The Top TikTok NFT Influencers Leading The Digital World

Dec 08, 2023

Influencer News

The Top TikTok NFT Influencers Leading The Digital World

Since downloading onto the scene in 2014, NFTs have continued to dominate the digital world. 

The NFT market is set to exceed $80B by 2025 and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

With the success of NFTs has come the birth of the TikTok NFT influencer; these new kinds of influencers promote NFTs on TikTok and partner up with brands much like your traditional influencers do. 

Yet, the market of TikTok NFT influencers has become supremely overflooded. Keeping track of who is on top can be overwhelming. So we’re here to help.

Read on to find out the best TikTok NFT influencers out there. 


NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are a kind of digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain. 

What sets NFTs apart from other digital assets is that they are entirely unique. No two people can ever have the same NFT. On top of this, ownership of NFTs is tracked using blockchains. Essentially, this simply ensures that no counterfeit NFTs can be made; you will always be sure that the NFT you own is 100% original, as it keeps track of each user it passes through. 

NFTs typically take the form of digital artwork, in-game items, one-of-a-kind collectibles and more. While traditional NFTs are digital, it’s possible to use their technology to track physical items. 

For many, NFTs are exciting because they represent a decentralisation of power. The worth of an NFT is completely determined by the community; who can forget the infamous first Tweet on Twitter selling for $2.9 million? 

But with NFTs proving to be part of a world that feels very far from our own, who’s among the most clued up?


NFT influencers arose as a response to the popularity of NFTs. These influencers create, trade or advertise NFTs on their digital channels; for TikTok NFT Influencers, this is on TikTok. Often, this is combined with content dedicated to educating their audiences on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology overall. 

Let’s meet those on top.

@garyvee 15.1M followers 


The 1/2/3’s of NFT’s

♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

Anyone interested in the NFT or crypto name knows Gary Vaynerchuk. One of the most popular and biggest  TikTok NFT influencers out there, Vaynerchuk rose to fame via his tech savvy, digital entrepreneurship and big personality. His long-running show on YouTube, “Wine Library TV” put him on the map, but his understanding of marketing, social media and finances propelled him to NFT TikTok stardom. 

For those of you looking for a TikTok NFT influencer who provides education on a large variety of topics – from keeping kids safe online to general NFT and crypto information – Vaynerchuk’s your man. 

@nft.investing 1.1M followers 


Melania Trump’s Apollo 11 NFTs have violated NASA’s guidelines. The space agency has made it clear – they do NOT condone the use of its imagery for NFT purposes. The former first lady released the Apollo 11 NFT collection on Wednesday, just one day before the 54th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. NASA’s images are usually not copyrighted and are publicly available for educational purposes. However, the line is drawn when it comes to NFTs. We’ll keep you updated on whether NASA uses this as an opportunity to protect its content from future NFT use – or if they decide to let it slide. #nft #crypto #nftinvesting #fyp #melaniatrump #donaldtrump #fyp

♬ Sunrise – Official Sound Studio

The number of TikTok influencers attempting to educate their audiences is vast; but their success in doing so is incredibly varied. 

@nft.investing is one of the few TikTok NFT influencers that spreads accurate information in a fun and entertaining manner. The account combines current news and happenings in the NFT and crypto world with educational bits on how to get involved with the industry. 

This TikTok NFT influencer is also a great source of information on the metaverse and other gaming related topics. 

@virtualbacon 320.2K followers 


Are Reddit Avatars the NFT Killer App? i #reddit #redditavatar #collectibleavatar #nft #collectibles

♬ original sound – VirtualBacon I Crypto I Web3

Stepping into the world of NFTs and crypto can be incredibly intimidating for even the most financially savvy of us. Dennis recognises this and is one of the top TikTok NFT influencers out there for beginners hoping to get into NFTs and crypto. 

Dennis’s easy to understand videos and straightforward way of speaking have made him one of the more continually popular TikTok NFT influencers out there. His account is also a fantastic way to get updates on the industry. 

For a more detailed deep dive into NFTs, head over to his YouTube channel for lengthy videos on topics such as market insights, crypto investing and the basics of NFTs. 

@cryptoprojects 1.3M followers


NIZA ? #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #binance #Blockchain #defi #niza

♬ original sound – Crypto Market Reviews

For a look at NFTs from a crypto leaning basis, @cryptoprojects is your man. 

Those who are new to the NFT and crypto world should be warned, however. @cryptoprojects’ videos are information dense and may be difficult to hack if you are a beginner. Despite this, the account is one of the best places on TikTok to get correct NFT and crypto news and information, so dedicating time to understanding his content is very much worth it. 

@cryptoprojects takes a more analytical approach to NFT and crypto news than many other TikTok NFT influencers, taking industry goings on and explaining the impact it will have. 

@groupchatnews 96.8K followers 


Opensea is at a record low? Will NFTs make a comeback? #groupchat #podcast #news #fyp #opensea #nft #web3 #crypto

♬ original sound – Group Chat Podcast

With the sheer volume of education based TikTok NFT influencers out there, one’s feed can become incredibly bogged down incredibly quickly. But fear not, @groupchatnews is here to save the day. 

The TikTok account of the world famous podcast, @groupchatnews provides their followers with running commentary on all the major goings on in the worlds of business, tech, pop culture and sports. 

Whilst their content is not purely based around NFTs, this account is a great way to gain a lighter understanding of the NFT and crypto world. For a heavy dose of humour mixed in with digestible NFT content, @groupchatnews are your boys. 

@itzjoshuajake 537.1K followers 


Mongraal just sold an NFT for 1.6million to @adamweitsman ? #nft #crypto #cryptok #yugalabs #bayc

♬ Cornfield Chase – Dorian Marko

Finding a unique voice to stand out amongst the crowd of TikTok NFT influencers is a tall task indeed. Yet, Joshua Jake makes it look easy. 

Jake dedicates his TikTok account to providing his followers with a well-established, holistic understanding of the latest in NFT, crypto and general market news. However, he places emphasis on the role that global politics plays in the market. This niche perspective provides his followers with a well-balanced understanding of how NFTs are impacted by the global environment; an understanding one would be hard pressed to reach through other TikTok NFT influencers. 

@megbzk 122.7K followers 


Day 1 of 30 #nft #nfts #fyp

♬ Epic Music(863502) – Draganov89

Watch this space, because Meghan Boyczuk’s following is sure to only increase over the upcoming years. 

Boyczuk dedicates her account to sharing NFT news, as well as new projects popping up in the industry and tips and tricks for newbies. Given that the world of TikTok NFT influencers is overwhelmingly male, Boyczuk’s growing following is a testament to her expert understanding of the NFT and crypto market. 

For a comprehensive coverage on the NFT and crypto world, occasionally delivered through trending TikTok bits, Boyczuk is your girl. 

@cryptomasun 1.3M followers


How to make an #NFT collection in literally 10 seconds! #crypto #chaingpt #nfts

♬ Sweet Dreams – Ravens Rock ★

If you are tired of all the bells and whistles many TikTok NFT influencers like to play into, then @cryptomasun might be more up your alley. 

@cryptomasun dedicates his account to delivering straightforward, “no frills” information and updates on NFTs as well as general crypto news. He often collaborates with other major TikTok NFT influencers to help him provide well rounded advice on upcoming NFT and crypto projects, as well as strengthen the NFT community. 

For daily NFT updates that are perfect for your morning scroll on the way to the office, @cryptomasun is your guy. 

@gregmike 27.6K followers 


Hold your breath on 3…2…1 #gregmike #wip #art #outlines #painting

♬ Cotton Candy – Jazzinuf

The first NFT artist on our list, Greg Mike’s account is a visually vibrant foray into the NFT art world. 

Mike creates mind boggling large murals, using a combination of fine lines, bold colours and cartoon characters; all achieved with spray paint. This popular NFT artist first stepped into the world of NFTs as a way to further the reach of his art and hasn’t looked back since. 

Mike’s content shows the process of minting art into NFTs, allowing users to gain a proper understanding of the work that goes into actually creating NFTs. 

@cryptocomix 210.2K followers 


I still believe in NFT’s but at the end of the day itss also done for some shady stuff?‍♂️ #ethereum #nft #crypto

♬ original sound – ⭐️

If you are looking for NFT content served with a giggle, then Hector is your man.

Hector shares NFT and crypto updates with his following, delivered with a sly joke and potentially a meme thrown in there as well. On top of this, he also has many TikTok segments on laying down the basics of NFTs for his beginner followers out there, including a series of videos that use cartoons to break down more complicated concepts such as factorial ownership. 

Hector’s ability to provide up to date information as well as education with an air of levity is a rare skill in the world of TikTok NFT influencers; one that will surely only improve his TikTok standing as time goes on. 

@nft 396.5K followers


Immerse yourself in the world of NFTs! ? The next bull run is approaching, and we regularly keep you informed about upcoming NFT trends ? #nft #bitcoin #crypto #Ordinals #trading #cryptocurrencies #investing #metaverse

♬ Edit Phonk (Slowed) – Bgnzinho

@nft is a fantastic account for those users hoping to gain a more in depth understanding of the NFTs out there. 

Through their account, @nft shares all the latest and greatest NFT innovations with their followers. Beyond this, users can find many videos providing updates on the market, industry tips and tricks and a scattering of humorous skits. 

@nft is one of the more popular NFT news based accounts on TikTok and for good reason. The account is consistent, up-to-date and easy to understand. What more could you ask for?

@offshoot.3d 56.8K followers


Adding thw secret sauce to my PORTALS animation. #blender3d #3danimation

♬ Heat Waves – Glass Animals

One of the more popular TikTok NFT influencers at present, @offshoot.3d’s account is a wonderful exploration of his art. 

@offshoot.3d dedicates his account to sharing his NFT artwork with his followers, from the finished products to the lengthy process it takes to create them. His work is futuristic and fantastical; he is particularly fond of creating animations of miniature spacemen jumping around our real world.

For a sneak peak into the behind the scenes of the NFT art world, @offshoot.3d should definitely be on your next to watch list. 

@snoopdogg @27.2M followers


Grab those spoons, ‘cuz Iced Out Orange Cream is takin’ ya tastebuds on a flavaaaa trip ?‍??✈️ #FreeYaMind #FindYaFlava

♬ original sound – Dr. Bombay

As we are all well aware of by now, Snoop Dogg’s ability to get involved in any industry he fancies is next to none. 

Snoop Dogg was one of the first celebrities to delve into the world of NFTs and one of the few who has maintained his following. His NFT Dr. Bombay, a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, has gone on to partner with Skechers and even has his own ice cream line. The character has gained such popularity that he has his own Instagram account and is referred to as Snoop Doggs ‘IRL sidekick.’

Whilst Snoop Dogg does not share educational NFT content, his influence over the industry cannot be understated; thus, earning him a position on our list of TikTok NFT influencers. 

@mcuban 1M followers


♬ original sound – Mark Cuban

You may recognise him from Shark Tank or as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association, but for the younger crowd of TikTok Mark Cuban is a well known TikTok NFT influencer. 

Cuban’s TikTok is an exciting amalgamation of TikTok trends, behind the scenes peeks into his family life and general NFT and crypto advice. The popular TV personality has been incredibly vocal on the internet on his beliefs on the NFT market, providing many major news sites with interviews.

If you’re looking for general financial content and life tips from one of the more successful businessmen in America that frequently centres around NFTs and crypto, then Cuban is a great option. 

@thisiscryptohodl 80.5K followers 


23 million people have lost ALL their money #nft #crypto #cryptonews #cryptoinvesting #investing #nfts #cryptok #cryptocurrency #fyp

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from “Titanic”) – Céline Dion

With the sheer amount of information on NFTs and crypto available to us, keeping track of what’s fake and what’s not can be an uphill battle. @thisiscryptohodl recognises this and has taken to debunking false information and exposing scams within the NFT and crypto world. 

@thisiscryptohodl uses quick clips to provide his followers with all they need to know on the NFT and crypto industry to stay on top and in the know. Whilst his content can lean crypto-heavy, his account is still a fantastic resource for anyone curious about NFTs. 

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