The Top Female Engineers To Celebrate This International Women In Engineering Day

Jun 14, 2024

Influencer News

The Top Female Engineers To Celebrate This International Women In Engineering Day

Female engineers UK and elsewhere are taking over social media.

Rightfully claiming space and inspiring women everywhere to chase their dreams and stand tall in male dominated industries.

Which female engineers are gaining the most traction, and which should you follow for all your engineering needs?

Read on to find out more!


Estefannie @estefanniegg 94.2K 

female engineers

A self-described “feminine rage tech”, Estefannie is here to wow you left, right, and centre. 

Known for her incredible creations such as a sparks bra and usable knife nails, Estefannie uses her engineering skills to create useful (and not so useful) inventions. Her account is dedicated to these wild and wonderful products, as well as general ruminations about being a female engineer. 

Jackie Carmen Santos @csjack9 123K 

female engineers

An ex-aerospace engineer known for her reading and coffee addictions, Jackie Carmen Santos is here to put the fun in programming. 

Her account is a treasure trove of relatable content for programmers and engineers alike. From making the switch from Java/C++ to Python, to taking her followers with her to work, Santos never fails to produce engaging, educational content. 

Lenka Benova @dielenka 148K 

female engineers

A Full-Stack Senior Software Engineer with a PhD in Computer Science, Lenka Benova can truly do it all. 

Her account is dedicated to all things engineering, from monitor set-up recommendations to Animal Crossing themed keyboards. Never without a wise-crack or incredibly helpful advice for newbie engineers, Benova’s account is a must follow and truly one of the top female engineers out there. 

Katya Echazarreta @katvoltage 426.7K 


I have a fun idea babe, let’s change the world tonight! . . . #womeninspace #space #activism #stem #science #learnwithtiktok #fyp #pleasepleaseplease #sabrinacarpenter

♬ Please Please Please – Sabrina Carpenter

The first Mexican woman in Space, Katya Echazarreta is what little girl’s dreams are made of. 

Echazarreta dedicates her time to encouraging women to pursue their dreams, making the engineering industry a safer place for women, and just generally being a bona fide Girl Boss. She even has her very own Barbie!

Be sure to follow her account for endless inspirational content and plenty of Girl Power. 

Amma Agyei @amma.agyei 5.7K 


Day in the life of a biomedical engineer #engineer #biomedicalengineer #womenintech #womeninstem #blackengineer #mechanicalengineer #blackwomeninstem

♬ original sound – D⭐️

Self-titled Engineer Baddie, Amma Agyei is here to prove that engineers can be just as fashionable as anyone else. 

Her account is filled with fantastic gym, beauty, fashion and engineering advice. A biomedical and mechanical engineer, Agyei uses her account to give her followers a little insight into her days. For plenty of great tips and tricks, as well as a behind the scenes look at what a day actually looks like for female engineers, be sure to check out Agyei. 

Tabitha Thomas @pumpsandprotractors 77.7K

female engineers

One of the best dressed female engineers out there, Tabitha Thomas takes Dopamine Dressing to a new level. 

Thomas is known for her incredible vintage inspired outfits, featuring genuine 1960’s dresses, statement purses, and a side of engineering advice. She began her account as a way to find community, after feeling alienated by her male-dominated field. Many years later, Thomas has a solid following and preaches the importance of female engineers feeling empowered in their careers. 

Tigris Li @tigrisli 50.5K 


reimagining my @Converse chuck 70s into vaporizing smoke shoes 🚀💨✨ see them IRL om Friday 16th in London – link in bio for free tickets!

♬ original sound – Tigris Li

Electronics Engineer and Designer Tigris Li is one of the most inventive female engineers online. 

Li’s account is filled to the brim with incredible projects, tutorials, and more. Her creativity knows no bounds, building amazing inventions like a bike that can draw, and Chuck 70s vaporising smoke shoes. Li’s creative spirit and genuine passion for her work make her one of the most exciting and fun to watch female engineers out there. 

Jill @jellycronuts 25.5K 


apologies for whispering i was half asleep 🙏 #officeootd #workoutfits #springfashion #sezane

♬ original sound – Jill

This globe-trotting, food-loving engineer creates some of the most interesting content out there. 

Jill, a Software Engineer in New York City, dedicates her account to food, travel, fashion and engineering content. As well-dressed as they come, Jill knows her way around a cute restaurant, and never fails to provide top-notch recommendations. For all the best tips on New York, with plenty of career advice mixed in, be sure to follow Jill. 

Elena Salinetti @elesalinetti 8.3K 

Based in Rome, Elena Salinetti is an Energy Engineer with serious style. 

Hardly ever caught on the same beach twice, when Salinetti is not hard at work promoting environmentalism, she can be found jet setting across the world. Her effortless style and behind the scenes content on her career have gained her quite the following amongst female engineers. 

Mitchelle @mitchelle_nimo 18.4K

Never caught without the perfect corporate outfit on, Mitchelle Nimo is a lifestyle creator and Chemical Engineer that you just have to follow. 

From book recommendations and delicious recipes, to career tips and corporate fashion, Nimo makes sure to provide her audience with endless entertainment. Between her influencer job and her engineering work, Nimo somehow also finds time to run her glassware brand MO Glassware; a simple, elegant brand for all your glassware needs. 

Marcellina @xoxmarci 12.8K 


Getting ready when not being rushed >>> #grwm #grwmmakeup #grwmoutfit #grwmhair #makeuptransition #makeuptransformations

♬ Being a Girl – Jonica

Known for her incredible editing skills, Marcellina manages to bridge the gap between female engineers and beauty professionals. 

Her content is always of the utmost quality, with HD quality and Y2K video game inspired edits. Through her channel, Marcellina aims to provide her audience with all the beauty and fashion advice they could wish for; all while working in the tech industry. Often, Marcellina will post Q&As about her career, so be sure to keep an eye out for plenty of great advice. 

Liz @youengineergirlfriend 31.6K 


@Josh Rozin is about to single handedly solve my rotting problem #rotting #rottinginbed

♬ original sound – Your Engineer Girlfriend

A designer and Software Engineer, Liz is a rarity amongst online female engineers in that she “Builds in Public”. 

This term is given to creators who share their app building journey openly online, and create free to download apps for their followers. Liz has a variety of apps for download, including a wedding planning app that is so cute we are tempted to download it just for fun. Previously an engineer at Snapchat, Liz provides her followers with a fantastic glimpse into the world of app development and design. Making her account an invaluable resource for those of you looking for educational female engineers to follow. 

Saraid Pinto @saraidpr 14.8K 


This video dates back to July 2023. I refrained from posting it back then because I thought it was too cocky. However, the reality is that being a software engineer is a high-paying, in-demand job. Looking back, I find this video amusing now 😂 #softwareengineer #salary #9to5 #newjob #jobhunting #softwareengineering #softwaredeveloper

♬ original sound – Saraid Pinto

Known for her personable, Get ready With Me style content, Saraid Pinto should be a must follow for anyone seeking out female engineers online. 

Pinto is a software engineer, and takes to her account to share all the highs and lows of such a demanding role. Her partner and adorable dog feature heavily on her account, providing plenty of cute moments and wholesome content. Pinto is above all else relatable; making her a standout creator and a must follow. 

Christine Maryfield @fantasie.renewal 10K 

Whilst she may have left her engineering days behind her, Christine Maryfield still well and truly deserves a spot on our list of female engineers. 

Known for her cute aesthetic and social media management company Maryfield Media, Maryfield is a must follow for anyone looking to get fashion and career inspiration all in the one place. From her expert corporate styling tips to her incredible flip thrips, Maryfield has something for everyone. 

Yemurai @stem_babe 54.6K 


Tech bootcamp in Gaming #gaming #gamingtiktok #techbootcamps #codingbootcamp #getintotech

♬ original sound – Tech and Careers

If you are searching for female engineers who dedicate their time to providing top notch career advice, then look no further. 

Yemurai has created quite the name for herself on TikTok due to her boundless amount of advice and incredible tips. Her account is filled with advice, whether you are trying to get into the Cyber Security industry or simply trying to get started at your first job. Never without a smile and a supportive tidbit, Yemurai is an absolute must follow. 

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