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Win The Influencer Marketing Game With Twitch

The Amazon-owned Twitch is now the world's most popular live-streaming video platform, with 70% of all live-stream hours watched on it. Though best known as a platform where gamers can share live streams, Twitch lets users stream themselves pursuing a wide range of hobbies.

Twitch has essentially made stars out of influencers who daily stream to tens of thousands of viewers. No matter what industry your business works in, there's the potential for it to partner with a Twitch influencer streaming painting, cooking, camping or, indeed, anything else.

Twitch: An "Underground" Platform No Longer

Twitch started in 2011 but has since outgrown its origins in gaming to let a wide variety of users show off their creative talent. Whether you want to utilise the services of a nationally renowned streamer who has featured in media outlets, or a "micro-influencer" streaming a niche pursuit, you could find just the marketing partner you need on Twitch.

At Socially Powerful, we can help you to find that marketing partner. Given our ability to reach nearly any influencer, as well as our experience with helping esteemed brands as varied as Timberland, Sensodyne and Huawei, we can guarantee results - that's no small claim.

How We Can Unlock The Magic Of Twitch

On Twitch, viewers can post comments and questions about the stream as it is happening. The streamer can then reply in real time - meaning that, if the streamer is advertising your product, they can answer questions about it while the on-screen action is still unfolding.

Hence, sponsored content on Twitch isn't simply a "post it and leave it" affair - the interactions between streamers and viewers can keep coming. As a result, the focus can remain very much on your product, with less potential for distractions compared to more static content.

When you contact our team at Socially Powerful, we will audit what you have done with your digital marketing so far and consider the crucial difference that Twitch could make. Twitch is home to many influencers few people know about, making it a great place to look if you are eager to build close, long-lasting relationships with influencers who currently have unrealised potential.

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