Female Motivational Speakers To Know Ahead Of International Women’s Day

Feb 22, 2024

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Female Motivational Speakers To Know Ahead Of International Women’s Day

To honour the approach of International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the incredible female motivational speakers shaping our world through social media. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to activists and artists, these influential females inspire millions with their resilience, wisdom and passion. Join us as we spotlight the voices igniting change, challenging norms, and empowering others. Whether breaking barriers in tech, advocating for equality, or fostering self-love and acceptance, these women are catalysts for progress and inspiration. Read on as we amplify the stories of these female motivational speakers in preparation for the one day a year dedicated to uplifting women. 


Dr. Brené Brown – 5.1M followers

Known best for encouraging others to lean into their vulnerability in order to discover courage, Brené Brown kicks things off our list of the top female motivational speakers. As the host of many TED Talks and author of just as many bestselling books, Brené champions self-discovery and empowerment, namely among women, all while delivering her message in a digestible and resonating way. If the topics of shame, vulnerability and leadership excite you, then we implore you to follow Brené ahead of this International Women’s Day.


Florence Given – 682K followers

Florence is a British illustrator, writer, feminist social activist and social media influencer, and, for that impressive roster, she earns herself spot number two on our list of the best female motivational speakers. Just one visit to Florence’s Instagram page and you’ll be leaving with a newfound confidence, love for life and appreciation for the traits that make you, you. As the author of the bestseller ‘Women Don’t Owe You Pretty’, Florence explores intersectional feminism, relationships, body image, and self-esteem for women; all imperative topics to bring to the forefront of International Women’s Day.


Jameela Jamil – 3.7M followers

As a self-described ‘feminist-in-progress’, Jameela fiercely advocates for female empowerment and body positivity through her podcast called I Weigh. Her second Instagram account @i_weigh touches on the all-important topics of racial inclusivity, amplifying female voices and breaking the stigma around mental health, providing ample educational material to arm yourself with the tools you’ll need to become a total badass babe.


Krissy Cela – 3.3M followers

On a mission to get young girls strong and healthy, there isn’t much that can stand in the way of Krissy Cela advocating for fitness and health education among women. Highlighting how much of a privilege it is to move our bodies, Krissy has been invited to speak at many summits to spread her message, all while running two of her very own businesses, Evolve You and Oner Active, that only further empower women of all ages. Her dedication to getting the world up and on its feet is awe inspiring to say the very least and, for that, Krissy has undoubtedly earned herself the next spot on our list of the most inspiring female motivational speakers.


Michelle Elman – 258K followers

As the ‘Queen of Boundaries’, Michelle Elman takes to Instagram to teach us how to simply say no. Being an accredited TV life coach and author also, Michelle’s teachings and advice come from a place of passion for seeing women thrive by taking control of their lives and the relationships they foster. If not through reading her book, you can expect to see one of Michelle’s many public speeches to get you feeling inspired this International Women’s Day.

female motivational speakers: Michelle


Rachel Hollis

As the host of the Rachel Hollis Podcast, Rachel creates inspiring YouTube content centred on sharing the ideas she’s learned on her journey to becoming an adult. Though she states she still has a lot more learning to do, her podcast episodes and YouTube videos have already helped thousands of women redirect their lives towards a more fulfilling path and, for that, she most certainly deserves a spot on our list of the top female motivational speakers to follow on YouTube ahead of International Women’s Day.

Felecia Hatcher

Felecia runs a business tips and personal development YouTube channel, aimed specifically at helping start ups. As the author of How To Start A Business On A Ramen Noodle Budget, Felecia is more than qualified to speak on this matter and regularly uses her platform to advocate for and encourage women not to shy away from their dreams of becoming CEOs and CFOs. If you have the urge to start a business, consider giving Felecia a follow for all the motivation, inspiration and encouragement you’ll need!

Megan Short

As the host of the YouTube series ‘twenty-something and trying’, Megan navigates the trials and tribulations of being in your 20s in a heavily digital and hustle-focused society. Alongside her life advice, tips and tricks, she fiercely advocates for the betterment of others through her public speeches aimed at helping young people find themselves and fall in love with the lives they’ve created. As one of the youngest female motivational speakers on our list, Megan most certainly makes up for the years in knowledge and wisdom. We highly recommend checking out her channel for a ton of mood-boosting conversations.

Rachana Ranade

Empowering females aren’t only attributed to the beauty and wellness sectors. Rachana is a chartered accountant who uses her YouTube channel to teach others about topics from investing in the stock market, to personal finance tips. Her in-depth, yet digestible, content is perfect for both beginners and experienced finance enthusiasts and paints females in finance in a deserving and knowledgeable light. Her expertise, coupled with her genuine desire to teach others, is what earns Rachana a spot on our list of the top female motivational speakers.

Maco Shibuya

After an accident in 2018 left Maco paralysed from the upper abdomen down, her perspective on wheelchair users in Japan changed forever, encouraging her to advocate for those who’ve also suffered from life-altering spinal injuries. She now focuses her time on creating content for these fellow wheelchair users and fiercely advocates for their integration into Japanese society. Her online support for this community earns her a sure spot on this list of female motivational speakers.


Elle McNamara

With a ‘less is more’ approach to beauty, Elle advocates for ageing gracefully and naturally, educating her fellow female peers on how to perform natural methods for reducing signs of ageing before resorting to cosmetic procedures. Spliced in between her skincare content, you’ll find numerous life advice videos of Elle sharing lists of things she wishes she knew/did in her 20s. Engaging with her pro skincare tips with resonating life advice is the perfect way to ease yourself into this International Women’s Day.


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♬ original sound – Bambi Does Beauty

Drew Afualo

Best-known for her TikTok videos outing and roasting misogynistic and fatphobic men, while championing body positivity and female empowerment. Her podcast, The Comment Section, entertains a candid discussion, with many laughs, about the issues listeners care about most. Not only a podcast host, Drew is also an author and has been accredited in Time Magazine as a trailblazer leading the next generation. This, along with her unwavering passion for speaking out for women’s bodily autonomy and right to lead a life authentic to them, is what earns Drew the next spot on our list of female motivational speakers to get acquainted with ahead of International Women’s Day. 


like ???? pipe down immediately tf

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Candice Brathwaite

Aunty Candice is providing all the positive, empowering vibes this International Women’s Day. As a bestselling author and motivational speaker, Candice creates awe inspiring content aimed at helping black women unapologetically step into their truest self. Alongside her motivating content, Candice co-hosts a podcast called Closet Confessions that touches on the issues her listeners feel the most need to address and dissect. Candice’s ability to impart equal parts wisdom and wit is what earns her the next spot on our list of the top female motivational speakers.


Now this isn’t me giving you a access all areas pass to be a total troll but perhaps ease back on the desire to be the most liked person and think about the ways in which you’ve been blessed to be seen as undeniable. Certain opportunities are gonna knock the door for you this year and I want the overwhelming consensus to be ‘couldn’t no one be more better suited for that blessing – cause she is undeniable!’ Also for my black women being likeable often comes with a margin of being passive or diluting our uniqueness so we appear less threatening. Contouring ourselves so we can continue to be seen as a pet but never a threat. Not everyone is going to like us. Guess what? That’s just fine ♥️ #candicebrathwaite

♬ original sound – Candice Brathwaite

Nelly London

As a body positivity activist, Nelly combines pleasure, confidence, and empowerment in all that she creates for social media. With an aim to create a lasting impact on whoever passes by, Nelly invites you to embrace all the details that make you unique with her expertly crafted montage-driven content and lingerie try-on hauls. Spliced in between her content championing body positivity, you can expect to come across Nelly’s laid-back, lighthearted side as she puts together silly costumes and shares a glimpse into her life as a content creator. Being one of the female motivational speakers on our list with such genuine duality is that which makes her more than eligible to be spotlighted ahead of International Women’s Day.


Imagine ? all the inspiration from @August @Nadya Okamoto ❤️

♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

Sierra Nicole

Entrepreneurs gather round. Sierra Nicole perfectly finishes our list of the top female motivational speakers by being a powerhouse of knowledge. As the founder of the entrepreneur coaching platform, Modern Wealth, she tells it like it is, taking a real look at the state of the world and dishing out tips for growing your enterprise the right way. From marketing yourself and getting funding, to the best way to use business accounts to build credit, she’s bound to give you a daily dose of entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration.


9 books by black authors that you should add to your TBR list! #booktok #bhm #blackhistorymonth

♬ original sound – Sierra Nicole

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