The Top Health And Wellness Influencers To Follow In 2024

Mar 14, 2024

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The Top Health And Wellness Influencers To Follow In 2024

In today’s digital age, navigating the vast landscape of health and wellness advice can be overwhelming. Amidst this sea of information, health and wellness influencers have emerged as powerful voices, shaping trends and guiding millions towards healthier lifestyles. In this blog, we delve into the realm of health and wellness influencers, spotlighting the top individuals whose content resonates with audiences worldwide.

From fitness gurus sharing workout routines to nutritionists offering dietary tips, these influencers wield significant influence over their followers’ choices and behaviors. Through captivating content and relatable narratives, they inspire and motivate individuals to prioritize their physical and mental well-being.

We’ll explore the factors that contribute to their influence, ranging from authenticity and expertise to their ability to connect with diverse audiences. Join us on this journey as we uncover the stories behind the top health and wellness influencers reshaping the way we approach self-care in the digital age.


Megan Short

With 107K subscribers, Megan’s channel is all about navigating health and wellness in your 20s, as she shares raw footage of her attempt at trying to strike a balance between healthy living and living life to the fullest as a young woman. Having partnerships with the likes of Shreddy and Hello Fresh under her belt, as well as her very own podcast all about self-care, self-improvement and mindfulness, this lifestyle influencer is more than qualified to help you on your own journey towards healthier living. 

Joe Wicks

Also known as ‘the body coach’, Joe is one of the most popular health and wellness influencers in the UK, with 2.81M subscribers on YouTube who tune in for his advice on becoming stronger, healthier and happier. This online coach has been providing viewers with easy-to-follow advice since 2011 and continues to motivate them to this day. On his channel, expect to find workout routines for all abilities, ages and body types, as well as various fitness challenges viewers can do alongside Joe himself, and yoga/stretching routines. 

Brandi Jackson

Brandi is a holistic therapist who shares all things holistic wellness on her channel with 29.7K subscribers. She talks a lot about topics such as decreasing stress, improving energy, self-care, and implementing practical holistic nutrition into your everyday life. If you’re looking for a holistic lifestyle influencer to follow, then Brandi is just for you!

Jeff Nippard

With 4.3M subscribers, Jeff is one of the most popular health and wellness influencers on YouTube. Though his content primarily focuses on male fitness and physical health, he also incorporates overall mental health and wellness into his videos with a scientific approach. Being able to bring sense to the chaotic world of fitness/health advice is the reason many people keep coming back to his channel.

Yovana Mendoza

Yovana is a wellness influencer on YouTube who strives to help others improve their mind, body and spirit. With 502K subscribers, Yovana’s channel focuses on easy wellness habits and hacks that anyone can incorporate into their daily life. She also shares behind-the-scenes footage, such as realistic routines with her baby and what meals she eats to get back on track. 


Daniel Duku


Visit @Love, Your Mind and find the mental health resources that are right for you @HuntsmanMentalHealthInstitute @Ad Council #AdCouncilPartner #PSA #LoveYourMind #MensMentalHealth

♬ Pumpkin – Fred Paci & Nobel

While it’s not hard to find female health and wellness influencers, it is slightly harder to find males. Daniel Duku perfectly represents the men in this situation, using his platform to talk about all things mental health, debunking male stereotypes, and offering insight into his skincare routine. In several videos you can even find Daniel handing over his top tips for keeping spaces clean, choosing which candle scent to burn, and changing silk pillowcases. 

Steph Grasso


Hopefully this visual will help you understand how to manage your energy levels throughout the day. Nutrition is cool!   Simple Carbohydrates: Quick Energy Source-Simple carbs are rapidly digested and provide a quick energy boost due to their faster breakdown into glucose. This can be beneficial for immediate energy needs, especially for individuals such as athletes during high-intensity workouts or intense exercise, or when rapid energy is required.   Fiber-rich carbs: Sustained Energy-Fiber rich carbs (or carbs paired with fiber) require more time to break down. This slower digestion results in a gradual and sustained release of energy, aiding in the maintenance of stable blood sugar levels. This can be beneficial for individuals seeking sustained energy levels or aiming to feel satiated for longer periods. #carbs #fiber #energy #dietitian #nutrition

♬ original sound – Steph Grasso, MS, RD

As “your TikTok dietician”, Steph shares diet tips, meal prep hacks, and recipes with her 2 million followers. In a bid to make the platform provide more positive wellness information, TikTok launched its WellnessHub, on which Steph was featured for her dedication to helping others eat well and prioritise their health. If you’re looking for an RD who won’t sugar coat things and allow frozen pizzas every now and then, Steph’s your girl!

Tabitha Brown


Kale and mozzarella grilled cheese for the holiday season ??. Happy Friday!! Love yall ❤️ Shirt from @thedynasmiles Earrings from @target #vegan #plantbased #grilledcheese

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

Tabitha is everyone’s favourite Aunt and Moma. For her 5.1M followers, she shares her vegan recipes alongside her positive, upbeat attitude. Having this many followers puts Tabitha among the top health and wellness influencers on the platform, but this doesn’t shake her humility, as she continues to create videos in the same kitchen she began in all those years ago. Follow Tabitha for step-by-step vegan recipes, or just for her infectious smile.

Holly Brooks


Nothing changes if nothing changes. The years leading up to me starting my fitness and running journey were filled with hours of me just wishing. Wishing I was one of those girls that had discipline, wishing I could run a 10km, wishing I looked after myself. ALL of those things were within my power, I just needed to understand in order to achieve them I had to work. The crazy thing is the ‘work’ was the part that put me off but now I truly feel like that part of the journey is the greatest. You can do it, you can achieve it but you have to take the first step ??

♬ Nothing s new by Rio Romeo – ??ѕa★

Founder of the Strong Girl Society, Holly prioritises her health and wellness through running, documenting her daily runs and any prep for upcoming races. Spliced between her running content, you can expect to find Holly navigating her way through her 20s with kindness and bravery, motivating her followers to do the same. 

Katie Hilton RD


Replying to @Jack can fruits and veggies prevent cancer? #cancerprevention #food #health #wellness #diet #lifestyle #nutrition #foodtok #nutritiontok #healthtok #dietitian #dietsdebunked

♬ original sound – Kate Hilton RD

Registered dietician, Katie, takes to her TikTok page to debunk everyone’s favourite diets and nutrition myths. Leaning more on the educational side of TikTok, Katie is able to explain even the most complex of processes to those beginning their journey to healthy, balanced eating. You can also often find Katie answering some of your most-asked nutrition questions, so if you have any food questions, the likelihood is that they’ve been answered here!


Annie Openshaw

wellness influencers: Annie

Annie is an online fitness coach with a particular focus on maintaining good gut health and post-injury training. As one of the top UK health and wellness influencers on Instagram, Annie’s content will guide you through your own gut health journey, educating you on the do’s and don’ts along the way. In between the educational content, you can find countless workout routines and life hacks for setting up a manageable home routine. 

Erica Angle

Erica Angle

Hailing from Canada, Erica is a health and fitness influencer whose previous experiences with eating disorders shapes her motivational content today. With an emphasis on nutrition for bulking and various muscle-gaining workout routines, Erica is one of the go-to wellness influencers for those seeking positive lifestyle changes.

Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou

wellness influencers: Isa-Welly

Isa-Welly is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach whose content focuses on pilates, nutrition and wellness. Helping women fight fatigue, gain energy and build confidence, Isa-Welly offers 1-2-1 and group coaching sessions, alongside offering signature workout routines. If you’re looking to achieve holistic wellbeing through mind, body, and spirit alignment, then consider giving Isa-Welly a follow!

Tom Merrick

Tom Merrick

As another great representation for men in the health and wellness sector, Tom, or as he’s better known ‘The Bodyweight Warrior’, is a fitness influencer passionate about bodyweight movement and flexibility. Along with his YouTube channel providing guidance and a starting point for individuals to start their fitness journey, Tom’s Instagram content is a perfect mix of education and entertainment, with promoting health and flexibility at the heart.

Maddy Shaw

Maddy Shaw

Founder of The Glow Space, Maddy is a one of the most renowned wellness influencers on Instagram. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, her mission is to help people achieve a holistic approach to their health by considering what they eat, how they move, and their mental health. If you’re looking for healthy snack and meal prep recipes, with a side of meditation and yoga, then consider giving her a follow!

There you have it, the top health and wellness influencers you should follow to help kickstart your journey towards health and healing. 

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