The Top Ecommerce Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Oct 26, 2023

Industry Trends

The Top Ecommerce Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Ecommerce trends and social media go hand in hand. Without them, brands would not be able to build brand awareness, connect with their target audiences and advertise their products through targeted ads and organic posts. 

On social media, ecommerce trends come in many forms. This ranges from selling directly through platforms, providing customer support and even driving traffic to a brand’s website.

Over the years, ecommerce trends have taken over social media. In 2020 alone, over $4.2 trillion was made by global ecommerce sales. What’s more, 25% of users on social media go to social platforms purely to find products to purchase.

So, we know these strategies work, but what trends should marketers look out for and how should they implement them?

Here are the ecommerce trends 2023 will see all over social media…


AI-generated noise

AI-generated content continues to populate our feeds and has become incredibly mainstream, incredibly fast. While there remains a lot of debate around the use of AI, marketers could show how the future of ecommerce and AI can be put to good by recommending products consumers might like by tapping into their shopping habits. 

Simplicity is key though! Brands should find the right balance of AI-generated content and use AI to enhance their ads rather than it completely dominating their marketing strategies.


Product recommendations, reviews and discount codes tailored to each consumer are some of the best ecommerce industry trends brands can use. 

ecommerce trends: discount codes

For example, ensuring your website features common methods of payment amongst your audience (Apple Pay/ Klarna) can greatly increase your customers’ likelihood of purchasing on your website.

Zero-party data and privacy

Whilst some consumers like a personalised shopping experience, others are concerned about companies collecting their data and the risks this may impose.

Ecommerce trends like having a zero-party data policy can be a useful tool to adopt if looking to persuade consumers to trust your brand which, in turn, may increase the likelihood of them purchasing your products. 

AR and VR to enhance online shopping

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are popular ecommerce trends which truly take ‘try before you buy’ to a whole new level. Brands can implement AR lenses which will enable consumers to get a feel for a product and virtually try it on before they buy it. 

This isn’t just for fashion and beauty brands, though. Lifestyle and homeware brands can jump on this trend as demonstrated by Target’s clever use of an AR filter where users can ‘try out’ homeware products.

Voice Search

With emerging technologies constantly on the rise, it’s no wonder that voice search is one of the best ecommerce trends to use in your marketing strategy. 

Since consumers rely on smart speakers and voice assistants so much nowadays, marketers could jump on their popularity and use this in ecommerce by optimising voice search descriptions for their products and using natural speech like “what” “who” “why” etc.. This will increase the ease of shopping via voice search which will make consumers more likely to purchase products this way.

Optimise brand presence and business focus

In today’s current cost of living crisis, consumers are spending less and less often. With this in mind, brands need to focus on crafting a cohesive brand presence with tailored messaging and content across their channels. 

Glow Hub do a great job of tailoring their CTAs to their mission of granting access to skincare knowledge for all, by using “Save this video”.


How: fix a damaged moisture barrier ✨ Save this video for healthy skin🤭 #glowhub #barrierrepair (Video description: barrier builder being opened and the product dropped from the pipet slowly)

♬ ready or not – senia

Brands can implement this through ecommerce trends such as including a call to action link or button, showcasing testimonials and reviews, and prioritising customer care across their channels.

Subscription services

Many brands are adopting ecommerce trends like subscription services to retain loyal customers whilst boosting profit. Their popularity is linked to the current economic crisis and integrating these membership services can help brands stabilise their income.

Brands can offer customers with a membership limited-time offers, market their exclusive rewards and engage with their subscribers online to create a sense of community and loyalty. 

Lululemon is a perfect example of this; the brand constantly engages with its customers on social media, sometimes surprising them with discount codes.

Livestream shopping

Ecommerce trends like livestream shopping are one of the best ways to attract customers. By combining the best of social commerce and live streaming, brands can promote their products whilst interacting with their customers in real time – all from the comfort of their customers’ homes. 

Livestream shopping has continued to rise in popularity as seen through TikTok, YouTube and Facebook making this more available to customers on their feeds.

Mobile shopping

Mobile commerce isn’t just using your phone to make purchases. It includes all purchasing activities such as engaging with mobile ads, browsing a brand’s website and even speaking with sales representatives.

Brands can use ecommerce trends like optimising their mobile website and app to create an easy and convenient mobile shopping experience.

ecommerce trends: optimise for mobile shopping


What are the current trends in e-commerce?

There is a wide range of ecommerce trends that brands can implement as a part of their marketing strategy. 

These include but are not limited to AI-generated noise, personalisation, zero-party data policy, AR and VR lenses, voice search, optimising brand presence, subscriptions, livestream shopping and mobile shopping.

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