Dynamic Creative Optimization, the secret to being more efficient in social media activities

May 14, 2024


Dynamic Creative Optimization, the secret to being more efficient in social media activities

Exploring Dynamic Creative Optimization as a successful tactic for driving down costs and maximizing the performance of your content (and therefore efficiency of spend) for paid social campaigns. 

1. What Is Dynamic Creative Optimization?

Dynamic Creative Optimization, is a type of ad optimization most commonly known for its application within the world of programmatic advertising. It involves creating multiple variations of ad content dynamically to optimize performance and maximize effectiveness.

But with the rise of social media advertising Dynamic Creative Optimization has become a key tool in optimizing the performance of influencer content. Taking native, social-first influencer content and applying Dynamic Creative Optimization via social media elements (such as overlays, captions and audio) allows you to create ad variations that optimize performance. These optimizations can drive uplift throughout the purchase funnel from awareness to sales. 

We recommend using data – whether that’s past performance, trend/social listening data or live testing, to inform the optimization of your influencer ads – combined with generative

AI tools to scale optimization to maximize content production efficiency.

These variations are then deployed via a small, controlled test to identify which is the best performing in line with your paid social objectives. 

Furthermore, learnings from these controlled Dynamic Creative Optimization tests can inform the content creation process from the start, allowing you to brief influencer partners on the most effective way to produce assets ahead of creating variations. A few services that use the dynamic creative optimization are:

2. Why Is Dynamic Creative Optimization An Effective Tool For Creating Cost & Time Efficiency?

You may be thinking, this sounds complicated or time consuming to action, but that is the beauty of Dynamic Creative Optimization. By leveraging one of the many AI tools available on the market, businesses can semi-automate this process, supporting scaled creation of content variables to fuel a paid social engine. 

By selecting the right tool to support your requirements, Dynamic Creative Optimization can become a simple and everyday practice of your social marketing strategy. Tools we recommend include, but are not limited to, the below.

  • Bannerflow 
  • Smartly
  • AI Target
  • Hunch 
  • Madgicx
  • Celtra

Furthermore, by running controlled tests with a small paid budget behind each asset you can identify which asset will perform best in pursuit of your objectives. This often results in the ability to reach your KPI’s with a smaller percentage of your paid budget, creating an unprecedented level of cost efficiency when it comes to paid social deployment. 

Dynamic Creative Optimization can be leveraged to optimize across the full funnel of marketing objectives, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • View Through Rate
  • 6s Views
  • Clicks
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Click Through Rate 
  • Conversions/Sales
  • Engagements 

The benefits of Dynamic Creative Optimization don’t end here. By leveraging this approach, brands and businesses can reap a multitude of benefits. 

2.1 Hyper-relevant Ads

By optimizing your paid social ads in line with relevant consumer insights you can target segmentations of your target audience no matter how niche. Dynamic Creative Optimization ensures that ad creative remains highly engaging, compelling, and tailored to the preferences and behaviors of individual viewers. 

2.2 Cross Platform Consistency

Through Dynamic Creative Optimization, brands can create variations of ads that are tailored to platform requirements, safe zones, best practices and audience compositions. Ensuring that paid social content remains consistently aligned to the platform it is deployed across, increasing native feel and alignment with consumer expectations. 

2.3 Data-Driven Decisions

The automated and scalable elements of Dynamic Creative Optimization mean that brands can implement data-driven decisions with ease, optimizing their paid content strategy at scale in line with consumer, platform and performance insight. 

For example, when a certain variation is driving high performance, this can be quickly implemented across other pieces of influencer content to maximize performance and increase ROI across all campaigns. 

2.4 Ad Scalability

Dynamic Creative Optimization tools allow you to efficiently scale ad production, transforming one piece of influencer content into multiple ads in video and static formats; supporting an efficient and fully stocked ad engine optimized across all of your content requirements and paid social objectives.

2.5 Real Time Optimization

Through Dynamic Creative Optimization tools, such as Hunch, brands are able to edit and amend their paid social assets in real time based on content performance. This customization and control supports a reactive and agile approach to paid social, changing variables of assets that are underperforming in line with assets that are driving effective results in line with objectives. 

2.6 Benchmarking and Continuous Optimization

By benchmarking and centralizing the learnings from your Dynamic Creative Optimization activities and cascading this knowledge across teams, you can drive continuous improvement from your paid social activities. Optimizing future assets inline with best performance and practice insights from previous campaigns. As well as optimizing your influencer side content creation in line with which variations/editing compositions have driven the best results in line with a specific objective.

3. What Creative Variables Can I Create Through Dynamic Creative Optimization?

When it comes to optimizing paid social assets, the possibilities for variations are virtually limitless. But generally, as a starting point you would look to create editing or video sequencing variations before getting into the finer details of Dynamic Creative Optimization. 

Step 1: Video Sequencing and Editing Variations

The initial stage of optimizing paid social assets involves crafting the video composition to identify the most suitable sequence in line with your specific objectives. For example, updating the content to create a piece-to-camera asset, a voice over asset or a pure product showcase. By strategically arranging scenes, transitions, and visual elements, you can identify which content formats best engage and resonate with your audience. 

Step 2: Further Variations

Once the video sequencing and editing are in place, further optimization can be implemented directly to the video content. These techniques involve making granular adjustments to various elements within the video to enhance its effectiveness.


Text overlays, including headlines, ad copy variations, and calls-to-action (CTAs), are strategically inserted into the video to capture viewers’ attention and drive desired actions. By testing different text variations, brands can identify the most compelling messaging that resonates with their audience and achieves the desired campaign objectives. For example, a certain hook that drives the highest viewer retention rate. 


The messaging and tone of the video content are refined to align with specific campaign goals. This involves editing the cadence or CTA of the video, depending on the desired audience response. For example, implementing price and discount overlays to optimize engagement and conversion rates.

Sound & Audio

Audio elements, such as voice-over (VO) and music, are carefully selected and edited to complement the visual storytelling. Voice-over narration provides essential information and guides viewers through the narrative, while music sets the tone and evokes emotions. By testing different audio tracks and voice over styles, brands can enhance the overall impact of the video content in line with objectives.

Product vs People

Deciding on the emphasis between influencers and products as the focal point of the video is a critical aspect of content optimization. This decision often involves adjusting the balance between featuring prominently zoomed-in shots of products, which is beneficial for conversion-focused campaigns, or prioritizing influencer shots to enhance the authenticity and relatability of the content, particularly for awareness campaigns.

By systematically applying these editing techniques, brands can optimize the performance of influencer content on paid social platforms, ultimately achieving their marketing objectives more effectively.

4. Guiding Principles For Dynamic Creative Optimization

Hopefully now you are beginning to see the value of leveraging Dynamic Creative Optimization in your paid social strategy. To help you kickstart your journey to more efficient and effective paid ads, we’ve put together a few guiding principles for Dynamic Creative Optimization. 

4.1 Choosing the right tool 

Before you undertake your Dynamic Creative Optimization journey, it is important to consider which tool is best suited for your requirements. 

There are two main categorizations of Dynamic Creative Optimization tools, the first is semi-automated and the second is AI generated i.e. fully automated. 

The distinction lies in the level of manual control you possess over the ad’s final form. Semi-automated platforms enable you to construct a template and then replicate it for scalable ad creativity. Conversely, automated tools utilize AI to generate templates, offering slightly less control at a higher cost but ultimately saving you time and effort while maximizing scalability.

4.2 Create multiple variations

When aiming to optimize your content strategy, it’s crucial to test multiple variations of your content. For your controlled test launch, we strongly recommend running a minimum of four (4) variations of each asset.

4.3 Devise a Testing Plan 

Crafting a testing plan for Dynamic Creative Optimization involves several steps. First, hypotheses about different ad components are formulated. Next, these hypotheses are prioritized based on their expected impact on performance. Then, variations of the ad components are created to test them. After that, each creative variation is tagged with the specific ad components being examined. This helps in measuring performance differences between creatives. By doing this, the most effective combination of ad components is identified. Finally, the insights from these tests are used to improve future testing strategies.

4.4 Benchmark and Centralize Learnings

Although Dynamic Creative Optimization on its own is effective for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your paid social campaigns, there is an opportunity to maximize the impact of these activities. By benchmarking best practices and high performing variations, brands can inform their future Dynamic Creative Optimization activities to replicate high performance of past campaigns or even further optimize and test best performers against each other. 

5. Conclusion

Dynamic Creative Optimization offers a powerful solution for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your paid social campaigns. By creating multiple variations of influencer content and deploying them through controlled tests, businesses can optimize performance while saving time and resources. 

Leveraging data-driven decisions and scalable tools, Dynamic Creative Optimization enables hyper-relevant ads, cross-platform consistency, and real-time optimization, leading to cost efficiencies and improved results across various marketing objectives. 

By adhering to guiding principles such as selecting the right tool, creating multiple variations, devising a testing plan, and benchmarking learnings, brands can unlock the full potential of Dynamic Creative Optimization in their influencer marketing strategies. 

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