The Brands Nailing Their Social-First Approach To Social Media Marketing

May 29, 2024

Social Media Marketing News

The Brands Nailing Their Social-First Approach To Social Media Marketing

Social first content is the marketing strategy for brands in 2024. 

In our day and age, it is difficult to find a brand that is not on social media. From Scrub Daddy to the Washington Post, every kind of brand has an online presence.

Yet, not all these brands find the same success. Some crash and burn. Others, grow their audience by millions. 

What is the key to a social first marketing strategy, and how can your brand join in on the fun? Read on to find out which brands are acing social first campaigns and how you can follow suit. 




👁️👅👁️ #duolingo #languagelearning

♬ Locomotar – Zoom

This couldn’t be a social first content list without mentioning Duolingo. 

The bona fide face of social first content, Duolingo has completely revolutionised the way brands interact with their audiences on social media. A simple language app, Duolingo has brought in millions of new audience members with its humour driven content over on TikTok. 

Always at the forefront of meme culture, Duolingo has an incredible understanding of its audience, and always manages to be one of the first brands to engage with trends. They top off their unhinged humorous videos with outrageously funny interactions with their audience in their comment sections; creating the perfect account for Gen Z consumers to learn about the brand and giggle away. 



nice try 👀 #ryanair

♬ original sound – Ryanair

Much like Duolingo, RyanAir has made its millions on social media with its Gen Z driven approach. 

The account feels as if it is being run by your hilarious best friends, and consumers can’t get enough. RyanAir uses its TikTok to embody its brand persona perfectly; a budget airline who will get you where you’re going. No more, no less. 

By sticking to their brand image, RyanAir feels completely at home on social media, rather than sticking out like many brands. They focus on meme content, joining in on trends and create their own with ease. Their tongue in cheek humour and embodiment of the “brain rot” era on TikTok make their social first content a huge hit with consumers. 



it’s time to change your lip oil (and your life) *Awarded as a $100 eGift Card redeemable at NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. The e.l.f. Lip Oil Changes Sweepstakes is sponsored by e.l.f. Cosmetics, Inc. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18 years of age or older as of date of entry, who are e.l.f. Beauty Squad Loyalty members. Begins 12:00am ET on 5/24/24 & ends 11:59pm ET on 5/30/24. Visit for the official rules. #elfcosmetics #eyeslipsface #indy500 #sweepstakes

♬ original sound – e.l.f. Cosmetics

Setting the standard for beauty brands attempting social first content, E.L.F has continuously crushed its social media game. 

Combining user generated content (UGC), product focused videos, and trending content, gives E.L.F a serious edge in the beauty industry. The brand has a fantastic understanding of what their audience wants, and always serves this up with a side of humour. E.L.F never misses a trend, and yet is always authentic in their content. It achieves this by championing its dedicated consumers, and providing them with plenty of genuine product information and try-ons. 

Marc Jacobs 


An emotional remix by @DJ MANDY

♬ original sound – marcjacobs

A surprise entry to this social first content list, Marc Jacobs has recently been making headlines with its complete rejection of traditional luxury advertising. 

The luxury accessories brand has adopted a RyanAir-esque social first content approach; memes, trending content, and plenty of featured TikTok superstars. Rather than opting for stuffy, played out luxury advertising, Marc Jacobs has instead decided to aim directly for their Gen Z target audience; and they have more than succeeded. The brand can typically be seen partnering up with big social media influencers such as Sylvanian Dramas and DJ Mandy. 

By collaborating with these accounts, Marc Jacobs is able to show its audience that it speaks their language. This kind of social first content has allowed the brand to draw in thousands of young audience members; users who typically would not have seen Marc Jacobs as a brand accessible to them.

Made by Mitchell 


SEE U THEREEEEEE 🧚🏽‍♂️🥹✨❤️‍🩹 #madebymitchell #blursh #fyp #viral #makeuphacks #tiktokmademebuyit #packingorders #packwithme

♬ original sound – madebymitchell

Made by Mitchell has well and truly earned itself a place on every social first content list. 

This TikTok native brand flipped the script for TikTok shop, showing the world that brands thrive on the platform. What makes Made by Mitchell’s content so effective is its incredible social listening. 

The brand never fails to deliver exactly what its audience desires. Be that more shades, more diversity, funny content, or tutorials, Made by Mitchell is consistently keeping its consumers satisfied. Through their authentic content and talk-to-the-camera style, the brand feels genuine and human led in a manner that can be difficult to find in major beauty brands. 

Bubble Skincare 


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♬ original sound – The Real VonaJai

Cited by many as the gold standard of social first content, Bubble Skincare has nailed their social media presence from the very beginning. 

Always ready to join in on a trend, show off the team behind their content, or answer audience questions, Bubble Skincare has built up a loyal following on TikTok due to their authentic approach. The brand creates content purely for their audience; not to go viral, or to convince the world of their worth, but purely to appeal to their valued consumers. 

This results in a social media presence driven by genuine content and audience loyalty. From showing their consumers how to achieve the latest skin trend, to providing top tier advice on breakouts, Bubble Skincare takes social first content to a new level. 

Fenty Beauty 


whatchu up to, sis? 🧐💜 Peep @FENTY SKIN for the full episode 🍵

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

Fenty has achieved something truly amazing with their social first content; they have created a premium look spliced with trending content. 

For many brands, producing social first content can feel at odds with a luxury, top of the line product. Yet, Fenty has managed to maintain their glossy, luxury look, whilst still connecting with their consumers over humorous content. By combining beautifully shot try on videos with funny content, Fenty has been able to build a solid brand image that is truly one in a million; all the while speaking to their consumers needs and earning their loyalty. 



From our hands to yours 🤝 because we couldn’t wait another minute to get you your Balm Dotcom! Come with us and our founder Emily Weiss to surprise a lucky member of our community with a special delivery 💌 Balm Dotcom in its original formula is back (!!!), available now on and in a Glossier store near you. #glossier #balmdotcom

♬ original sound – Glossier

Glossier is the epitome of “for the girls”. 

The major beauty brand was no small name when it entered the social media arena. Despite this, it has managed to create a polished, yet genuine brand image online. Especially, on TikTok. Glossier feels as if it were created by a small group of friends who only want the best for you, and their social first content reflects this. Many of the brand’s videos feature local consumers, the founder herself, and also famous influencers. 

By creating product focused content that emphasises how real users use its products, Glossier has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the busy world of social media.



let em croc 😮‍💨 #crocsflex #capcut #croctok

♬ Drip Hard – Memê no Beat

For a brand that always heeds the call of its consumers for better or worse, look no further than Crocs. 

Crocs has become famous for its consumer driven product launches. From Cars to Shrek, it seems the popular shoe brand has been able to collaborate with every pop-culture name from our childhoods. The brand focuses on this in its social first content, creating an account that is equally parts hilarious and product centric. 

Crocs never fails to put its own unique spin on a trend, so head on over to its channel for plenty of laughs. 



when he looks like a Chipotle bag >>>

♬ original sound – Chipotle

Chipotle has become infamous in the world of social media for its unhinged attempts at community management. 

Much like Wendys and Duolingo, Chipotle has made a name for itself amongst the Gen Z consumer base for its hilarious sense of humour and cutthroat comment section. Typically found striking back at users in its comments or using Chipotle products to re-create trends, the brand never misses when it comes to social first content. 

One of the more meme focused accounts on this list, be sure to check out Chipotle for lots of giggles and a growing appetite. 

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  


What bird do you want to see next? 👀 pssst: want to see even more robins? head to the link in our bio to join our 2024 big garden bird watch, the worlds largest wildlife survey (spoiler: there’s birds) #robin #robins #birdtiktok #birdoftheweek #birdsoftiktok #birdtok #birdmemes #uk #birdlover #birdlovers #birding

♬ original sound – RSPB

Now, this might seem like an odd addition, but bare with us. 

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is a UK based bird charity that has stumbled upon TikTok fame. The account reached virality overnight with its hilarious bird of the week series, which uses trending TikTok formats to share funny insights into a variety of birds. Since then, the account has continued with its meme-first, educate-second tactic. 

The account is light hearted, perfectly in sync with young users’ desires, and just overall a good time; making it a must have addition to our social first content champions.

Washington post 


A portrait of Catherine, Princess of Wales, was commissioned by Tatler magazine for its July cover. Artist Hannah Uzor said, “I spent a lot of time looking at her, looking at her pictures, watching videos of her, seeing her with her family, seeing her diplomatic visits, seeing her when she’s rowing or visiting children at hospice,” the artist, who did not have access to the princess during the process, reflected in a video. Her portraits aim to capture “the soul of the person,” Uzor said. But for many, the portrait resulting from that close study depicted neither the princess’s soul, nor even her physical characteristics. In response to the painting — showing a calm-looking figure in a fluid white gown against a buoyant blue backdrop — several commenters asked, “Who is this?” “The painting is beautiful but does not look like the princess,” one noted. Others were more direct in their criticism, calling the piece “an insult” and “terrible.” The royal family has not spoken publicly about the work and the artist did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

♬ original sound – We are a newspaper. – We are a newspaper.

Whilst a newspaper might not be exactly what comes to mind when you think of social first content, the Washington Post has truly become a legend in this area. 

The newspaper began its TikTok account just a few years ago, and has since found itself a winning formula. Rather than sticking to the dry, serious visuals and content that many of its competitors do, Washing Post instead utilises social first content to bring in viewers. The account is full of skit based, trend informed videos all explaining different topics and articles that the site features; think Horrible Histories but for social media. 

By using this format, Washington Post is able to reach a far younger consumer base, and maintain the attention of TikTok locals. 

Scrub Daddy


Replying to @spencerlovescats13 Please become more familiar with this lore. #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #americasfavoritesponge @Duolingo

♬ original sound – Scrub Daddy

Taking a page out of Duolingo’s book, it seems nothing is off limits to Scrub Daddy.

Popular cleaning products don’t typically gain a four million strong following on TikTok, but Scrub Daddy is an exception. The account is seemingly run by a group of chronically online Gen Z interns, or so its comment section believes. Filled with every meme and trend imaginable, plus a good deal of outrageously silly skits, Scrub Daddy’s take on social first content is off the rails in the best way possible. 

For plenty of humorous content that is often NSFW, check out Scrub Daddy. 



keep your streak alive & cut the rope daily, play now on mobile

♬ original sound – Netflix – Netflix

Netflix is a stand out case in this list, as whilst it engages with social first content, it typically does not use trends. 

The brand instead relies on its social capital with its audience, teasing new shows, creating unqiue memes and sound bites, and plenty of interviews. Whilst Netflix keeps up with the tide and references popular culture, it does not dilute its brand image by overloading its audience with trending content. 

This one-of-a-kind take on social first content emphasises that whilst trending content is a perfect way to reach your audience, it is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Socially Powerful 


Channeling Troy Bolton in that jump #socialagency #influencermarketing #codyko #troybolton

♬ original sound – ash

Yes, we may be a tad biassed, but we would be remiss not to toot our own horn!

The Socially Powerful social media pages are chock-a-block with trends, office antics, and plenty of silly moments. We use a social first content approach to ensure we are always ahead of the curve, and meeting our audience where they are at. 

For an inside look into our agency, along with lots of relatable office moments, have a look at our account!

Our influencer marketing agency and social agency are located worldwide, with our agency network based in the USA, UK, UAE and China.

If you want to find industry insights, visit our influencer marketing and social media blogs.



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