The Top Swedish Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

Jan 23, 2024

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The Top Swedish Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

Looking for the top Swedish fashion influencers in 2024?

Scandi fashion trends are popular across the world, with fashion girlies everywhere loving its sleek silhouettes, muted tones, and simple elegance. Yet, with the sheer amount of Sweden fashion influencers out there, keeping up with who is the best and brightest can be difficult.

That’s why we have compiled all the top Swedish fashion influencers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Read on to find out our top fashion influencers in Sweden.


Matilda Djerf @matildadjerf 1.5M 


almost time

♬ how i love being a woman – editdiaary


Known for her flawless, blonde blowout and her stripped back style, Matilda Djerf is possibly the most well-known out of the Swedish fashion influencers. Her TikTok is a foray into her endlessly stylish life, from Get Ready With Me videos to apartment tours, Djerf’s account is a constant source of fashion inspiration. For those of you who appreciate simple summer dresses and glowy makeup, Djerf is your girl. 

Lydia Tsegay @femmeblk 57K 


A few favorites 🙇🏾‍♀️ #fashioninspo #falloutfit #outfitinspo #scandistyle #onthisday #minimalfashion #workwear #parisianstyle #parisianoutfits #officewear #parisianstyle #parisianoutfits #outfitgoals #howtostyle #ralphlaurenpolo

♬ original sound – FemmeBlk

Lydia Tsegay is the epitome of less is more. Putting the quiet luxury aesthetic back on the map, Tsegay’s style is all tailored pants, monochromatic outfits and classy handbags. Rarely seen with a hair out of place, Tsegay’s account is that perfect source of fashion advice and inspiration you’ve been searching for from your Swedish fashion influencers. 

Julia Dang @juliaadang 144.6K


never thought I’d own an apron as a fashion piece #noirkeininomiya #commedesgarcons #wearingclothesthewrongway


Flipping the notion of scandi fashion influencer on its head, Julia Dang is bold, alternative and never, ever boring. Dang loves to push the envelope on fashion, layering contrasting textiles and opposing shapes. She initially rose to internet prominence through her YouTube channel, TheLineUp, but has since transitioned into purely creating content for TikTok and Instagram. 

Amanda Khamkaew @amandakhamkaew 102.9K 


Thrifting leather has become an addiction at this point #thrifting #vintagefashion #leather #thriftfinds

♬ original sound – bravobritt

Rarely found without a slicked-back bun and the perfect smokey eye, Amanda Khamkaew has that cool girl chic aesthetic down pat. Usually found strutting the streets in her backless dresses, 90’s sunglasses and leather bomber jackets, Khamkaew’s account is a source of fashion tips and tricks, as well as plenty of brow envy. If you like Swedish fashion influencers who can rock a black boot like no one’s business, check out Khamkaew. 

Annie Samuelsson @xannyh 277K 


Tror ej ni förstår hur mycket jag kämpat med denna video, ni får supporta 😭

♬ originalljud – Annie Samuelsson

Whilst she may be more widely known for her tongue in cheek comedy and witty comebacks, Annie Samuelsson is a fashion influencer in her own right. Somehow managing to always look fresh from the salon, Samuelsson’s style is trendy and simple; think Birkenstock mules and SKIMS bodysuits. For a healthy dose of humour mixed in with your fashion content, be sure to check out Samuelsson. 


Kenza Zouiten Subosic @kenzas 1.8M 

Swedish fashion influencers

Typically found flitting between beachfront holidays and her snowy cottage, Kenza Zouiten Subosic is one of the most popular Swedish fashion influencers of the moment. Known for her adorable family and effortless style, Subosic never looks less than perfectly put together. If you love designer bags, Prada loafers and plenty of 80’s style blazers, Subosic is your girl. 

Bianca Ingrosso @biancaingrosso 1.4M 

Possibly the most bejewelled of the top Swedish fashion influencers, Bianca Ingrosso is all tennis bracelets, black velvet, and stylish up-dos. Never far from a gorgeous view or a tall, spiral staircase, this fashionista truly knows how to live life to the max. For that classy, timeless elegance, look no further than Ingrosso. 

Angelica Blick @angelicablick 1M 

Constantly giving us snow bunny envy, Angelica Blick can usually be found tearing up the slopes in her chic ski gear, or warming up by the fire, wool earmuffs at hand. Blick’s style is perfectly Pinterest; she’s always dressed head to toe in the latest trends, be it second-hand Prada bags or headbands reminiscent of the Parent Trap. If you’re looking to be the trendiest fashion girlie on your block, Blick’s account is a great place to start. 

Erik Forsgren @erik.forsgren 353K  

If a Hugo Boss commercial came to life, it would look like Erik Forsgren’s Instagram page. One of many up and coming male Swedish fashion influencers, Forsgren account is an ode to the finer things in life; from the latest sports cars to the most elegant of tuxedo’s, Forsgren is never dressed in anything less than the best. 

Sara Olsson @hallbarasara 34.4K 

For a sustainable take on Swedish fashion, check out Sara Olsson. Through her account Olsson seeks to encourage her followers to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, by showcasing her amazing secondhand and vintage finds. Olsson’s style is cosy, drawing inspiration from the fashion of decades past. You’ll be treated to a myriad of plaid skirts, coloured tights, and pearl earrings. 


Janni Delér @jannideler 392K 

Although she is currently living it up in Cyprus, Janni Deler is a true Swedish fashion influencer at heart. Filled with holiday vlogs and plenty of fashion and makeup videos, Deler’s account is fun, fresh and stylish. For high fashion, cute family antics, and plenty of travelling, be sure to check out Janni Deler. 

Alexandra Bring @alexandrabring 23.1K 

Between her three children, pets and beautiful countryside home, it is a wonder Alexandra Bring has anytime for fashion at all. In spite of this, her style is always up to scratch, with plenty of vintage denim and soft textiles. Bring’s account is perfect for those of you looking for a family focused, lifestyle blogger with fabulous taste. 

Maya Parnevik @mayaparnevuj4513 27.7K

Somehow managing to kill it at the gym and on the red carpet, Maya Parnevik is proof that you really can do it all. When she’s not hitting the weights, this Swedish fashion influencer can be found dressed up and out on the town. Her style is all about bold statements, from neon green, ruffle dresses to gold, sequined puffy sleeve gowns. 

Street Style Stockholm @streetstylestockholm 38.9K 

Aiming to help their followers “get inspired and take note of the stylish ideas of the Scandinavians” Street Style Stockholm is a tour of all things Swedish fashion. The concept may be simple, but the impact is great. Through their short videos of what locals are wearing in Stockholm, this popular YouTube channel pis filled with Swedish fashion influencers and provides ample fuel for anyone aiming to steal some style ideas from those up North. 

Alejandra Cerda Ojensa @alejandracerda 2.49K 

With a self-appointed mission to share “sustainable fashion and interior that isn’t lame” Alejandra Cerda’s account feels like a warm toned, vintage lamp in a rug filled lounge room. Cerda’s style is understated and natural; think plenty of brown tones, vintage jackets and tortoise shell spectacles. Hailing from Stockholm, Cerda now lives in Copenhagen, bringing a unique blend of Swedish and Danish trends to her style.

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