2024 Super Bowl Campaigns: The Best and Brightest You Need to Watch

Feb 27, 2024

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2024 Super Bowl Campaigns: The Best and Brightest You Need to Watch

Which 2024 Super Bowl campaigns have kept us coming back for more?

The Super Bowl is a major event in every marketer’s calendar, with brands across the world pulling out all the stops. This year was no different.

From practical jokes featuring Michael Cera, to a mini “Friends” reunion, 2024 Super Bowl campaigns went above and beyond to draw in viewers.

Yet, with so many fantastic 2024 Super Bowl campaigns to choose from, which ones really hit the ball out of the field?

We’ve rounded up our favourite 2024 Super Bowl campaigns, so you can sit back and enjoy them long after the game is over.



E.L.F had an incredible 2023, and it looks like they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. 

 E.L.F pulled out all the stops this year to make their Super Bowl debut; last year’s infamous advert featuring Jennifer Coolidge was only showcased regionally. Featuring an incredibly large cast of familiar faces, E.L.F used their prized timeslot to drive home the message that paying more for makeup is just criminal. 

One of the best 2024 Super Bowl campaigns, in the ad we saw Judge Judy – playing the character Judge Beauty – charge Sarah Rafferty of “Suits” fame with the crime of paying too much for makeup. Other famous features included former NFL player Emmanual Acho, Meghan Trainer, Ronald Gladden from “Jury Duty” and popular drag queen Heidi N Closet. 

The hero product of the commercial was E.L.F’s popular Halo Glow Liquid Filter. The product was E.L.F’s most popular item of 2023, selling one unit every four seconds. 


in e.l.f we trust 🙏 this is one big game commercial you will not want to miss 👏 #elfcosmetics #eyeslipsfacts #biggame

♬ original sound – e.l.f. Cosmetics


Never far from some form of internet controversy, Cardi B sure made a splash with her feature in one of the most talked about 2024 Super Bowl campaigns. 

NYX cosmetics partnered up with the well-known rapper to champion their Duck Plump lip gloss, but their dreams of Super Bowl fame were quickly hindered. 

The second half of NYX’s commercial was doxxed by NFL representatives, who “disapproved” of its content. This forced NYX to resort to filling up the second half of their ad slot with a QR code, leading viewers to the commercial’s scandalous second part. 

Yet, those who were curious enough to scan the code were most likely disappointed. The first half of the advertisement saw Cardi B running viewers through the amazing qualities of the gloss. The second, saw a group of men quickly realising they have misread the gloss’s label; mistakenly swapping an I for that all important U. 

The men’s pain is played off as comedic, with the segment intending to highlight the gloss’s tingling sensation due to its ginger-infused formula. 


teaching you all a big lesson: it’s FOR LIPS ONLY! ⚠️💋 #biggame #duckplump #forlipsonly

♬ original sound – NYX Professional Makeup


Known for their soothing formulas made for sensitive skin, viewers found skincare brand Cetaphil’s Super Bowl commercial anything but calming. 

Aiming to play into the NFL’s new audience, Cetaphil released an advertisement showcasing a father and daughter bonding over football; the father, relishing in finally being able to share his favourite hobby with his child, and the daughter, hoping to catch a glimpse of some Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift drama. 

Initially, viewers loved the wholesome ad, with many claiming it was one of their favourite Super Bowl beauty campaigns. Yet, it wasn’t long before controversy struck.

TikToker Sharon Mbabazi took to her account to express her concern with the ad, claiming that Cetaphil stole the idea from her. Mbabazi rose to TikTok fame through her adorable videos with her step-dad, which see them bonding over football and Kelce and Swift’s relationship. 

Mbabazi claimed that the Cetaphil commercial replicated her videos shot by shot, and even used actors that looked like her and her step-father. After the internet quickly rose to support her, Cetaphil made a public claim that the similarities were purely coincidental, and then settled the matter with Mbabazi in private. 


Daughters who love skincare, dads who love football. Here’s your invite to bond over the Big Game. #GameTimeGlow

♬ original sound – Cetaphil US


CeraVe well and truly had the internet fooled this month, through their ingenious partnership with Michael Cera. 

Through a series of perfectly timed “paparazzi” photos, the highly popular skincare brand managed to convince the internet that their founder was Michael Cera. Beloved by Gen Z and the majority of the internet, Michael Cera was an interesting but highly successful choice for CeraVe to engage with. 

CeraVe built on the conspiracy theory week by week, with photos of Cera holding bundles of CeraVe products, and even signing bottles at pharmacies, seemingly being leaked onto the internet.

The stunt culminated at the Super Bowl, with CeraVe’s comedic ad revealing that no, the Cera in CeraVe does not stand for Michael Cera. Instead, it stands for ceramides; their hero ingredient. 

The move was nothing short of genius, making this one of the best Super Bowl campaigns we have seen in a while. CeraVe correctly identified their target audience and played into their tastes perfectly, creating an internet wide conversation that boosted brand awareness. 

On top of this, it was just simply hilarious.


We’ve seen this circulating on the internet. Please DO NOT WATCH and DO NOT SHARE. We are #developedwithderms #CeraVe

♬ original sound – CeraVe


State Farm

Featuring internet favourites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, State Farm insurance continued their success in winning over America’s hearts with their 2024 Super Bowl ad. 

One of the most watched 2024 Super Bowl campaigns, the commercial follows Schwarzenegger as he struggles to learn his lines for his role in the State Farm movie. Yet, with the help of his good neighbour DeVito, he is able to succeed. 

State Farm uploaded six variations of its commercial, with four going to YouTube, one to Facebook and one to Instagram. This move was incredibly successful, as it built up excitement for the final release of the full ad on Game Day. 

2024 super bowl campaigns

Dunkin’ Donuts 

We never thought we’d see the day where Ben Affleck becomes a pop star, but here we are. 

Affleck teamed up with Dunkin’ and a wide cast of characters to bring to life the popular company’s Super Bowl ad. Aiming to champion the message that anything is possible with Dunkin’, the ad follows Affleck in his pursuit to be a pop star. 

Quickly reaching the top of many 2024 Super Bowl campaigns lists, Dunkin’ cleverly built the ad around Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship, sparking plenty of online conversation. Matt Damon also played a part in the commercial, cashing in on the internet’s obsession with his friendship with Affleck. 

The commercial is goofy, fun and self-aware; all the markings of a good, classic, Super Bowl ad. 


For everyone who said you want the movie version of these commercials, well here you go. Our early Valentines day gift for you all: Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings – Extended Cut’

♬ original sound – Dunkin’


Yet another brand who seemingly tried to squeeze as many famous faces into their thirty second slot as possible, UberEats made waves on Social Media with their Super Bowl commercial this year. 

Featuring Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer, the Beckhams and Jelly Roll, UberEats urged viewers to remember UberEats delivers almost everything by simply forgetting something else. 

Through a series of comedic scenarios, the cast each forget something pretty integral to their public persona; for Anniston, this is her on screen relationship with Schwimmer that lasted for ten years. The ad is simple and fun, cashing in on plenty of pop culture references along the way. 

UberEats also managed to stir up internet conversation prior to Super Bowl Sunday, with a short teaser featuring the Beckhams. The snippet parodied the couple’s viral moment from their Netflix documentary, sparking plenty of retweets and encouraging many to claim that the ad was one of their favourite 2024 Super Bowl campaigns. 


(WATCH) A clever, attention-getting #SuperBowl 2024 commercial for Uber Eats reunites one of the great romantic sitcom couples – David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, aka Ross and Rachel from #Friends – to illustrate the company’s latest ad theme urging customers to remember to use the delivery service

♬ original sound – Deadline

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