Top Tech Influencers on YouTube To Spark Your Interest In 2023

May 31, 2023

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Top Tech Influencers on YouTube To Spark Your Interest In 2023

YouTube is an ideal home for technology influencers, but why?

YouTube is known for its long-form and visual content, allowing creators to endorse their products & brands in ways other socials just can’t. In our case, we are talking about the biggest tech influencers with their cool gadgets and gizmos.

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform boasting 2.1 billion active users worldwide, with 122 million users per day. Those are some impressive stats,  and yes, they include your grandma Rosie when she sends you a cringe-worthy video from 2006.

This makes the platform an ideal medium for technology influencers to showcase their expertise through tantalising tech tutorials, riveting reviews, product comparisons, and in-depth DIY demonstrations of your dream gaming rig being pieced together. All in all, whatever the content, us nerds are picky; we want to know about the latest tech in the most engaging and informative way possible. YouTube is the platform for this.

With this in mind, we want to take you on a deep dive into our top tech influencers on YouTube. So stick around and read on because you’re about to embark on a journey to discover the best technology influencers in the game, celebrating their electrifying content & intricate personalities.

Introducing our top 20 Technology Influencers

Marques Brownlee

Who better to start this list than the man, the myth, the legend, Marques Brownlee. With his unrivalled knowledge, witty charm, and infectious enthusiasm, Marques takes the tech world by storm, one gadget at a time. Whether conducting in-depth reviews on smartphones or laptops, Marques always captivates and informs his audience daily, making it no surprise that he has amassed a whopping 16.9 million followers.

Unbox Therapy

If you haven’t heard of this technology influencer, you have been living under a USB port. Unbox Therapy, the tech titan with 18.2 million subscribers, is one of the undisputed legends of unboxing and gadget exploration. (I mean, it’s in his name) If a hot new gadget is hitting the market, you can bet your motherboard that Unbox Therapy has already torn into it with the excitement of an adolescent child on their birthday. Unbox Therapy effortlessly blends charm, humour, and a passion for tech, making him a key figure in the space.

Linus tech tips

It’s time to fix your gaze on Linus Tech Tips, a must-have personality on any technology influencer list! From epic PC builds to riveting tech experiments, Linus Tech captures his audience with charm, boundless energy and a sprinkle of Canadian humour when talking about his passion for tech. Linus’s influence is prominent through his Wikitubia accolade-winning Favourite Tech Channel in 2021, so if you need a talking tech textbook or are just looking for a good old laugh, Linus is your guy!


IJustine is the tech maven whose content knows no bounds. From breaking down the greatest gaming consoles to in-depth tech reviews, unboxing and vlogs across the board, she simply is the queen of entertainment & insights in tech. Her success is noted through her 7 million followers and brand collaborations, including the high-end Luggage brand Samsara.

Austin Evans

Austin Evans is a sight to behold. With his sharp wit and uncanny ability to break down the most  complex tech, from custom gaming rigs to Phones and high-octane cars, his content can’t go unnoticed. His ability to delve into the tech ecosystem weaving masterful stories to hook his audience into the expansive circuit board of technology, is a sight to behold, and his followers agree too, with over 5.38 million subscribers.


You’re due for a new phone upgrade? Don’t worry; MrMobile’s (Michel Fisher) got you covered with in-depth product reviews and hands-on experiences for everything mobile and tablets. He’s teamed up with Future PlC – a multimedia company revolving around everything tech, further discerning Fisher’s clear niche and passion. He has amassed an impressive 1.22m subscribers.


Mr who? Mr whoseyourboss, the technology influencer with a staggering 14.7 million subscribers, that’s who. He intertwines a peak level of tech prowess paired with palpable charm and British humour to yield high engagement and audience reach. On top of his creative content, he often collaborates with big names Like Vikstar123 from the Sidemen, creating humorous and trending content outfitted in his unique style.

Sara Dietschy

Sara is a multifaceted influencer with content revolving around tech, creativity and entrepreneurship, attracting a broad and eagle-eyed fan base of over 916k subscribers. Regarding her technology prowess, Dietschy doesn’t limit herself to showing knowledge across the board, from cameras and drone reviews to laptop comparisons and tech apparel demos; Dietschy also advocates entrepreneurship motivating her audience daily.


Get ready to blast from the past with LGR’s retro-fitted tech content. With over 1.62m subscribers under his belt, LGR fits a niche within the market with his old-school pc reviews, retro gaming lets plays, unboxings and elusive tech tales. It’s like stepping into a time machine where floppy disks and pedantic loading screens reign supreme.


It’s time to introduce the wizard of gaming tech and pc builds, OzTalksHW, as he dazzles his audience with magical cutting-edge tech content revolving around custom pc builds, detailed gaming specs tailored to your needs paired with a spell-binding persona to entrance his audience of 371k followers. So if you’re in the market for a powerful PC rig to handle your gaming demand, let OzTalksHW conjure suggestions.


Meet Ur everyday AvgConsumer (the not-so-average technology influencer with 3.22 million subscribers. Regarding gadgets, UrAvgConsumer will help you discern the newest tech, from smartphones and earbuds to smart home devices, desktop setups, work apparel and gaming devices, helping you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape like a pro.


Now we focus on one of our fave technology influencers in the UAE, known as Omardizer, a tech superstar with a sizable follower count of 4.09 million subscribers. Regarding tech and gadget reviews, Omardozar has the Midas touch, fearlessly delving into the latest tech trends, gadgets, and toys on the market.

Haider Tech

Technology influencers are in full force today. That’s why it’s rare to find someone that stands out from the crowd – you know where we’re going with this. Haider Tech is a master of his craft, broadening his tech knowledge exponentially. From smartphones and cool toy gadgets that pack a punch to tablets and smart devices that redefine portability, he explores the tech galaxy, showcasing the best and brightest stars balancing user practicality and fun in his content. He has a growing audience with 574k subscribers.

Created by Ella

It’s time to spotlight Created by Ella, a courageous computer science university student by day and tantalising tech influencer by night. She has amassed 271k subscribers and is here to show that geekiness and glam go hand in hand. Her content revolves around cutting-edge technology and user innovations with core content pillars, including tech comparisons, reviews and unboxing videos that just leave you yearning for more.


Techmeout is a creator you have to follow – non-negotiable! Is it her ability to find and review the hottest tech trends and gadgets? Yes. Is it because of her mastery of smartphones to discern the best apps to download for IOS and Android, respectively? Double yes!! And is it because of her experience collaborating with brands like Rivian – an electric car company showing her expertise and reach in the tech space, triple yes!!! Tech me out is a rising star with 391K subscribers and earns a spot on our technology influencers list.

Krystal Lora

Jolt your interests for Krystal Lora, a tech influencer turning heads with 330k followers and counting. Putting her on our list was a no-brainer when going through her electrifying channel. From smartphone and laptop hardware, informative product reviews & experiments, creative DIY videos showcasing stylish desktop designs and surprising knowledge of the latest cars making, Loras’ channel the golden CPU that powers your interest.

The Tech Chap 

The Tech Chap is a tech influencer that is the epitome of English satire. I mean, his name couldn’t be any more British. Armed with a sharp wit, a cuppa in hand, and a passion for laptops, phones, and PC hardware, this chap is here to help you with all your tech troubleshooting. Regarding specific user issues around product pricing and firmware, The Tech Chap is like Sherlock Holmes deceiving your needs and wants – it’s no shock he has over 1.38 million subscribers.

Oliur / UltraLinx

Oliur is one of those technology influencers that we all gravitate towards. Whether through his DIY magic for workspaces and houseware, his knowledge in all your favourite tech amenities like Monitors, phones, speakers and electric cars or his personal touch of lifestyle content, Oliur is unforgettable in content and persona. He has over 279k followers.

Hayls World 

Welcome to Hayls World, a tech influencer supercharging the space with a staggering 1.5 million subscribers. Her tech-centric content allows you to transport to a world of tech tips and tricks, secret hardware features, crazy gadget findings, reviews, and product demos and tutorials.

Russell Stannard (Teacher Training Videos)

Lastly, we have tech influencer and teacher extraordinaire Russel Stannard, with 75.5k followers. What makes Russel unique in the tech community is his ability to not only review and showcase the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos and trending software like AI but also educate his audience on how to harness the power of these technologies and make the most out of them, ultimately jumpstarting our and your user – product experience.


How do technology influencers make money?

Typically, the most common ways for tech creators to make money are through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing, where brands will reach out to creators to promote their product or service on respective social media platforms or have them work on commission for every affiliate link sale.

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