How To Stream on Twitch: Your Ultimate Guide To Twitch Streaming

Aug 22, 2023

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How To Stream on Twitch: Your Ultimate Guide To Twitch Streaming

Wondering how to stream on Twitch? You’ve come to the right place!

In May 2023, Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, had 7.25 million active streamers, which showcases just how many unique personalities and gaming niches feature on the platform. 

There is a wide variety of gaming content that is suitable for Twitch streaming. This ranges from strategy games to battle royale games or MMO games. Twitch livestreams can also be placed into categories such as Just Chatting, where the user isn’t playing any video game but rather just having a conversation with their followers and often reacting to popular content online.

A short list of the top streaming categories showcasing the best games to stream includes:

  1. Just Chatting – 420,000 Average Viewers
  2. Grand Theft Auto V – 281,000 Average Viewers
  3. League of Legends – 164,000 Average Viewers
  4. VALORANT – 123,000 Average Viewers
  5. Dota 2 – 91,000 Average Viewers

How to stream on Twitch: The Technical Elements Of Streaming

In terms of the technology and equipment that is required to stream there are several requirements to creating a smooth, pleasant to watch Twitch livestream for your viewers.

In terms of system requirements for live streaming, broadcasting a Twitch stream consumes additional system resources. This means that you need to make sure that you have enough computing power – for example for PC games usually at least 8 gigabytes of RAM is recommended. In terms of an operating system a minimum of Windows 7 is required. For live streaming via video game console the specifics are less important, just checking the version of console you have is support for Twitch streaming is usually sufficient.

In terms of a webcam, this is also a very important feature for many streamers. Although Twitch livestreams do not require a camera, the majority of successful channels with large followings on the platform feature a person, visually. Webcams that deliver HD-quality images are perfect for this purpose.

The microphone is arguably the most important component, after the picture quality of a Twitch livestream. Decent sound quality allows for seamless viewing of a livestream, and audio commentary allows for your personality to shine through to your audience. This can be done with a simple headset microphone, however for the best sound quality a standalone USB microphone is recommended.

You also need to have enough bandwidth on your internet connection, if this is not the case your Twitch livestream will either appear haltingly to your audience or potentially not transmit at all.

Once you have met the requirements, read on to find out exactly how to stream on Twitch.

How to stream on Twitch: Initial Setup

Install Streaming Software

OBS is an example of a popular streaming software. This runs with Windows, MacOS or Linux and allows for you to set up and customise your settings for broadcasting your PC screen and game on to Twitch.

Creating a Twitch Channel

The next step is to create a Twitch account from which your audience can see your livestreams. If you go to the Twitch homepage and click the register button in the top right of the navigation you can choose a username, password and link your email address.

Once you have entered your information you will be required to confirm your email address via a verification link. Once you have clicked this your account will have been created.

Setting up your Twitch Channel

Once you have completed the registration process you will be able to customise your Twitch profile further. This includes setting a display name, profile picture, changing your channel design and settings on automatic hosting, parental controls and moderation of your chat.

Configuring your Twitch Channel

Once you find the dashboard in the user menu, you can use this to change your stream information such as Title and Game Category.

Linking Broadcasting Software to Twitch

Once you have launched the OBS program, look for the term ‘Stream’ in the settings. The most important step in linking the accounts is placing your Stream Key into your OBS settings. This can be found in the Twitch dashboard settings and should not be shared with others.

Start your Twitch channel

Starting a stream on Twitch via OBS is pretty straightforward, once in the OBS interface you just need to right click and add a game capture. Before going live you can click Studio Mode to preview all the elements of your stream and then click Start Streaming to go live on Twitch.

Streaming on PS4

To stream on PS4 you simply need to download the Twitch app via the PlayStation store, which is free. You then need to start playing the game you want to stream, click the Share button on the PS4 controller and then click Transfer Game and select Twitch in the next menu.

Streaming on Xbox One

The Xbox One has its own free Twitch app you can download from the Xbox store. Once the app is open it will lead you through the process of connecting your accounts. Again, using the Transfer and Start Transfer options when prompted, will allow you to go live, however first you should give your stream a Title and select the desired game you will be streaming.

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