The Healthy Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow In 2023

Sep 01, 2023

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The Healthy Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow In 2023

Been wondering who the best healthy lifestyle influencers are? 

The health and wellness sector has always been popular online, but in the wake of the pandemic it has been taken to another level: with an estimated worth of $54.2 billion in 2021. 

The pandemic brought with it increased demand for accessible at home workout routines; massively impacting mental health. A survey carried out by UniDays recently found that a whopping 72% of students are currently struggling with their mental health, meaning that all different areas of health and wellbeing – whether that be mental, physical or both – are at the forefront for Gen Z. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, TikTok has emerged as the perfect platform for healthy lifestyle influencer content with its format of short, casual and ‘edutaining’ videos. This popularity and demand continues well into 2023, with #healthylifestyle having over 12.8 billion views and #wellness having over 13.5 billion alone on TikTok. 

With all this in mind, keep reading to see our compilation of the top 20 healthy lifestyle influencers on TikTok currently setting the internet ablaze!

Which healthy lifestyle influencer should you follow

1. Mel – @thatgirlmel3 (363.4K followers, 10.5M likes)

Mel’s aesthetic content motivates her followers to live life to the fullest and prioritise finding a balance between healthy living and mental wellbeing


Morning routine ? reposting this video from yesterday ?? #morningroutine #minivlog #adayinmylife #wellness #mindfulness #asmrsounds

♬ bellyache – speed – Libra

2. Jade – @wellnessbyjade (443K followers, 9.7M likes)

Jade is the self-proclaimed ‘virtual bestie’ you need, who shares her advice and personal journey with self growth, mental health, women empowerment. 


Stop waiting for someone to take you on a date, do it yourself. ??? #findyourselfagain #selflove #healingjourney #mentalhealth

♬ vampire olivia rodrigo sped up – shayna ⸆⸉

3. Gracie Norton – @gracie_norton (1M followers, 15.8M likes)

Gracie is a healthy lifestyle influencer and fitness content creator who addresses many health and wellness related issues on her platform, including workouts and diet to regulate your hormones throughout your cycle, PCOS, and general strengthening exercises. 


some if the things i wish i could’ve told myself to help manage my symptoms sooner! Everyone is different, these are a few of the simple things that helped ? #greenscreen #hormones #pcosawareness #pcoslife #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #routines #habits

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

4. Senada Greca – @senada.greca (2.3M followers, 19.7M likes)

Seneca grew up loving fitness as a child in Albania, but has now lived and worked all over the world training celebrities like Bebe Rexha. Her TikTok account showcases her celebrity-loved workouts, diet plans and her very toned physique to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle


Tight Abs Workout IG for more deets

♬ Speed Drive (From Barbie The Album) – Charli XCX

5. Austin Maddox – @_ausmad (15.7K followers, 305.8K likes)

Austin is a qualified Yoga Instructor who shares tips on her channel for people to follow along and learn. She also discusses the mental benefits of yoga and how physical wellbeing can massively help your mental wellbeing to form an overall healthy lifestyle


how yoga helped me regain my confidence after a toxic relationship ?

♬ Open Arms (feat. Travis Scott) – SZA

6. Vikki Hill – @vikkihillpt (68.9K followers, 930K likes)

Vikki is a healthy lifestyle influencer and GymShark ambassador who posts motivational gym content on her page to encourage her followers to keep up their healthy lifestyle.


Enter 2024 your healthiest best self – get started in b!0 #losefatbuildmusclefeelgood #fitnessmotivationdaily #fitnessinspo2023 #weightlossworkoutsforwomen #workoutchallenge2023 #getinshapetoday #getinshapewithme

♬ original sound – skylar

7. Vicky Justiz – @vickyjustiz (119.2K followers, 1.5M likes) 

Vicky started sharing her fitness content on YouTube in 2014, and through her content she aims to form a beautiful, international community of women that will motivate and push each other to be the best possible versions of themselves.


A lil abs workout todayyyy ??‍♀️ this new collection is UNREAAAAL… a halter dports bra?! Say less ?‍? launching on womensbest july 17th ?@Women‘s Best

♬ Little Things x Gypsy Woman – L BEATS MASHUP – Jorja Smith

8. Letizia Sophie – @letiziaasophie (98.9K followers, 2.2M likes) 

Letizia’s peaceful and aesthetic content encourages others to find relaxation in the everyday and to prioritise self love and care. 


Having a routine is simply the best?#selfcare #selfgrowth #selfgrowthjourney #healingjourney #productivity #motivation #routine #dailystructure #mindset #selfimprovement #healingjourney #mindsetmotivation #thatgirl #thatgirlaesthetic #wellnessgirl #healthyhabits #healthygirl #doneapp #growthbundle

♬ original sound – <3

9. Meg – @meg.ofitness (1.1M followers, 26.9M likes)

Meg describes herself as ‘a wanna be wellness babe’ – she keeps her generally aesthetic content real with small comments or bloopers of her morning routines before the gym and her healthy eating in a day, making her a relatable and funny person to follow in the health and lifestyle category.  


lil morning vlog✌???✨ #gymvlog

♬ original sound – Meg

10. Jisu Kim – @itsjisukim (5237 followers, 66.5K likes)

Jisu Kim’s content focuses on ‘levelling up’ and being the best version of herself – which inspires others to do the same along with her. 


7 healthy habits i’m practicing in August?✨What are some of yours? Follow @itsjisukim to live a healthy lifestyle!! SHARE this with a friend who needs some wellness inspo and SAVE this post for future reference ?? These are 7 healthy habits im focusing on this summer: 1️⃣drinking matcha (over coffee) after I have a well-balanced breakfast in order to stabilize my hormones. If you’re looking for a high-quality, organic, ceremonial grade matcha, i highly recommend @nekohama! You can use JISU15 for 15% off ? 2️⃣daily morning walk outside to get fresh air and sunshine (natural serotonin boost) 3️⃣focusing on my own journey and timeline. breaking the habit of comparing myself with others and reminding myself that I am not behind in life! 4️⃣strength train 5x/week in the gym (i’m focusing on getting stronger and building more muscle) & taking around 10k steps a day for my cardio 5️⃣reading scripture and writing down 3 things im grateful for first thing in the morning to get in the right headspace 6️⃣practicing intuitive eating and honoring my food preferences (being in touch with my hunger and fullness cues) 7️⃣creating fun memories with my friends, exploring Los Angeles, and enjoying the summer!! Are you practicing any of the same habits or routines? Let me know in the comments! . . #healthygirlhabits #healthylifestylehabits #healthygirls #changeyourlifestyle #healthylifestylechange #wellnessgirl #selfcarejourney #wellnesstips #2023glowup #healthyhabitsandroutines #augustintentions #augustgoals2023 #healthygirlsummer2023

♬ Echos in My Mind (Lofi) – Muspace Lofi

11. Christian Bordin – @christianbordin (173K followers, 3.8M likes)

Christian is a healthy lifestyle influencer who takes his followers through his aesthetically pleasing fitness journey and general healthy habits like men’s skincare and his personal growth essentials. 


My personal growth, what is yours? #fyp #lifestyle

♬ StarBoy – Speed – Libra

12. Nicole Victoria – @wellnessbynicolevictoria (83.7K followers, 998.3K likes)

Nicole Victoria’s page focuses on tips, tricks and challenges to help her followers stay motivated when working towards being the best version of themselves and keeping a healthy lifestyle


Health And Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle?. #healthandwellnesstips #healthandwellnesslifestyle #healthylifestyletips #wellnessroutine #wellnesshabits #wellnesstips

♬ masquenada – ?

13. Ally – @ally.renee1 (1.2M followers, 28M likes)

Ally’s humorous and chatty content offers advice to her followers on how to glow up physically, spiritually and mentally while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle


Replying to @? ???i hope this helps!! U deserve to be happy!!

♬ original sound – ally

14. Melanie  – @melaniepcruzz (1.3M followers, 36.4M likes) 

Melanie documents her fitness journey and relearning MMA fighting techniques that she used to love when she was younger on her page, taking her followers along for the ride to see her progress. 


taking one day at a time . Props to our trainer for greasing up the rusty gears

♬ fukumean – Gunna

15. Jeff – @therapyjeff (2.7M followers, 72.6M likes)

Jeff gives everyone free relationship therapy on his channel to help you to check your own toxic habits and learn to recognise them in others, so you can have a healthy mindset towards your partner, friends and family.


7 of my favorite green flags in a relationship. #therapytiktok #mentalhealth #relationshiptips #dating #greenflags #datingadviceformen

♬ original sound – TherapyJeff

16. Evelyn – @evelynturina (1.1M followers, 17.7M likes)

Evelyn’s page focuses on healthy weight loss and offers tips and routines to eat, exercise and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Beginner Weight Loss Journey! At home workout, no jumping and no noise! You can also perform it in the hotel room if you’re on holidays #hiitworkout #weightlosstipsforwomen #athomeworkout #beginnerworkout #fatburningworkouts

♬ original sound – Evelyn Turina

17. Michael Chernow – @michaelchernow (195.5K followers, 1.9M likes)

Michaels podcast style videos focus on discussing fitness, health and wellbeing related issues. 


Fam, dropping you two ways to easily increase your wellbeing RIGHT NOW. Don’t sleep on number two. ?? #lifeadvice #lifecoach #lifecoaching #fitness #wellbeing #walking #lifetips #lifetip #getoutside

♬ (TRAINING DAY) – Instrumental – RayKeyz

18. Dr Karan Raj – @dr.karanr (5.2M followers, 325M likes)

Dr Karan Raj is an NHS doctor who uses his platform to debunk medical myths and raise awareness of things that are genuinely part of a healthy lifestyle in a light-hearted and humorous manner.


Hey is that bee pollen you’ve got there or anecdotal data?

♬ original sound – Dr Karan Raj

There you have it, the top 20 healthy lifestyle influencers to help motivate, inspire and drive your next bout of self-care rituals.

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