Snap Up New Opportunities With These Snapchat Influencers

Aug 04, 2023

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Snap Up New Opportunities With These Snapchat Influencers

Looking to improve your prospects on Snapchat? Snapchat influencers just might be they key to success.

Snapchat, the platform that introduced a little tongue-in-cheek to social media through its disappearing photos and video capabilities. Aptly named ‘Snaps’, these allow users to express themselves freely and unapologetically, which we all know is hard to do today. 

Through a myriad of fun and innovative in-app features like augmented reality, popping filters (like the iconic dog lens and the pleasing golden hour lens), stickers, geo-location (snap maps) and the implantation of your very own virtual avatar (Bitmoji), Snapchat keeps you hook lined and sunk for more and is why it reaches over 363 million daily active users worldwide.

But we aren’t here to solely talk about Snapchat today; no, no, no, we are here to focus our lens on Snapchat’s influencer marketing scene.

The Stories revenue share program is the essence of Snapchat’s push in creator marketing, allowing Snapchat influencers to place ads in their stories for recurring revenue if their reach aligns with the program’s prerequisites. 

What do these Snapchat influencers post, and how is the content digested? 

That’s the beauty of it! These creators have free reign on the type of content produced – from BTS glimpses to Q&A sessions, comedic skits and much more – with their content being privy via Snapchat Discover and Spotlight pages, intertwining influencer content, UGC and paid promotion. Think TikTok’s For You Page, but for Snapchat!

It’s important to note the power Snapchat brings when promoting brands through influencer marketing.

It’s the innovative tech Snap has on others. AR tools, geo-location and filter integration can be implemented in your promotion with the ability to feed these ads on your spotlight and discover pages through varied ad formats (stories, videos/static.)    

So whether you are a seasoned veteran, a returning visitor, or just starting on Snapchat, the platform has adapted and evolved its influencer marketing, and to steer you in the right direction, we’ve created the best Snapchat influencer list just for you!

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Introducing the Top 15  Snapchat Influencers To Help Boost Your Reach in 2023

1. kingbach

Starting this fantastic “bach” of Snapchat influencers is the king of the content himself. He reels his audience in comedy sketches, parody videos, and humorous vlogs as he portrays various characters in his videos, demonstrating his quick and charming wit. His skill set has translated to the big screens making appearances in movies like “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “The Babysitter”, making it no surprise that he has amassed 1.99 m subscribers on Snapchat.

2. amandacerny

Next up on our list of Snapchat influencers is the stylish and beautiful Amanda Cerny, who carries a strong 4.16m followers on Snapchat. She gained prominence on Vine and has since established a significant presence on various social media platforms, with Snapchat being no exception. You can watch her enacting various content, from comedy sketches to lifestyle and fitness vlogs, motivating her fanbase constantly. 

3. lizakoshysnaps

Liza Koshy is a strong personality with an even stronger affiliation with Snapchat, with 6.25 million subscribers and counting. Scrolling through her page, you will find her animated persona shine through comedy sketches, vlog activations and Q&A videos. Beyond her online presence, she has attained many accolades through collaborations with brands like Calvin Klein and Nike. If that wasn’t enough, she starred in her own show on Netflix, “Work it”, demonstrating why she deserves to be on Time’s 25 Most Influential People on the Internet In 2019 and on our top Snapchat influencer list today. 

4. varoonthakoor

Next on our Snapchat influencer list, is the hilariously entertaining comedian and actor Varun Thakur who enacts comedic skits exaggerating and poking fun at common personality traits and scenarios, often intertwining hilarious Snapchat filters to exaggerate the comedic effect. When he’s not on Snapchat, you can find him across social media and through live stand-up comedy.

5. babyariel

Number 5 on our list is Baby Ariel, who rose to fame through the original song “Aww.” Ariel’s content ensures constant engagement through various content, from day-in-the-life vlogs to travel content, BTS snippets, and mouth-watering food snaps. Baby Ariel is renowned for her #ArielMovement in 2015, which sees opposition against cyberbullying and gives us and you another reason to love her! She has 2.3M followers on Snapchat. 

6. loganpaul

Storyteller, vlogger, entrepreneur, athlete, entertainer, Logan Paul is a multifaceted creator who has rightfully earned himself a spot on our list of Snapchat influencers. His content tracks his career and life as he gives an authentic lens into who Logan is, from his brand ventures and collaborations with the likes of WWE, to his own energy drink PRIME shared with brand partner and fellow influencer KSI, to engaging vlogs with friends and family. Logan has 4.18M followers on Snapchat to date. 

7. jakepaul19

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul is next on our list of Snapchat influencers with his fiery personality and impressive reach. Vine personality turned internet bad boy turned professional boxer is here to stay with engaging vlog-style content, comedic skits, pranks, quick thinking and gravitas that continue to knock us out. He has over 2.79M followers on Snapchat. 

8. jeansergegagnon

Jean-Serge Gagnon is a Snapchat influencer who has made a significant impact in the world of business success, parenting, and family. Gagnon’s insightful advice shines through with his engaging tutorial-based and vlog content with interjections of humorous videos using whimsical AR lenses. He often includes his family members to help bolster his content. Jean-Serge has garnered 5K followers on Snapchat. 

9. noah_beck8

Noah Beck is the biggest heartthrob of all the Snapchat influencers who often makes content around lifestyle, fitness, challenges and vlogs. He shares workout tips, exercise challenges, and motivational content to inspire his followers to lead a healthy and active life. Additionally, he creates engaging vlogs that provide insights into his daily adventures, travel experiences, and behind-the-scenes moments.

10. jimbo4736

Jimbo is a charismatic character who fills his page with daring video challenges, day-in-the-life content, vlogs, skits and Q&A content enabling interaction between him and his fanbase of 140k Snapchat followers. Jimbo often involves his family and friends in his pranks and overall content, adding a personal touch to his videos and persona. 

11. naelabualteen

This Snapchat influencer from Dubai blends entertainment and culture by inviting his followers on a breathtaking journey worldwide, focusing his gaze on luxury properties and hotspots from Dubai to Paris. With his fun and bubbly personality, naelabualteen succeeds in keeping you informed while being entertaining.

12. jastookes

Next up on our Snapchat influencer list, is Jasmine Tooks, a model and creator who takes us on a journey of joy and entertainment. With 433k subscribers to her name, Jasmine makes videos that unveil the virtual door into her life, whether that be try-on hauls, day-in-the-life videos, workout tutorials, modelling shoots and more!

13. harryjowsey

From reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ to instant fame, next on our list is Harry Jowsey, Snapchat influencer and personality, striving to wow his audience through his vlog style content and cheeky personality which showcases his outgoing nature and ability to engage viewers, through his energetic and adventurous style.

14. cyreneq 

CyreneQ is next up on our list for a good reason. Being proficient in AR Lenses, CyreneQ is known for creating and featuring her lenses on Snapchat for her audience and broader user base. When she’s not implementing Snapchat’s AR technology, you can find her vlogging about her travel experiences and posting cute snaps of her Bearded Dragon, Rambo. 

15. daviddobrik

And now we close off our Snapchat influencer list with superstar David Dobrik, amassing a powerful subscriber count of 7.37M followers. His content is fun and all over the place, providing a sense of freedom for his followers as we see him and his crew go about their daily lives, partaking in crazy antics, experiments, pranks, dares and more. On top of this, he often interacts with his fanbase sending them cool and larger-than-life gifts or reading and responding to fan questions. 

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