The Top UK Male Fashion Influencers In 2024 You Need to Know

Jan 05, 2024

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The Top UK Male Fashion Influencers In 2024 You Need to Know

UK male fashion influencers are constantly changing the game in men’s fashion.

Once a forgotten about market, menswear has grown into a flourishing section of the fashion industry. As such, fashion influencers are popping up left, right and centre. The UK, in particular, is home to an extensive community of male fashion influencers; all with their own unique perspective on fashion and wisdom to share.

Read on to find out our top UK male fashion influencers across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Alternativelly, check out our lists of top male fashion influencers globally and in other regions:


Sammy ‘Angelic Still’ @imangelicstill 47.1K


Turning my 1987 Carhartt coveralls into a jacket #fyp #foryou #carhartt #carharttworkwear #workwear #diy #fashion #bluecollar #country #facetattoo #facetattoos #tattoo #tattoos

♬ son original – Acoustic Music Song

Whilst Cambridge Biker might not be an aesthetic you’re familiar with, Sammy ‘Angelic Still’s account is sure to make you its number one fan. The epitome of biker chic, Sammy ‘Angelic Still’ is a must follow on TikTok. Usually found cruising around the English countryside on his motorbike, or taking his adorable daughter out for the day, Sammy’s closet is filled with funky, retro belt buckles, and tailored Dickies.

Liam Cole @why_wear_that 91.7K


#stylists #styleadviceforwomen #womensfashion #roastingstuff #funny #whywearthat

♬ original sound – Liam Cole

This Birmingham native has strong fashion opinions and he isn’t afraid to share them. Liam Cole dedicates his account to critiquing everything and anyone related to the fashion industry. From Harry Styles to Iggy Pop, no one is safe. Starkly standing out against other top male fashion influencers in the UK, Cole’s style is thrift store punk; think leather pants and massive belt buckles with bright, geometric shirts. For a heavy dose of cynicism that’s laden with truth, check out Liam Cole.

Regan Walker @reganwalker_ 68.2K


Grateful for another year ❤️ thanks for all the support you guys show me. It means the world! Wishing you all love, health and happiness ✨ @BOSS #BOSSTheScent #grwm #christmas Ad

♬ Christmas Kids – Roar

Somehow always managing to look like he’s stepped out of the 1970’s, Regan Walker is bringing vintage fashion into the modern era. Usually spotted rocking a corduroy suit and Gucci sneakers on the Elizabeth line, Walker’s account is dedicated to sharing all his greatest fashion moments. Out of the other top UK male fashion influencers, Walker is a fantastic option for those of you looking for tons of outfit inspiration and minimal commentary.

Josef Michael @josefmiichael 119.5K


Somewhere in pari @lucas

♬ It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World – James Brown & The Famous Flames

Josef Michael possibly has the coolest collection of vintage jackets in the world, and he would definitely agree with us. Michael’s account is an ode to bed head, artsy tattoos and shoulder pads; imagine the Ramones in your mum’s favourite eighties power suit. Whilst quirky and certainly not for everyone, Michael’s style is authentic and original to the bone. It is this dedication to standing out from the crowd that makes Michael one of the top UK male fashion influencers.

Chris the Kidd @ayyitschrisss 9170


♬ act ii: date @ 8 – 4Batz

If your dream closet is filled with vintage finds and ultra-rare sneakers, then look no further than Chris the Kidd. A relatively new account to the scene, Chris’s following is yet to properly take off. However, with a recent feature in GQ, he is quickly becoming one of the top UK male fashion influencers. Chris brings a goofy smile and funny nature to all his videos, no matter how high fashion his outfit, making his account a true diamond in the rough.


Daniel Simmons @imdanielsimmons 641K

Daniel Simmons has that cool, local coffee shop barista vibe down to an art. Based in London, his channel typically revolves around his life in the big city, with plenty of behind the scenes content and a natural focus on fashion. Often found sipping an espresso or artfully cuffing his jeans, Simmons is one of the top male fashion influencers in the UK who remains authentic.

Robin James @manforhimself 447K

From men’s fragrance reviews to how to get the perfect ‘do, Robin James’ channel truly has it all. Yet, it is his ‘Street Styled’ series that makes him one of the top British male fashion influencers. In his beloved series, James takes to the streets of different cities – from Edinburgh to London – and asks people on the street what they are living in men’s fashion. The series is an amazing way to see a wide variety of styles and get a grasp on what is popular at the moment.

Brain Sacawa @HeSpokeStyle 455K

Self described as “honest, approachable, and relatable” Brain Sacawa is set on helping men across the world hit their fashion stride. One of the more helpful of the top UK male fashion influencers, his account features a plethora of helpful fashion videos, from how to style leather jackets to efficiently pack for a weekend away. Sacawa’s style is traditional and timeless; think quarter zips and cream leather sneakers.

Kirby Allison @kirbyallison 724K

Whilst Kirby Allison’s lifestyle of gentlemen’s clubs, expensive cigars, and trips to Cuba is not exactly achievable for most of the world, his style tips are universal. Allison’s channel is a time bomb to the 1920’s. Never far from a crisp, white, broad brimmed hat, or a double breasted suit, Allison manages to achieve a look wholly his own, but remain timeless simultaneously. Follow his channel for behind the scenes content, endless outfit inspiration and plenty of fashion advice.

Ay Ojo @fashionroadman 116K

Described by Vogue as the “fashion critic for a new generation”, Ayo Ojo has amassed a substantial following as a result of his authentic fashion critiques. Known online as Fashion Roadman, this UK based YouTuber has a keen eye for what’s hot and what’s not. Ojo’s own style is simple, but his channel provides a myriad of deep dives into every aesthetic imaginable; truly providing something for everyone.


Carl Cunard @carlcunard 1M

Top UK male fashion influencers: carlcunard

Never before has there been such a well dressed father-dog duo. Carl Cunard and his adorable pooch Carter are always dressed to the nines, typically sporting matching chino flannel combos. Seemingly never caught with a single wrinkle or crease, Cunard’s style is clean pressed and well fitted. One of the more unique top UK male fashion influencers on Instagram, his account is perfect for those of you that want a healthy dose of outfit inspiration to your feeds, but with a quirky little twist.

Joel Gallucks @gallucks 336K

Top male fashion influencers UK: Joel gallucks

Providing our feeds with that eerie, AI-esque, stone faced high fashion, Joel Gallucks has become one of the top British male fashion influencers. Gallucks account is an ode to alternative street fashion, with oversized pants, plenty of Matrix sunglasses, and a whole lot of hair gel. If looking gorgeous and unapproachable is your dream, be sure to check out Gallucks.

Nathan Rollinson @therollinson 85.5K

UK male fashion influencers: therollinson

For Nathan Rollinson style is a way of life, not merely a way of dressing. Seemingly always at a tiny, countryside Bed and Breakfast, Rollinson feed is filled with cashmere sweaters, cosy turtle necks, and leather boots. A self-described photographer and curator, Rollinson takes as much care selecting a trench coat as he does choosing an armoire. For a constant sense of awe, be sure to pop Nathan Rollinson a follow.

Yele King @yele.king 11.9K

British Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram: yele.king

For the Londoners out there, Yele King’s face may look a tad familiar. King has worked extensively with the popular menswear brand Moss Suits for several years now – he has even featured in their ad campaigns. King’s style can only be described as dapper; white linen blazers paired with patterned button ups and vintage style Ray Bans are his go to. For an account that oozes style and Summer vibes, check out Yele King.

Danny Lomas @dannylomass 180K

Male Fashion Influencers UK: dannylomass

One of the younger male fashion influencers in the UK, Danny Lomass has amassed quite the following in the Gen Z fashion community. Religiously sporting colourful shirts and vintage jeans, Lomass’s style is East London in a nutshell. With an ever revolving collection of baseball caps and a fantastic sense of humour, Lomass is one to watch.

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