The Top Male Influencers Leading The Tech Industry On TikTok

Jul 14, 2023

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The Top Male Influencers Leading The Tech Industry On TikTok

Male influencers in tech contribute greatly to the video-sharing platform that has supercharged our interest and become the undisputed top dog since 2022 . With 3 billion downloads and 1 billion monthly users – TikTok redefines how we absorb content.

From comedic and interactive lip-sync videos to microblog and lifestyle videos, the platform is home to entertaining short-form content that will keep even the busiest of people engaged. 

However, what makes the platform thrive is the rampant rise of influencers on the platform – or, as TikTok likes to call them ‘TikTok creators’. 

TikTok creators harness the power to influence consumer behaviour through their reach, ever-growing fan base and personal charm that keeps us yearning for more content. This notion is prevalent in the tech industry, with some of our favourite personalities feeding us information on the latest and greatest toys on the market. 

various tech gadgets

We are talking about the Marques Brownlee’s and Joe Thio’s of the world – male TikTok influencers whose tech content is not only informative but to the point and downright funny thanks to TikTok’s short-form video format and abundance of tools like music, special filters, and visual cues helping creators engage with their audience and electrify the persona of brands & businesses. 

So, next time you are pondering on what console you should buy for your gaming sessions, the suitable TV to help elevate your Netflix & chill nights, or just looking to factory reset your WiFi router (we’re guilty of this), hop on to Tiktok and learn away!

To get you started, we’ve put together our top male influencers in tech ruling TikTok right now!

Our top 15  male influencers on ‘Techtok’

1. mkbhd

Get ready to dive into the tech world with this supercharged TikToker, whose magnetic pull has amassed 1.7 million followers! With content revolving around captivating reviews spanning across the tech spectrum, from phones to cars, mice to earpieces, and even the most peculiar gadgets like a widescreen landscape monitor, Marques leaves no circuit board unturned, and that is why he’s earned the top spot on our male influencers in tech list.


A hidden Google assistant feature that’s actually kinda sick

♬ original sound – Marques Brownlee

 2. mrwhosetheboss

Next on our male influencers in tech list is TikTok sensation mrwhosetheboss. With a massive following of 1.7 million, his content knows no bounds when reviewing the latest tech and conducting durability tests. From laptops to phones and monitors, mrwhosetheboss fearlessly puts these cutting-edge devices to the ultimate test. He delves into intriguing product comparisons, pitting gadgets against each other, and unveils the ideal tech accessories for your digital lifestyle. And let’s not forget the weird and exaggerated experiments, like the mind-bending question of whether a watermelon can charge your phone. His tech telemetry is noted through the abundance of brand partnerships from tech and entertainment giants Apple, Samsung & Huawei.


Taylor Swift cracked me up not gonna lie ?

♬ original sound – Arun Maini

 3. Caterpcs

This next influencer will cater to all your PC needs – yep, that’s right, it’s Caterpcs, your PC specialist and tech influencer paving the way for a new wave of tech influencers. With a massive following of 4.4 million followers, he sets us up for the perfect PC build through custom gaming rigs and meticulously curated PC parts and amenities. Whether it is specifically designed PC setups, from mouse pads, to monitors and cute LED lights dangling from your headset,  or product optimisation advice – Caterpcs know the answer. With an unapologetic and vocal presence in the tech community, he engages in open discussions with his audience and the broader tech market, adding to his persona and authenticity, making it essential that we put him on our male influencers in techlist. 


Replying to @Bzenzen24 AND THEN you turn around, take some good pictures, clean it, and sell it for $600. carterpcs techtok tech gaming gamingpc custompc

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

4. mryeester

Next up on our male influencers in tech list is Mryeester, the overclocked one-stop shop for all your internal PC parts. From GPUs to CPUs, motherboards and ram, Mryeetser will, piece by piece, layer your knowledge on the intricate world of PC components guiding his audience of 1.2 million through it all. His content sees him embark on tech trials, putting decade-old GPUs to the test in new gaming rigs or reviving bruised and battered gaming PCs, showcasing his ingenuity. But that’s not all—Mryeetser also presents a wealth of tutorial-based videos, teaching everything from applying thermal paste to a CPU to crafting the perfect PC setup. His tech prowess is proven through relevant partnerships with AMD, and Nvidia, leading hardware companies in the gaming world. 


what to do with your leftover m.2 ssds! PS no drives were harmed in this video ? #pc #pctips #pcbuilding #mryeester

♬ original sound – mryeester

 5. linustech

You all know him, and that’s why he’s on our male influencers in tech list; linustech. With 1.1 million followers on Tiktok, Linus is your tech guidebook for all things tech related. He is quite literally a walking encyclopaedia, brimming with excellent content, from cutting-edge gadgets and hardware reviews to engaging product unboxings. Linus leaves no loose wire unattended in his quest to bring you the latest and greatest technology. Need advice on choosing your dream TV? Linus has you covered from design to hardware. Alternatively, is it time for a phone upgrade? Linus’s comprehensive comparisons leave no detail untouched, from discussion-based videos to phone trends and more!


What’s new with Sony at #CES2023

♬ original sound – Linus Tech Tips

6. Yosheez

Bonjour to the one and only Yosheez, a tech influencer hailing from across the pond with content covering every archetype of the tech world. Yosheez crafts video-first activations that guide you through PC maintenance and cleaning tips and tricks, as well insights into individual component specs, ensuring we all keep you up to date with the latest trends. Whether it’s the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3, the new Apple Watch, or even software updates like iOS 17, Yosheez’s reviews cover the hot takes of the tech world to keep you informed for decades. 


Est-ce que tu as su faire la différence dès le début ? @zhiyun_global

♬ son original – Yosheez – Yosheez

7. Techalementary

Ring ring, it’s time for school. Our first lesson? Tech 101 from Techalementary, a TikTok tech teacher who brings fun to tech education. With a growing and devoted fanbase of 18.5k, this creator on our male influencers in tech list is electrifying our TikTok For You Page with over 1000 volts of entertainment. What makes Techalementary stand out is his need to fill a niche gap in the tech sector, bringing you mind-bending conspiracy theories that will make your jaw drop. From astronomical space excursions to telling tales of healthcare and stem cell deployment, Techalementary fearlessly delves into the uncharted territories of tech conspiracies giving us a holistic understanding of all that the tech industry has to offer in our personal and practical lives. 


? This is the World’s SMALLEST Computer ? #tech #techtok #foryoupagetiktok #technology #science #technews #chatgpt #vr #samsung #meta

♬ original sound – Techlementary

8. Austintechtips

Next on our male influencers in tech list is Austintechtips, with 503.9k followers. For Austin, blending humour and informative content in his tech-related videos is crucial. Watch as he seamlessly fits his videos into TikTok native format using trending filters to compare and create tier lists covering favourite video games and hardware pieces such as smartphones and keyboards/ mouses. Austin loves to push the boundaries exploring the eccentric side of the tech world through reviews of unconventional hardware like the biggest mouse you’ve ever seen or poking fun at a unique PC setup using nothing but wood and cardboard for a desk. And if that’s not enough, imagine playing and reviewing a gaming laptop in zero gravity! – yes, he did that! 


tbh this might be the craziest idea for a video we’ve ever had

♬ original sound – Austin Evans

9. chip_de

It’s time we chip in our thoughts on tech influencer chip_de, who takes our 9th spot on our male influencers in tech list.  His content consists of persuasive product reviews as he puts controllers, headsets, and phones through rigorous benchmark tests. See him also show you the tricks and tips of popular software like Amazon and WhatsApp to help your user-app journey become seamless and adaptable. For us, though, Chip’s content shines through his passion for nostalgic hardware and software as he commonly delves into the evolution of tech to revitalise and review beloved games like Mario Kart, seeing him deep dive into each iteration from the Super Nintendo to the Nintendo Switch. 


Amazon übernimmt jetzt die Gamingwelt?! ? #amazonluna #amazon #gamingclips

♬ Stylish Jazz HipHop – Future Oriented Triad

 10. thiojoe

He was in our introduction, and now he’s in spot no. 10 on our tech male influencers in tech list. Reintroducing Thiojoe, the tech influencer who focuses on powering up your software capabilities. His content explores a range of accessibility traits across key digital engines like Microsoft Windows and Apple with their OS system by unveiling neat software hacks like mouse DPI filters and customisable UI layouts,  prompting you to tailor your tech experience to perfection. What’s more is his innate ability to interact with his audience in fun and palpable ways through captivating Q&A sessions, answering riveting tech-related questions that keep you on the edge of your seat. And let’s not forget the humour! Thiojoe brings his tech expertise to life through entertaining skits native to TikTok.


Maybe next year! #berriesandcream #iphone13

♬ original sound – ThioJoe

 11. jvtechtea

Number 11 on our male influencers in tech list is the man here to spill all the tea in the tech world, jvtechtea, to his 12.4k followers. Regarding his activations, jvtechtea serves up a steaming cup of content, covering everything from gaming to lifestyle and personal tech reviews. Whether it’s unboxing the latest gadgets, like the Google Pixel, or diving deep into game reviews through the mesmerising world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, jvtechtea knows how to keep you hooked with quick snap edits and seamless transitions native to TikTok. He’s shown his standing in the tech world through his partnership with Ubereats, where he delves into the brand’s in-app features and accessibility tools. 


The Realme 11 Pro+ 5G is here, bringing a 200MP Samsung camera sensor to their signature budget friendly package! Here is a quick look at some early camera samples from the phone. realme11pro+5g #realme #realme11proplus #realme11pro #cameratest #realme11propluscamera @realme

♬ Daydreams – Gentle State

 12. unboxtherapyofficial

It’s time to unbox the ever-expanding world of tech with tech influencer unboxtherapyoffical, who has a considerable fan base of 409.7k followers. Whether you are looking for mind-blowing tech and product reviews as well as unboxing videos that keep you forever informed on the latest and greatest gadgets, or looking for insightful comparisons to help you decipher the age-old question of Android or Apple, unboxtherapyoffical will help you decide. On top of all this, unboxtherapyofficial’s content taps into the mysteries of technology, uncovering obscure gizmos like the McNugget Tetris GameBoy from McDonald’s.


A Classic Unboxing…#Blackberry Only In Theatres May 12th!

♬ original sound – Unbox Therapy – Unbox Therapy

 13. tussalty

Next up on our male influencers in tech list, we have tussalty, the charming and young tech influencer with 646.2K followers, clearly proving that we aren’t the only ones charmed by his content. From informative tech to product reviews mainly centred around gaming PCs, internal hardware comparison and maintenance care tutorials are also spotted on his channel. Additionally, tussalty leads with informative Q&A style content to bridge the gap between his audience, leaving you captivated, educated, and entertained for years to come. 


This budget gadget is super USEFUL ✅ #tech #budgetitems #techreview #techtok #budgetitemsforyoursetup #technology #techtips #techitems #usefultech #tussalty

♬ original sound – Tussalty

 14. dantic_

Taking our second-to-last spot on the male influencers in tech list is dantic_ – the tech troublemaker who constantly engages his 518k followers by enacting crazy tech-related challenges. What are these challenges, you may ask? They are building a gaming setup to give to a follower or transforming a car into the ultimate PC setup. Yes, a car. On top of all these antics, we see dantic_  push DIY videos tailored around his workstation and gaming rigs, partaking in mockumentary-style videos on tech and testing gadget knockoffs with examples like the fake app earbuds he reviewed from Wish. Overall dantic_ is a key player to follow in the tech space due to his exaggerated and fun content keeping you charged for days on end.


Are $15 knock-off airpods any good? #tech #techtok

♬ midnight sun (ramzoid x hal walker) – ZOID LAND

 15. Crocatech

Looking for a niche within the market? Look no further than crocatech – a tech and gaming influencer with 274.6k followers and our final tech TikTok creator on our male influencers in tech list. When navigating his page, you will be greeted with many tech-themed videos reviewing and even giving away pc hardware and accessories that will help level up your gaming setup, from mice and mouse pads to custom-made mechanical keyboards and headsets. On top of that, crocatech is seen creating inspirational montage-style videos dictating the before and after of his channel, reminding us of his inspiring humble beginning and where his content has taken him today.  


10k likes and i’ll do a drop test #mousepad #gaming #tech #gamingsetup #unboxing #mouse #skypad #fastestmousepad #glassmousepad #deskpad #gamingmousepad #esports #fast #aiming #pcgaming

♬ 7AM (Sped Up) – adrian


Who is the most followed male influencer on TikTok?

The most followed male TikTok influencer is Khaby Lame, with over 157 million followers. 

Who is the highest-paid male influencer on TikTok?

Josh Richards is currently the highest-paid male influencer on TikTok, with an estimated net worth of £4,000,000.

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