Why Micro-Influencers Make A Macro Impact

These days, influencer marketing has long moved beyond high-profile tie-ins with big-name celebrities. While spending on influencer marketing has continued to grow, it is the rise of the "micro-influencer", with their niche focus, that has primarily driven this financial growth.

A micro-influencer is an influencer whose followers are only in the low thousands or tens of thousands in number but are, nonetheless, highly engaged. As a result, you can gain a much better return on investment from a micro-influencer than from a celebrity with millions of followers... provided that you follow the right influencer marketing strategy.

Our Expertise In Influencer Marketing

At Socially Powerful, we have helped numerous well-known brands, across such industries as diverse as sports, fashion, technology, travel and lifestyle, to pursue new, previously untapped audiences with influencer marketing. These brands include Hyundai, Doritos, Evian and Microsoft.  

However, you don't need to feel daunted if you are a smaller company with a limited budget to spend on leveraging the power of influencer marketing. This is because micro-influencers can not only be within your financial reach but also successful in producing effective content for you.

To a celebrity, each new follower can look like just another number. However, micro-influencers have closer, more personal relationships with their followers. As a result, their content can resonate more easily with these followers, who could well be your target customers, too.

No matter how niche your company's industry or target audience, there is likely to be an influencer highly knowledgeable about that industry or audience. Furthermore, our team can access almost any influencer on the internet - a claim which, though bold, we will happily back up.

What We Can Do For You

When you get in touch with our agency for the first time, we will discuss your goals, what you know about the success of your past endeavours, and how we can help you to build on that success. This can include finding the right micro-influencer for your needs and, subsequently, measuring that influencer's success in driving both engagement and sales for your business.

The cost-effectiveness of partnering with a micro-influencer also means that you can develop a fruitful relationship with them for the long term. As that relationship develops, we can keep tracking the right metrics to verify that your campaigns with that influencer continue to hit the right targets.

Take the first step towards finding the right micro-influencer by giving us a ring on +44 (0) 0203 735 9054 or emailing Over the phone or email, we will also provide more insight into the "secret sauce" that enables us to guarantee results with our micro-influencer campaigns. You can also see more about our expertise by visiting our insight page.


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