The Role Of Influencer Marketing In Your Christmas Social Media Strategy

Nov 03, 2023

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The Role Of Influencer Marketing In Your Christmas Social Media Strategy

As the holiday season approaches, businesses are gearing up for their most significant marketing push of the year and who better to help than carefully chosen TikTok influencers. 

In the era of social media, influencers have become the trusted voices of the internet, capable of swaying consumer decisions and driving traffic to online stores. Given TikTok’s diverse user base and captivating short-form content format, leveraging influencers on this platform is a foolproof way to get your Christmas social media strategy in front of the right people this festive season.


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Given that your Christmas marketing efforts are what will leave a lasting impression for holiday shoppers, it’s only right that you identify and engage with carefully chosen TikTok influencers. But how do you do this and what are the advantages of getting it right?

Sit back, grab a hot chocolate and leave the finer details up to us as we walk you through our guide to running a Christmas social media strategy TikTok for the upcoming festive season. 


Identifying the right influencers on TikTok is crucial for a successful partnership and, therefore, a successful Christmas campaign. 

Here are our top tips for identifying who’s right for your brand.


It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t be aiming to scout anyone whose values and overall content don’t align with your own. Their overall vibe should naturally fit your products and resonate with your audience. If you come across an influencer on TikTok who appears to be speaking your language then it’s a match made in heaven. Reach out!

Check their track record and reputation

Not that we don’t believe in giving people second chances, but when it comes to running your Christmas social media strategy, it’s not worth risking a bad online reputation. 

Check an influencer’s track record by reviewing previous brand collaborations. If they have any existing Christmas collaborations, even better! Were these partnerships successful? Did they align with your objectives?

If the answer is yes, then you’re onto a winner!

Analyse engagement and authenticity 

The trick to landing your dream collaboration is to look beyond follower counts and take a closer look at engagement rates, comment sections, likes and shares on an influencer’s content. High engagement indicates an active and genuine connection. You’ll also want to ensure the influencer’s account doesn’t appear too overly promotional or inauthentic. After all, Christmas is all about authenticity, so make sure your chosen influencers are radiating this. 


Begin your search for influencers within your niche/industry. Utilise tools like influencer marketing tools, social media analytics and Google to discover those in alignment with your brand. You can also take to the following lists of your target audience to see whose content they’re loving and engaging with. 


There is no better time to leverage the power of TikTok influencers than at Christmas time. 

‘Tis the season for authenticity and gaining trust and who better to achieve this for you than the internet’s very own spokespeople. Internet users trust the word and recommendations of their favourite influencers immensely and by collaborating with them you’re instantly put into a trustworthy category too. 

But aside from credibility, collaborating with TikTok influencers for the festive season comes with a whole host of other advantages. Here they are!

Seasonal relevance

Influencers tend to have a lot of freedom when it comes to switching up their content to suit the season. Just one festive post can spark the Christmas joy within their audience and if that post just so happens to feature your brand, their audience will most likely turn to you for their first hit of the holiday season. 


it’s still sparkle szn ✨✨ @clubllondon ad

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Cost-effective marketing

Christmas can potentially be an expensive time for advertisers as traditional marketing prices continue to soar. Luckily, adopting influencer marketing as part of your Christmas social media strategy is an effective way of keeping budgets low and quality at an all-time high, particularly for small-medium sized businesses. Not only this, but leveraging influencer collaborations allows brands to run multiple campaigns at once, rather than blowing their budget on just one idea. 

Social proof

Before making any online purchase, many of us like to read the reviews to ensure we’re getting the best possible deal and that we’re not getting scammed. Influencer reviews and testimonials and user-generated content all provide consumers with social proof that their Christmas purchases are legitimate and worth the splurge. Consider sending your influencers products from your Christmas range to test out and try in front of their followers. Make sure to encourage honest reviews so as to foster authenticity and avoid sales-y jargon. 


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Creative content

Oftentimes brands tend to forget that influencers have built their following and engagement rate entirely off the back of their captivating content and creativity. Because of this, they’re able to captivate consumers through their Christmas content too. A successful Christmas social media strategy is one that recognises an influencer’s creative dominance and leans into it to create something magical. 

For example, if you’re a stationery brand looking to promote your Christmas line this holiday season, consider partnering with an influencer who excels in creating their own graphics and allow them to design some cool stationery graphics for your TikTok videos. 


it’s timeee. adding the finer things in life this holiday season with @esteelauder. #EsteePartner #EsteeLauder #ad

♬ original sound – Ellen V Lora

Targeted audiences

The great thing about influencers is that they tend to cater to a particular niche/demographic, getting you a foot in the door with the audiences you need most this Christmas season. This is why there’s such high importance surrounding the selection of influencers, particularly for businesses with niche products or services. Never underestimate the power of accessing an influencer’s follower list. 

In the midst of the holiday rush, identifying the perfect influencers for your Christmas social media strategy is essential for success. By prioritising relevance, authenticity and engagement, your brand can create meaningful Christmas campaigns that resonate with your audience; leading to that desired increase in traffic and sales. 

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