audience, and objectives.

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